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After learning some of you can’t access the masterpost of all my fics, I thought i’d spend time making an actual masterpost so y’all can finally see ‘em.



Jack’s Post Was His Own Downfall - Mark sees Jack’s post about being ticklish and of course has to investigate.

Mark The Loving Tormentor - Mark and Jack decide to do something a bit more… intense. Cute feet tickles.

Ticklish Bellybutton -  Jack has a crazy adorably ticklish belly button and when Mark finds out, he exploits it to the fullest.

Tickle Me - Jack’s acting like a little shit for Mark’s attention.

Cute Little Leprechaun - Mark loves teasing his easily-embarrassed boyfriend, Jack, especially when he finds out he’s ticklish.

Great Boyfriend - Jack’s teasing Mark about a septiplier tumblr post they found and Mark cannot have that.

Agent Jack And Warfstache -  SecretAgent!Jack finds himself tied up after being knocked out by some villain named Warfstache, he apparently wants the codes, and has ways of getting them.

- Pt. 2 - Agent Jack And Darkiplier -  Sequel to Agent Jack And Warfstache; Another personality joins the fray! I wonder who it could be…

- Pt. 3 - Agent Jack And Anti -  Jack’s escape from the alternates’ dungeon. He meets a new alternate… one who looks very familiar…

- Pt. 4 - Agent Jack And Agent Mark - Jack returns to the agency with a very interesting story to inform a new coworker about.

-Pt. 5 - How Did We Become So Soft? - Dark and Anti tickle fight!

-pt. 6 - Dan And Phil; Punk And Pastel - Dan And Phil and their alternates have a movie night.

-pt. 7 - I Want You To Scream - Dark comes back to find Jack gone and uses Anti to take out some of his frustration.

-pt. 8 - Agents Septiplier - Jack And Mark are now partners?

-pt. 9 - Mark and The Three Alternates - Mark’s turn

Softie -  Jack, Mark’s big, strong, punk boyfriend thinks he’s so tough, but Mark’s gonna show him how cute Jack can really be.

Sick Jackaboy - Jack is sick and Mark takes care of him.

Where isn’t Jack ticklish?! - Jack is super ticklish everywhere.

Duct Tape Challenge - Mark, Jack, and Felix do the duct tape challenge. Jack is slow escaping. So Mark and Felix have some fun while he’s helpless to stop them.

-The Bet - Sequel to the duct tape challenge, Felix and Mark make a bet on who can get Jack to blush the hardest.

Payback - Jack gets revenge on Mark!

Tickle Challenge - Mark and Jack do the “tickle challenge”

Voodoo Doll - Mark gets a mysterious gift in the fan mail.

Septiplier vs Egobang Tickle Fight - A tiny tickle war between Dan+Arin from the Game Grumps and Jack+Mark from… Jacksepticeye and Markiplier.

Test Of Strength - Jack won’t stop bragging about his muscles so Mark dares him to do a handstand against the wall for five minutes  exposing Jack’s ticklish tummy and feet.

Homesick Jack - Jack’s homesick so Mark tells the guys a way he usually cheers him up.

A Drunk Mark Is A Tickly Mark - Mark gets tickly when he’s drunk.

GreenieLeeEye - Jack runs a tickle fanfic blog and Mark gets curious.

Goofy Lil Eyeball - Jack’s a tad stressed over vids so Sam tries to cheer him up!

Home With A Tickle Monster - Jack’s homesick so Mark dons the persona of “tickle Monster” to cheer him up.

Tickle Collar - Mark wants to do a shock collar challenge, Jack does not. So Mark finds a loophole and has a little fun with Jack.

How Mark And Jack Edit - Jack finishes recording and decides to have some fun with Mark.

Oddest Episode Ever - Jack and Mark wake up in a dark room where a new show is being shot… with Pewdiepie playing the torturer, and Jack and Mark are the victims.

Oddest behind the scenes ever - Jack and Mark get some well-deserved revenge.

Sappy Ler - Sequel to GreenieLeeEye, Mark reminisces about a few times where his new knowledge comes in handy

Can We Keep It? - Mark brings home a tickle monster.

-Pt. 2 - The Lee-off - Mark gets jealous of all the attention Cootly’s giving to Jack.

-Cootly’s Alternate - Dark and Anti get a new alternate companion (not canon to A&A)

- Cootly Drabbles

  - #1 - Cootly likes Jack’s belly button and Mark’s a little shit.

