The New Sheriff: Can Mike Babcock Save The Leafs?

The New Sheriff: Can Mike Babcock Save The Leafs?

By: Chris Dagonas

He rode into town, just when things seemed at their most hopeless. Townsfolk whispered of his abilities, his past triumphs.

Criminals, bandits and wobbly defensemen currently ran roughshod over the locals. They were scared to watch the injustices this current gang was performing on the sport of hockey.

He surveyed the landscape, and began to point fingers and shout orders. And…

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5 Potential NHL Blockbuster Trades

Dallas centre Tyler Seguin was part of a blockbuster trade two summers ago (Bruce Fedyck-USA TODAY Sports) For all the speculation that goes on regarding the trading of NHL stars during the season, historically, teams are much more likely to make a blockbuster trade in the offseason. Teams have…


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This is a long shot but would you happen to have the clip from HBO 24/7 Leafs Red Wings where the Leafs are playing the Penguins and Phaneuf and Crosby get into an argument? I believe Crosby didn't have anything nice to say about Kadri.

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I was born to two die hard NHL fan so I never really had a choice but just in the past year or so I became really involved.

My number one team in Calgary because that’s the team I was born into and also because it’s my home team. Some of my other favourites include the Stars, the Penguins and the Blackhawks but Calgary is the team I really connect to.

I’m not a huge fan of the Canucks just because they seem kind of arrogant as well as the Oilers simply because of the Alberta rivalry. I’m also not really into the Rangers or the Leafs.

When I was little my favourite player was Dion Phaneuf. I was pretty little when I decided this so I have no idea why I liked him. I even liked him for a little while after he was traded but now I don’t really care about him.

My current favourite is Lance Bouma because he’s just all around a good player. He scores, hits, blocks shots like crazy and his celly’s are the bomb. He also seems like a really nice guy and is always smiling and having a good time.

Kiprusoff before he retired but now it’s probably Carey Price. He’s adorable and the most boss tender in the league in my opinion.

Johnny Gaudreau because Johnny Gaudreau.

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NHL Players Destined to Be Traded

Throughout the regular season, the NHL rumor mill is full of players that many believe are certain to be traded at or around the NHL trade deadline. Unfortunately, most of these rumors that fans and media members hear (and report on) never come to fruition. Thus leaving a number of players still…


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Fuck, Marry, Cuddle, Get Drunk With, Have Children With, Make Out With, Punch, Kill: JVR, Kessel, Lupul, Crosby, Giroux, Seguin, Bosak, Phaneuf

  • fuck: bozak
  • marry: crosby
  • cuddle: kessel
  • get drunk with: lupul
  • have children with: jvr
  • make out with: phaneuf
  • punch: seguin
  • kill: giroux
Russians shine in Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final
#Figureskate #YoshieOnda [Xinhua News Agency]Another Japanese woman Yoshie Onda took the fifth place, while Canadian Cynthia Phaneuf was the sixth. In the earlier events, Russia’s world champions Evgeni Plushenko took the man’s single title with 251.75 points after beating Canadian Jeffrey Buttle …
Where do Phaneuf and Kessel stand after Babcock hiring?

Where do Phaneuf and Kessel stand after Babcock hiring? #NHL #TML

(Feb. 6, 2015 – Source: Christian Petersen/Getty Images North America)

The Maple Leafs made headlines when they decided to make Mike Babcock the highest paid head coach in the NHL last week. With the hard-nosed coach poised to play a role in the Leafs rebuild, one must wonder where veterans Dion Phaneuf and Phil Kessel stand with the team. (more…)

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Toronto maple leafs

1. My opinion on your favourite hockey team:–Have always had a soft spot for them and hope they do really well with Babcock

2. Favourite player on the team:–James Reimer

3. Least favourite player on the team:-None actually

4. My favourite thing about your blog: I like that you post all sorts of hockey related things:)

5. Something I would change about your blog (if necessary):-nothing

6. What I love about you:-You’re very positive about the Leafs even though they haven’t had the best of years.

7. A player I think you would be amazing friends with and why: Imma say Dion Phaneuf.  He’d love your dedication to the Leafs:D

