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-dan’s icon
-they were on #danandphil
-they had one of the worst jet lags
-cheery blossom
-they’ll talk about Japan in the book!!!!!!!!!
-they’ll put photos of japan in the book!!!!!!!
-cherry blossom selfie
-phil’s cherry blossom selfie was not that good that’s why he didn’t put it up
-maid café
-phil thought that his maid didn’t really like him?
-nick jonas :DD ‘hey buddy’
-the hotel room toilet :D
-it was a heated toilet seat
-japan haul might happen
-advise on final exams
-Pokemon shop
-cherry blossoms again
-the day in the life video
-Japanese food
-the tour
-Louise called them :D
-so well…they are going to New York this week..:D (for 3 days)
-they’ll probably film a haul and a gaming video tonight
-the avengers movie
-smosh babies
-dan has been playing ‘Dance Dance Revolution’
-Mario Kart video
-phil will play shelter 2 after they come back from new york
-they watched ‘Birdman’ on the plain
- no liveshow on tuesday because they are in NY
-a lot of good byes

MENTIONED DAN: (well Dan was in the show the entire time :D)

Let me know if i forgot something :) my stream wasn’t really good…
And you guys can always talk to me..my ask is open

for those of you who missed it: http://youtu.be/sD1iwNKDxl0

Friday Afternoon

Summary: At the same time for the last month or so, Dan and Phil have made a habit of ‘meeting’ in the private bathroom. But one day, they are caught in the act by an unexpected visitor, and must find a way to get out of the inevitable interrogation and following consequences.

Genre: teenage!phan, post-smut, humour

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Frequent use of taboo, references to previous sexual relations, generally overwhelming awkwardness.

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Summary: Dan has an existential crisis during Playlist Live, and Phil saves the day. Featuring OY such as Louise!

“Life is pointless….one day we’re all going to die and everything we’ve accomplished on Earth will be for nothing. What’s the purpose of even living? What am I even doing here?”

Louise grabbed the tall boy by the shoulders. “Dan, snap out of it love!”

Her words did nothing, and the slowly gathering group of youtubers were growing concerned.

“Shit,” Alfie swore. “I think he’s having one of those existential crisis things again.”

“What do we do?” Zoe asked worriedly as the three youtubers watched Dan mutter to himself and grip at his hair from stress. Nobody had ever witnessed this side of Dan before. They thought he was just over exaggerating about the whole existential crisis stuff in his videos…but apparently not. There was only one person who would know what to do.

“Get Phil,” Louise answered immediately. “Where on earth is he?”

Alfie, who thought back in remembrance, said, “He went to pee and then get him and Dan some snacks I think.”

Zoe pushed her boyfriend towards the hallway of the hotel. “Well go get him!”

Alfie rushed off as the two girls tried calming Dan, but all attempts were unsuccessful. Dan was now sitting on the floor staring into space. Any bystander would have assumed he was drunk, or perhaps high. It almost would have been funny if it wasn’t currently so depressing.

Finally Alfie returned with Phil in tow. He only needed one look at his best friend before going into action.

Immediately, the black haired youtuber crouched down to Dan’s level and used a hand to cup his chin, leaning in to whisper sentences that were too quiet for anybody else to hear. It only took a few moments for Dan to finally seem to gain some of his senses back, lifting his head to stare back at Phil.

“Alright, we’re going to head back to our room now,” Phil told them all with one of his reassuring grins. “Goodnight guys, thanks for getting me.”

They watched as Phil led Dan from the room, but heard some of what was being said.

“We’re going to order room service and get milkshakes. Then we’re going to go over the list we made of why being human is great….”

Phil’s voice faded as they went further away.

“I love those boys so much,” Louise said rather tearfully. “I’d give anything to have such a connection with someone.”

Alfie and Zoe could only nod, silently agreeing.

It was unknown exactly how the rest of Dan and Phil’s night had went, but the next day Dan was seemingly back to his usual self. He did apologize to Louise and the others for ‘getting into a deep moment’ and assuring them that it wouldn’t happen again…at least not in a place so public.

Phil seemed rather watchful of Dan, but nobody commented on it. They were all rather impressed with him. After all, Dan had been in a pretty bad place, and it had been completely fixed overnight.

Louise finally pulled Phil aside and asked, “What on earth did you do to fix him?”