  - #2 - Cootly’s perspective of the games they play

  - #3 - Felix has to feed Cootly while Jack and Mark are gone.

Monster In The House - There’s a monster in the house… Mark is terrified…

The Halloween Costume - Jack gets stuck in his costume. Mark comes to “help” him.

The Pro’s Of Being Ticklish - Jack’s abs are sore and Mark massages them. Unfortunately, or fortunately, it tickles like hell.

Truth Or Dare? - Mark, Jack, Bob, and Wade play Truth Or Dare.

Jack’s Love Of Tickling - Jack loves being tickled but is embarrassed about it. Mark figures it out.

Tickle Tube - Jack gets stuck in a slide. Mark “helps” him out.

Morning Giggles - Cute Septiplier Morning Tickles!

The Pro’s Of Being Ticklish - Jack’s abs are sore and Mark massages them.

Tickling Saved Us? - Anti and Dark get out.

Stop Being So Adorable - Random fluff drabble

Too Early - Cute ticklish!Mark drabble

You’re Ticklish THERE!?! - Mark’s ticklish butt.Jack will never let him live this down.

Role Switch - Lee!Mark and ler!jack

Teasing - Sequel to GreenieLeeEye and Sappy Ler; Mark teases Jack every chance he get, and he’s really good at it.

Jack’s Little Space - Jack goes into Little Space

Obstacle Course - Mark and Jack get mischevious during the obstacle course challenge.

Ask and You Shall Receive - Jack’s in a serious lee mood and needs Mark’s tickles.

Jack’s Little Space Confession - MOAR LITTLE JACK TICKLES

Squealing Santa 2k16: Scooch - Person A is lying on their stomach on the couch (taking up the whole space), distracted by their phone/book/etc and refusing to move, so Person B sits on their legs and tickles their knees and feet until they apologize…and then a little extra, just to teach them a lesson.

Ticklish Footsies - Random Shitty Drabble

Start Off The New Year With Laughter - NEW YEARS EVE WITH JACK AND MARK

Evil Chica - Mark’s in a ler mood and Chica helps him out.

Take My Mind Off Of It - Mark’s been playing too much FNAF

Cake? - Punk!Mark nerd!Jack

The Tickle-lympics (Septiplier) Part 1 - TFB Bloggers Jack & Mark have a big competition of tickle-based events.

Two Gay Princes - Mark comes across a funny comment in their coming out vid and jack and mark have a bit of fun.

Kiss it All Better - Little!Jack gets hurt.

Anti’s Cheer Up Idea - Mark, Dark, Anti & Jack are friends and live together. Jack and Mark come home hurt and it’s up to the alternates to cheer em up!

After The Big Game - Highschool AU. Mark plays basketball and keeps his relationship with Jack a secret form the team.

Our First Tickle Fight - Jack and Mark are members of the TFB community, lee and ler, and meet in person for the first time

Happy Valentine’s Day - It’s Valentine’s Day and Jack is insecure about his gift. Mark cheers him up.

Drunken Giggles - Jack gets hammered and spills all his tickly secrets to Mark.

You Just Need To Unwind - Mark’s Stressed from FNAF:SL’s 10/20 mode and Jack calms him down.

Scary Stories - Jack and Mark as little kids telling scary stories… Mark tells the terrifying tale of the tickle monster. [Kind of an homage to my first fic ever, the big bad tickle monster]

Is Jack Ticklish? - Mark is looking for RYC questions and one asks about Jack being ticklish. Mark investigates.

Raspberries - Jack is just a lee in need of tickles from his ler, Mark. Specifically raspberries.

The Tickle Monster And His Leprechaun - Just a cute one-sided tickle fight between Jack & Mark, ler!mark of course.

Help Voice Acting - Jack needs to laugh convincingly for a line as a VA but can’t. Mark steps in to help.

Ticklish Makeup - Mark has to get his makeup done for a random encounters vid but this makeup needs to be done all over his neck and ears. Poor Mark’s a bit too ticklish for that and Jack’s there to tease him.

Pokemon Tickle Games - Pokemon trainer Jack takes on Pokemon trainer Mark and afterwards discuss bonding with their Pokemon. Jack reveals a rather odd game he plays with his Torracat.