8. Am I following you?If not, why not? I am:)

9. You’re my:- Awesome sauce mutual

10. Should you post this too?-yess

Toronto Maple Leafs Must Trade Kessel; Keep Phaneuf

And so, the Toronto Maple Leafs total rebuild continued last week with the signing of Mike Babcock, possibly the best head coach in hockey. It’s no secret, Babcock came into Toronto knowing that he will get a large say in the decisions made by upper management. Decisions like emptying the …


I think you have to help your leaders. I think that’s what your job is to help them do things right. You just do it right day after day after day. I’m a fan of Dion, I think he’s a good kid and works hard and tries hard. For me to comment on players here, I don’t think that’s fair because I’ve evaluated them from afar and to me that’s not what a coach does.
—  Mike Babcock weighs in on Your Dad, Dion Phaneuf.

Dion Phaneuf Has A Better Chance At Staying With Maple Leafs Now

Well, the hiring of Mike Babcock certainly changes things for the Toronto Maple Leafs, especially when it comes to team captain Dion Phaneuf. When the Maple Leafs finally finished their 2014-15 season, Brendan Shanahan quickly tore down the management and coaching staff. The players were assumed…


Deep (Water) Impact

By Aaron R. Conklin

While UW-Madison’s Dan Phaneuf is studying the economic impact of sports fisheries in the Great Lakes, Jane Harrison, Wisconsin Sea Grant’s Milwaukee-based social scientist, has been charting a different kind of impact—the economic impact of an Area of Concern (AOC) cleanup on a local river economy.

Readers may remember the work Harrison did in 2013, when she and then-graduate student Catherine Simons surveyed local anglers on whether their fishing and spending habits had changed in the wake of more than $80 million in U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-funded remediation and dredging efforts on Wisconsin’s Sheboygan River.  Among other things, Harrison found that while some local fishermen felt the cleanup had improved access to deeper parts of the river, other were unaware the cleanup had taken place. That survey was designed to capture a baseline post-cleanup reaction.

 “A lot of investment goes into these AOC cleanups,” observed Harrison. “It’s important to look at the impact on the local economy.”

Two years later, instead of re-assessing the value of homes located near the Sheboygan River to try to gauge the ongoing economic impact of the cleanup, Harrison  targeted another group strongly connected to the river—specifically, charter captains who make their living by ferrying anglers from the Sheboygan River out onto Lake Michigan and back again.

“Every party these captains take consists of 4-5 people,” said Harrison, who noted that a recent study by Michigan Sea Grant suggested that charter fishing parties typically spend an average of $1,200. “And each of these captains averages around $70,000 revenue each year before expenses.”

Harrison surveyed 24 charter captains about their perceptions of the effects of the cleanup. While most of them reported no increase in clientele or revenue in the wake of the cleanup, they did notice something else that proved important: The extensive dredging designed to remove toxic sediment from the bottom of the river also improved the depth of the water, allowing for significantly greater mobility.

“These captains can now go further upstream, get to a larger number of riverside gas pumps and pick up more customers,” Harrison said. “Their boats are no longer hitting bottom.”  More than half of charter captains surveyed reported dealing with the problem of shallow water—and now they’re not.  Not only are the captains enjoying greater mobility, but they’re also not spending time and money dealing with damaged motors clogged with sediment and quagga mussels.

Harrison is finishing up a more detailed report that should be available within a few weeks.

Russians shine in Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final
#Figureskate #YoshieOnda [Xinhua News Agency]Another Japanese woman Yoshie Onda took the fifth place, while Canadian Cynthia Phaneuf was the sixth. In the earlier events, Russia’s world champions Evgeni Plushenko took the man’s single title with 251.75 points after beating Canadian Jeffrey Buttle …