Phil grinned and said mysteriously, “I’m magical!”

For some reason, she believed him.

It’s been six years

Alright! So I decided to give this short fic a shot. Please tell me what you thought. I hope you enjoy it!! Zoe.

Title: “It’s been six years” // Genre: fluff/romantic // Word Count: 1083

Summary: After the liveshow, Dan looks back in time while he is preparing the new Japan Haul video with his fiancé, Phil.


“I was so scared that Louise might accidentally out us during the liveshow” Dan said as he moved the camera on the tripod.

“I know, babe, so was I. Why did you even answer? You know she’s all about the engagement gifts right now” Phil answered.

Dan looked at Phil and met his ocean blue eyes. He could literally get lost into the deepness of those eyes for entire hours. Slowly, he started walking towards Phil, and gently hold his hand as he sat in the couch beside him.

“Well, as far as I can remember, it wasn’t me the one who told her about the wedding” Dan whispered into Phil’s ear with a wide open smile.

“It was an accident!! I promise! But I was so happy, and…”

“And drunk” added Dan.

Phil gave him a faked angry face.

“Maybe… Anyway, I’ve already told her that we aren’t getting any gifts until the wedding, but she just won’t go with it!” sighed Phil. “I’ll go get the stuff we bought for the Haul”

He gave Dan a peck on the cheek and left the room. Dan looked down at his hand, and smiled when he saw the most beautiful ring around his finger.

Oh, boy, what a rollercoaster of feelings. But it had always been that way, all the time since two thousand and nine. Dan could still remember how nervous he felt at the train station. How Phil’s arms recieved him and made him feel like home. How awkward it was to sit in front of a camera that wasn’t on Skype. Or also, how soft and sweet were Phil’s lips during their first kisses.

Dan had girlfriends before. He had been kissed and he also slept with other people before Phil appeared in his life. Nevertheless, he knew that no one ever had or would make him feel like Phil did.

It was so unbeliavable, to think that it all started by watching an emo guy with a hair, a lion and such an amazing personality on YouTube. And then the Skype calls begun, and just by hearing his voice, by looking at his face, by daydreaming about living together… by all those moments Dan realized he might had feelings for this boy.

But no, Phil Lester wasn’t a normal boy. He had the power to see inside him, to tell when he was sad or angry, and he had the power to make him a better person. Not because he wanted to, of course. Phil never saw Dan as a broken object with lots of existential crisis that needed to be fix, but as a giant nerd like him that loved the word ‘placenta’ and who would always make him laugh and feel loved, as well as happy. That was one of the main reasons why Dan loved him.

“Dan!” shouted Phil from his room.

“What?” he answered loudly.

“I can’t find those anime shirts we bought at the- Nevermind I found them!”

“Okay, just tell me if you need any help.”

Dan took his phone and started looking through the pictures they had taken in Japan, selecting the ones that would go fine with the Haul video.

It was amazing, the fact that they had actually been to Japan. The fact that, after six years of knowing each other, after six years of being together and growing up while creating this world of Dan and Phil… they were getting married.

Time really passed by. The first Phil Is Not On Fire seemed like yesterday, and yet so far away. Dan could have never imagined that all this beautiful things would happen to him. Meeting Phil, starting his own channel, the radio, the Britz, Big Hero 6, all the places they had visited and the friends they made together, the book, the tour, Japan… and now a wedding.

Just a week ago, Dan woke up with the most beautiful surprise ever: Phil was taking him in a private boat ride along the Cherry Blossoms, just the two of them enjoying Japan.

It was the perfect date. Probably the most romantic one they had in a long time, sicne they had been very busy with the book and stuff. Anyway, Dan could have never thought that Phil was about to bend down and sit on his knee and say:

“Dan, my Bear, my love.” Phil started. By this point, Dan was about to cry already, his heart beating fast “All my life I felt out of place. I never had enough confidence to even think that one day, I would meet someone who might actually like me for who I am, or laugh sincerely with me. Someone that made me feel special just by looking at me, someone I could bet my life on… until six years ago, when I met this obsessed weirdo on the internet that found his way into my life and never left since then. Now I know that I don’t want him to leave. The last few years were the happiest years of my whole life, and I’m glad to say that it is because I had you beside me that I was able to realize that I never want this feeling to end. I love you more than any man has ever loved someone in this world, Dan. So please… Would you marry me?”

