• What she says : I'm okay
  • What she means : Phillip michael leStER wins an award bY HIMSElf, indIVIduallY, ALONE, foR once in his GOD DAmn life, he finalLy gets thE reCOgnition he desERVEs then he goes up ON The BLooDy STAGE and callS daN up WiTh hiM, EVEN THOUgh the aWard is MeAnt for him AlOne, jusT becauSe he BElieVes Dan DeServes it toO this was PHIls chAnCe to be in the SPotlight and he deCides TO SHARe it wiTh DaN HowEll becAuse he LovEs him

I want Phil to make an entire video reacting to nice comments about him and I want him to read comments about how beautiful his eyes are and how his cheekbones are so endearing and how he is so funny and so sweet and I want him to ACKNOWLEDGE IT.