Anniversary Night - It’s Jack and Mark’s anniversary. Everything is perfect until Jack won’t stop squirming during a make out session.

I Don’t Blush - Jack claims that he never blushes in the middle of a livestream. Mark is going to prove him wrong.

Don’t Move -  Jack uses a little game to decide in an argument with Mark, and Jack loves the game too much to stop.

Your Laugh Is Adorable - Robin forgot to edit out Jack’s loud laughter and it’s revealed Jack hates his laugh


Google’s Dial - G has a dial on his chest that controls his sensitivity

Halloween Night with Anti and Chase - Chase is scared of a horror movie and Anti distracts him with a different monster

Not a Word - Marvin sees Anti begging for mercy in a tickle fight and Anti keeps him quiet. 

A Bashful and Ticklish Doctor - Schneep has been making check ups specifically ticklish for anti, he finds out and gets payback

Teensy Darkstache Drabble - like 200 words of Dark makin will blush for cash

Another Teensy Darkstache Drabble - Just a thing 

Chase’s Secret Spot - Angeliceye is molting, leaving tickly feathers everywhere for Chase’s ticklish bare soles to step on 

Wake up! - Anti won’t wake up for a movie, Chase GETS him up. 

Little Wilfy -  Wilford is the victim of Marv’s new spell. Now Dark has to deal with him.

A Case of The Giggles - Chase has a mAJOR case of the giggles

When He Attacked  - Bim’s scurred

A little Crush - Jackie’s got a crush and Marv has a secret

Little Kitten -  Marvin’s stretching to reach something and Jackie can’t help himself.

Jackie’s Arch Nemesis - Jackie’s arch enemy finds out his weakness

Unexpected - Marvin and Jackie hear screaming and investigate

Lost To Laughter - Chase can’t stop laughing

Quick Anti Average Drabble - just as the title says


Cheer Up, Kid! - Cool Patrol cheering up Jack.

All Better - Jack comes home after a beating and Danny cheers him up.


Ethan & Tyler As A Ler Tag Team - Mark’s punishment from getting a 7 on the mental age test

- Revenge On Jack - Mark seeks revenge on his boyfriend.

- Revenge On Ethan - Mark seeks revenge on Ethan.

“I’M SORRY!!”’s Unseen Ending - Watch this video, this is a made up after event to the vid.

Accept Your Punishment - Alternate events for this video where Ethan must be punished but doesn’t want to so Mark, like a big brother, tickles him into submission.

The Monsters From The Closet - Ethan’s an insomniac in a dead end job. One night two creatures enter his room and need his laughter. Think a monsters inc type AU.

The T-Room -  Ethan is a hacker for a strict corporation. If you screw up, you’re sent to the infamous ’T-Room’. Everyone who goes in comes out different. Quiet, obedient. Changed. No one knows what happens in there…and today, Ethan makes a huge mistake.


Stuck - Ethan gets stuck trying to prank Tyler and Tyler teaches him a lesson while he’s helpless.

Sanders Sides

Prinxiety Tickle Fight - Exactly what it sounds like. Prince & Anxiety get into a tickle fight.

Lay Off, Anxiety - Anxiety’s being a pain to poor Thomas and Prince puts a stop to it.

Don’t Hide Your Laughter - Anxiety doesn’t let himself show laughter or smiling. But Prince is gonna hear his lover’s laughter one way or another.

I Don’t Laugh - Anxiety claims that he never laughs.

Prince’s New Friend - Thomas & his sides Meets Cootly.

Slay The Dragon - Prince walks in on Anx in a dragon onesie and has a bit of fun.

Virgil’s Punishment - Patton has to punish Virgil for his bad language!

Laugh for me, Anx - Prince wants to hear Anxiety’s laugh

Interesting Babysitting Job - Thomas has to babysit his 4 nephews. AU. Non T-fic

The Tickle Monster Loves You - Patton and Virgil play a game

Roman Battle - Pokemon sanders sides au

Laughter Can Be Contagious - Virgil’s laughter is much more happy and joyful than expected

Virgil’s Fight or Flight - it started with a broken door. how did that lead to THIS?!

Minccino’s New Friend - Virgil has a run in with Patton’s minccino

The Feather Boa - Roman acquires a new accessory and shows it to his boyfriend.