You can probably guess what the answer was.

Dan smiled at the memory, wiping a tear away. He heard Phil walking down the hallway before he appeared with a bag full of Japanesse stuff that he left beside the couch. Phil sat on the couch and looked at Dan.

“Dan? Have you been crying?” Phil asked “Oh my god, is everything okay?”

Dan didn’t answer. Instead, he threw himself at Phil, putting his arms around Phil’s neck and letting the tears run down his face. He felt his fiancé pulling him closer, stroking his back.

“We are getting married, Phil.” he whispered.

“I know…” Phil answered, holding him closer “It is a little bit scary.”

“I have never been more sure of anything in my life.”

Phil pulled back to gaze into Dan’s eyes. He already started crying himself, with tears of happiness and love. Slowly, he gave Dan a kiss on the lips. It was very soft, very quiet, and full of love, just like the first one.

“I love you.” he said, holding Dan’s face between his hands.

“I love you too.” Dan replied, pulling him closer again.

anonymous asked:

high school au where dan and phil are in english class together and Dan writes a poem about the color of Phil's eyes without admitting who he's writing about and then Phil writes about how graceful Dan's hands are without admitting who he's writing about and they are cute and romantic


like the class isn’t exactly doing presentations on their poems, but the teacher just wants to call on a few people so he/she/they could give a few examples

and Dan is pleading to the heavens to not be called on because it’d be so embarrassing to read out loud all of the fluffiness he’s put down on paper and besides he’s so socially awkward it’d suck no matter what/who the poem was about

and then with his amazing luck the teacher ends up calling on him, he sulkily stands up, and begins to read about the color of Phil’s eyes as quietly as he could without the teacher interrupting him to tell him to speak louder

then by the time he’s done his face is like a tomato and he sits down and buries his head into his arms because fuck his life he needs to be absorbed by a black hole right now

and knowing Phil, he doesn’t catch onto the fact that Dan wrote about him and gets kind of jealous because “omg whose eyes I doubt they’re all that great” because at that time they weren’t exactly friends and were more like civil acquaintances who sneak glances across the room at each other because “goddammit I like him but there’s no way he’d ever acknowledge me”

but then Phil sees how miserable Dan looks because he was forced to read something he obviously considered very personal so Phil decides to volunteer to read his own equally embarrassing poem so Dan would feel better

so he stands up and begins reading, and out of the corner of his eye, he sees Dan look up and just stare at him with wide eyes and by the time he’s done, Dan’s just grinning like an idiot (not because he knows that the poem was about him, because he doesn’t, but because he knows that Phil sacrificed his dignity just so he could feel less shitty about himself)

then when the bell rings to signal the end of class, Phil goes up to Dan, who’s packing up, and compliments him on his poem because hey even though he’s jealous of whomever this poem is about, it still was written rather beautifully

Dan thanks him and returns the compliment, but he can’t help joking that Phil must have a hand fetish (Phil just laughs it off)

and then they end up chatting about other things and find out about each other’s common interests and a beautiful friendship forms between them and and and

some time later, Phil’s just looking through his old English stuff and stumbles upon the poem about Dan’s hands and he can’t help but blush because he still thinks Dan’s hands are magnificent and ohmygod he can’t believe that he’s now best friends with this guy

Dan is there with him and he notices Phil reading the poem over again and asks him about it and is like “who was that even about anyway”

and Phil’s just like “crap well uh if I tell you you’ll have to tell me who YOUR poem was about” and Dan’s like “fuck no way”

but then Dan’s curiosity gets the best of him so he finally relents and they both agree to say who their respective poem was about at the same time so they don’t have to argue back and forth about who says what first

imagine on the count of three, both of them, at the same time, said “you”

then they both just stare at each other because “omg what” and Dan suddenly gets all flustered because “HOLY SHIT WHAT DOES THIS MEAN” but then he’s silenced when Phil giVES HIM A TINY KISS I’M CRYING

shatters purple

this is a sequel to paradox collapse


you say,

“i’ll prove it. i will.”

and you grip onto the air

and vestigial hope until

your skin shatters purple

you say,

“good morning”

for the fifth time after.

weave together a smile.

tie your pulse in a knot.

you’re on the cliff edge of doubt, aren’t you?

i see it ghosting behind the saccade of your eyes

caught up on how you could break something you love

or love something you broke

you’re not sure which it is

whichever it is,

you’re falling now, aren’t you?

it’s regret.

you say,

“how can i do this?”

i say nothing, refuse to answer;

though, truly, hearing your need

to prove was enough

i say silent, of course

because when you’re caught

between cyanide kisses and hindered self control

you just, stay

the poison will wear away,

if you just know the answer

you say,

“what did i do what did i do”

it’s doubt at your past self,

and maybe thats the proof you need

and the rain pounds at the window

you say,

“but how can i know when

all i did was hide?”

i say,

“i still love you too.”

