I know every mile, you’ll be worth my while..

Happy Valentines Day :)!
You don’t need to be lovers to celebrate v’day, just find a friend who loves you just as much as you do and spend a hella time together. Love will travel no matter the distance! (and #InternetFriendsDay)

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there’s only so many times i could talk to korein before i had to doodle dan as the soccer mom she envisions him to be, and spend way too much time on backpack stickers.

( please don’t repost this anywhere, or remove this caption – thank you so much!!!!! ♥ )


“we are fragile. humans woven from lines as thin as our hair, subtle changes make us who we are and it doesn’t take much to break us”

- dan and phil lineart

the point of this minimalist, almost avant garde artwork was to highlight the small changes in their faces that make them so different. the rounded bump of dans nose versus the razor-sharp edge of phils. the curve of their eyebrows that makes phil look sad and dan look curious, open, inviting. the feminine outline of dans lips directly contrast the sudden arches of phils and it amazes me that two people who are so directly unique can form such a close bond.