A Potion of Laughter - Roman accidentally spills a mystery potion

Laughter From a Fall - Patton falls and Logan gives him a check up to make sure he’s alright, then they kinda get carried away.

Rude Awakening - Virgil is awoken from his nap by a feather

A Hole Laughter - Logan falls through a hole in the attic and Roman has some fun

Be My Canvas - Roman gets it in his head that he needs to do some body painting, and Virgil is his preferred canvas.

Patton Know’s Virgil Secret -  Patton reveals how ticklish Virgil is

Secret’s Out - SEQUEL TO PATTON KNOWS VIRGIL’S SECRET ; Virgil remembers all the times his secret has been taken advantage of

It’s a Monster! - Roman hear his friend screaming and goes to rescue them!

I’m Not ticklish - It seems Logan isn’t ticklish, but Roman can’t believe it.

Dan and Phil

100% Happiness - Dan’s having another existential crisis… It’s up to Phil to cheer him up!

Not Until You Learned Your Lesson - Dan’s bragging about his streak in Dan vs. Phil again and Phil won’t stand for it.

Smol Cinnamon Roll - Phil doesnt believe Dan when he calls Phil a smol cinnamon roll.

We’re Okay, Bear - Punk!Phil & Pastel!Dan. Dan’s getting bullied andPhil comes to defend him and cheer him up!

Dan’s Weak Spot - Phil’s feeling mischievous during movie night and decides to attack his boyfriend’s number one weak spot.

Dan’s Little Space - Dan goes into little space

Game Grumps

Random Egobang Drabble - Dan laughs at Arin’s rage during Mario Maker. Arin is not happy and needs revenge.


Steph’s Ticklish - Mat finds out Steph’s ticklish.

Where is Matthew Most Ticklish? - alternate events to that one stream


Aarmau Tickle Fight - Aaron and Aphmau being cute



Big Bad Tickle Monster -  Frisk and Asriel telling scary stories in their room.

- Pt. 2 - Big Bad Tickle Monster’s Back - Asriel wakes up with a craving for revenge. Tickle fight ensues.

- Pt. 3 - Big Bad Tickle War - Frisk and Asriel try to tickle Sans. Emphasis on ‘try’. Sans goes to get back at them and it ends up in a chase which leads to a huge tickle war between Frisk, Asriel, Sans, Papyrus, and Undyne.

Tickle Temmies - Frisk finds their way into Temmie village, home to the Temmies, creatures that love cute humans. But what’s cuter than a human? A ticklish human!

Tell Me What Happened -  Papyrus comes home from school after being bullied. Sans needs to take care of him and cheer him up, and he knows the best way to make Papyrus laugh. Although, Sans forgets that Papyrus never goes down without a fight.

It’s A Surprise! -  Alphyne cuteness Drabble! Undyne tries to get Alphys to tell her what she’s been working on down in the lab.

Pay Attention To Me! - Frisk is studying and Chara wants her attention. Take a wild guess as to what happens next.

Surprise Drawing - Frisk has a surprise and Sans wants to get a sneak peek.

Mischievous Muffet - Frisk brings Asriel to see an old friend.

Two Bony Tickle Monsters - Frisk has a nightmare and two skeletons try to cheer them up.

Fucking Blasters! - Sans gets stuck in the laundry chute… He summons his blasters to help him but instead they nuzzle, lick and tickle him all over… all night…

LittleTale Tickles - Sans finds out Tori’s ticklish.

Dad - W.D. Gaster tickling his toddler sons.

Candy Puns - Puns about Candy. Soriel. Littletale.

Not Another Reset - Sans can’t take another reset, so Papyrus swoops in to cheer up his brother.


Tears - Gold finds Marion crying in his room.

Freddy’s hat - Bonnie is being playful and took Freddy’s hat and hid it. Freddy won’t stand for it.

Stardew Valley

There’s That Smile - Just a cute tickle fight between my two fav. Stardew Valley characters!


Gimme the contract! - Cuphead and Mugman bein brothers… annoying the shit out of each other

Monster Prom

New Discoveries - Damien’s fighting Oz and Oz makes a discovery


Ruby Gloom

Scattered Bones - Skullboy crash lands and his bones are scattered everywhere. Ruby helps him get back together.