Flower Boy

Description: Due to certain circumstances, Dan Howell along with his mother and step dad end up moving to a new little town. Here Dan thankfully meets some new friends along with some new enemies. Nothing his witty comebacks and sarcastic attitude cant handle. But he’s pretty sure he has nothing that could have prepared him for the one and only Philip Lester. The only person who can make Dan want to rip his hair out while simultaneously make his heart leap 50 feet in the air. (Pastel!Dan & BadBoy!Phil)

Warning!: Strong language is used in this fanfiction! Both curse words and some slur terms are used that may be triggering to some readers!

A/N: *slight sexual themes slight sexual themes slight sexual themes

Chapter 7

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Mpreg (3) Masterlist

part one, part two - I wouldn’t suggest reading if you don’t like mpreg!

A Coincidence - holysmokesphan

Summary: It’s been 15 years since Dan and Phil had broken up, and they’ve both moved on from each other and started new lives. Phil meets a young girl named Luna Howell, only to find that she’s the daughter of his ex-boyfriend who he happens to still be in love with.

As Long As I Have You - youtubefanfictionblog

Summary: Pregnant!Dan runs into a bit of trouble while out shopping with Phil, and immediately Phil becomes very protective when he sees.

Before - adorkyguywholikesspace

Summary: Mini-journey of fear, acceptance, and loss.

Eventually - holysmokesphan

Summary:  Dan and Phil have been fighting an awful lot recently, which causes Dan’s stress levels to go up higher than usually, which causes him to lose something he never knew that he could have.

Everything Will Work Out (wattpad)

Summary: pregnant!phil.

Heavy - adorkyguywholikesspace

Summary: “It’s the small things that weigh the most on your heart, Dan.” 

It’s My Fault - phanetics

Summary: Dan and Phil have an argument and Dan miscarries a baby he didn’t even know existed.

It’s Not Just A Re-Enactment - phanetics

Summary: Dan finds out that he is not only a carrier, but also pregnant. He’s afraid Phil’s going to leave him, so he tries to put off telling him. Dan and Carrie decide to re-enact a viral video during YouTube Rewind to tell Phil the news, only, Phil isn’t copping on too fast.

Socks - adorkyguywholikesspace

Summary: Dan and Phil take a step in moving on.

Tears Of Joy - wiihateu

Summary: Dan and Phil trying for a baby.

The 500th Liveshow - anonymous

Summary: A heavily pregnant Dan in a live show.

The Lower Half - wiihateu

Summary: pregnant!dan going into labor.

The Paint War - holysmokesphan

Summary: Dan and Phil have a bit of fun while painting the nursery.

Tripods And Tripping - thestoryofawreckedship

Summary: Dan and Phil get into an argument which causes Dan’s stress levels to max out. He collapses in pain and is sent to the hospital where they find out Dan is a carrier.

Cariño | Three

Genre: Omegaverse

Description: Dan gets a job as an au pair and tutor. His new employer is peculiar.

Note: Based on Jane Eyre.


Alpha Lester left as quickly as he had come. The entirety of the land seemed to sigh a breath of relief as the man rode away in his carriage to God knows where. Dan especially liked knowing that the alpha was gone. His heat was approaching and the alpha made him feel something unexplainable. He wouldn’t call it dread, but he certainly wouldn’t call it fondness either. His heart sped up and his skin went ashen or sometimes red. He knew biology, but this was never in the books he’d ever read.

Heats came twice a year. For Dan, they came in winter and summer, the two extremes of weather. He was prepared as always and spent the entirety of it alone, behind a locked door. Fairview and Anna ensured that he had water and food. They both understood the weight of being omega. Fairview was significantly older and had stopped having heats years earlier. Anna was fifteen and had only one in her entire lifetime. She looked at Dan with sympathy.

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