can we just talk about the fact that Dan and Phil are just so accepting and nice to us? like they must know about all of the smut, and the heart-eyes-howell, love-eyes-lester, and the stupid edits, and the theories and stuff, and they never call us out on it or tell us to stop doing it or anything, and they actually look at the art (like how they featured some of it in TABINOF) and they read phanfiction and it’s just so sweet <3


Dan bit his lip. Beside him Phil was watching the movie quietly, completely immersed in it.

Dan tensed as he felt the back of their hands brush. It wasn’t the first time - oh no, they had held hands before. Fuck, they had kissed.

So why was he so worried?

Dan felt the emotions rage inside him for a second before he closed his eyes and thinking he was going to be sick with fear, he slid his hand into Phil’s.

Dan opened his eyes slowly, looking at Phil apprehensively as he linked his fingers through his.

No expression came on to Phil’s face except a soft smile, and, not shifting his eyes from the TV, he squeezed their hands together.


Phil smiled as they sat down on top of the grassy hill, chatting.

He and Dan were finally on a date and getting some time to themselves, which they hadn’t done in a very, very long time.

They sat opposite on the picnic blanket, with their legs crossed and eating in contented silence, making small conversation from time to time.

Phil saw Dan’s mouth lift in a little smile, the kind that made him think, Oh God, what’s he going to do?

Before he knew what was happening Dan had tackled him and they were rolling down the hill, boy over boy, laughing and laughing as hard as they could.

When they reached the bottom they landed in a heap, laughing harder than they ever had before. Then Phil got an idea and he sat up, straddling Dan as to pin him down and reaching over to get a handful of mud.

“Phil? Phil, what’re you- no!” Dan cried, struggling. Phil loomed over him, a wicked grin on his face. He smashed it down on Dan’s face and rubbed it all over him, chuckling as Dan froze, screwing his eyes shut and clamping his mouth.

When Phil had finished he slid off Dan, a light smile on his face as Dan slowly sat up, wiping mud from his eyes with an offended expression.

“Uh, Dan?” Phil said quietly, wondering if he had taken it too far. “You ok- whoa!”

Dan had grabbed a handful of mud and thrown it at Phil, who had been hit square in the face before tackling him and twisting him so be landed face-first in the mud, smearing it all over his face and pushing him down.

Phil choked, pushing Dan off him and rolling away, spitting out chunks of mud.

“Oh shit! Sorry Phil!” Dan sounded panicked.

Phil smiled. “It’s fine. Can’t be bothered to be angry.”

Dan smiled in relief. He offered Phil a hand, who took it and when he stood up they didn’t let go, just stood in the field with their fingers intertwined watching the sun slowly dipping below the trees.

A couple of minutes later they were seated back up on the hill, Phil resting his back up on a tree and Dan sitting beside him, his head on Phil’s chest and back partially on Phil’s front.

Phil had an arm around Dan’s waist and was picking clumps of mud out of the boy’s now curly hair. Dan was playing with Phil’s fingers as he watched the sunset.

As Dan looked up to smile at him and press a quick kiss to his lips, Phil smiled back.

Best. Date. Ever.