Total Drama

What are we doing? - Gwuncan post-beach blanket bogus

My Little Pony / Equestria Girls

Why You Don’t Give Pinkie Pie Feathers


Poketickles: The Eeveelutions Family - Eevee’s getting a bit too much pressure on what they should evolve into, so Sylveon comes to cheer them up!

May’s Cheering Up - May cheers Wally up after a loss in battle.


Thinking Back On Old Times -  Charlie tries to get the boys to decorate with no such luck, so she has them reminisce on good memories, Dean remembers something that catches Charlie’s attention though.

Sam’s Ticklish Tummy - Weechesters, Sam has a ticklish belly and Dean takes advantage.

Lil Sis and Big Bro Tickle Fight - Just a lil tickle fight between Dean ad his lil sis. Not actually siblings BUT THEY ARE PRACTICALLY BROTHER AND SISTER AND I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Gravity Falls

Tickle Spell - Mabel finds a tickle spell in one of the journals and uses it on her brother.


The Twin’s Tickle Fight - OHSHC Twins have a tickle fight

Steven Universe

Amedot Tickle Fight - Just as the title says; human college AU




Are You Blushing?

Those Three Words

Comfort Laughter

 - Tease Requests:

Anti / Tummy X

Light + Angel X

Dr. Iplier / Ribs + Hips X

Mare / Outie Navel X

Dr. Iplier / Underarms X

Anti / Ears X

Marvin / Feet X

Dark / Sides + Hips X

Wilford / Tummy X

Schneep / Tummy X



HCs Sent into Ego-Tickle-Fluff (1) (2) (3)


Septiplier - X X X X X X X X X X

Undertale - X X X

Teamiplier - X X X X X X

Phan - X


Perfect Rest

If You Can’t Sleep

BOY THAT TOOK A WHILE TO MAKE! So this is a post of every single fic I’ve ever written (Well… tickle fic. :) ) Hope this helps y’all out! Thanks for everything!

Edit: I’ll be reblogging this whenever i update it, if you see it again its probably cause i added new fics.

The Tickle Challenge

Thank you all so much for the support on my last dew dics! I have done a collab wth the lovely @ticklesfordan and it’s so fluffy so please enjoy!

“You sure you want to do this, Phil?” Dan asked, trying to push aside his nervousness.

“Come on, the fans have asked literally since pinof 1.” Phil chuckled, also trying to pretend he wasn’t nervous.

Dan let out a sigh. “Fine, let’s get this over with, whose channel are we doing this for? I’m thinking your channel or gaming.” Dan said, hugging Phil from the side.

“I think probably gaming.” Phil responded, wrapping an arm around Dan. “So, who’s first?” He said with a slightly cheeky grin.

“I’m so getting you first.” Dan giggled, starting to feel relaxed at the upcoming challenge.

Phil paled at the thought a little before saying, “Okay.” In Phil’s mind he thought to himself, ‘Well, I’ll just get you worse, but sure.’

“Cool, you ready to film?” Dan asked pressing s gentle kiss to Phil’s cheek and making the most of cuddling him.

“Yep.” Phil said, giving Dan a kiss back. They sat up in the chairs, and Phil gave the intro to the channel. “Hello, Dan and Phil games…” Phil stuttered for a minute. “…tickles?”

Dan gave a fond smile to Phil. “You could’ve said feathers you spork.”

“Ohhh, I didn’t even think of that!” Phil said, mentally face palming.

Dan rolled his eyes and smiled at the camera. “If you haven’t guessed, me and Phil have decided to do the dreaded tickle challenge!”

“Yeah, so the rules are basically you tickle the other person until they say the, ‘safe word’ I guess we’ll call it, which is ‘orange’.” Phil explained to the camera, continuously eyeing Dan.

Dan smirked and began to move towards Phil. “And they have to lay down on the sofa and put their arms up. Phil will show you now.”

Phil gulped as they moved to the couch. He laid down and really hesitantly put his arms above his head.

Dan moved the chairs and sat down on the floor next to Phil, he wiggled his fingers above Phil’s body. “I’m gonna give you to the count of three, one… two…” Dan suddenly dug his fingers into Phil’s ribs.

“AHH Dahahahahahahan!” Phil screamed at the sudden feeling, giggling madly.

“Yes Phil?” Dan asked innocently, squeezing his sides rapidly and grinning at how ticklish Phil was.

“Dohohohoho-OHOHOHON’T!” Phil laughed hysterically, his sides being very ticklish.

“Ha! Sweet spot?” Dan asked teasing as he continued to get at his sides.

“Yehehehehehehes!” Phil laughed, bringing his arms down a little before bringing them right back, remembering the rules.

Dan noticed this and set Phil a little challenge. “How about here?” Dan asked out loud before dancing his fingers in Phil’s armpits.

“YOHOHOHOHOU-NOHOHOHOHO!” Phil laughed, his arms shooting down. He couldn’t just keep them up when Dan tickled his armpits like that.

“Put then back up, Philly!” Dan smirked, scribbling his fingers faster.

“Ihihihihihi cahahahahahan’t!” Phil squeaked, pressing his arms down harder.

“Don’t make me go to your worst spot.” Dan said simply, raising his eyebrows as he continued to tickle under his arms, he mouthed “You’re so cute!” At an angle where the camera couldn’t see.

“Shuhuhuhut uhuhuhuhuhup!” Phil giggled hysterically. There was an attempt to lift his arms up, but he couldn’t.

“Well, I REALLY didn’t want to do this but you’ve left me no choice.” Dan said sarcastically, he went for it and squeezed up and down his thighs and knees.

“AHHHHHHHH!” Phil screamed with laughs, his hands went over and pushed at Dan’s.

“There’s only one way to make me stop Phil!” Dan giggled along with him, and began squeezing an extremely sensitive spot just above his knees.

“Nohohohoho wahahahay!” Phil said, determined to last longer than Dan will.

Dan rolled his eyes again. “Don’t make me go to your feet Phil, you know how bad you are there.” Dan laughed evilly, suddenly shooting his hands back under Phil’s arms, hoping the sudden change will break him.

“Trhyhyhyhy meheheHEHEHE!” Phil regretted his sudden action words, not even knowing why he pushed it.

“Alright then, fine. Your so called tough act won’t last for long.” Dan smirked at him and gave him a wink before wrapping one of his hands around Phil’s foot and giving no warning before he quickly scribbled his fingers all over the sole of Phil’s foot.

“AHHHHH!” Phil lost it. He was laughing loudly and he desperately tried to kick his feet free. “OHOHOHOHOHORANGE!”

Dan rolled his eyes and giggled, tickling his foot a little more before letting it go, he looked at the his phone which he set before he started. “5 minutes and 44 seconds. Well done Phil! You win! And that’s the end of the video! Thanks for watching!” Dan said quickly, getting up to go turn off the camera.

“Wow Wow Wow, wait a minute.” Phil said, smirking. “It’s your turn now.”

Dan’s eyes widened as he looked at the camera in fear. “Ohoh yeah. I-I forgot, Well the camera has um… run out of memory, what a shame!” Dan turned to look at Phil with a shrug and a smirk.

“No, the camera is fine.” Phil said, dragging Dan onto the couch. “You’re gonna have to do this too, you know.”

“You haven’t even looked at it!” Dan pointed to the camera, thinking Phil would check so he could do a runner.

“I don’t need to, I checked before we started filming.” Phil said with a smirk. “You know what to do now.”

Dan blew a raspberry at Phil before hesitantly laying down, folding his arms behind his head. “You realise I’m not ticklish, right?”

“You and I both know how untrue that is.” Phil said with a fond eye roll. Phil wiggled his fingers playfully at Dan. “You’re gonna get it so bad!” He said playfully.

Dan scowled and bit back a smile. “Oh yeah, I’m terrified.”

“You should be…” Phil said, bringing his hands down and squeezing his sides.

Dan immediately grinned at the feeling and tried incredibly hard not to let slip his true self, he wanted to stay “tough”. “See? Not ticklish!”

“Oh I know this doesn’t,” Phil said with a smirk. “But I know this will!” He said, digging his fingers into his sides without mercy.

Dan let out a high pitched squeak as broke to his true, giggly self, he wriggled from side to side to try and shake Phil’s fingers off. “STAHAHAP!”

“Stop what? I thought you weren’t ticklish?” Phil giggled, poking and prodding at his left side while still digging into his right.

“Stahahap! Tihiick-“ that’s all Dan could say as giggles took over him, he began squirming a little more.

“I think everyone knows you’re ticklish HERE!” Phil said, switching to tickling his neck gently but still quickly.

“Nohohoho!” Dan squeaked with giggles, shaking his head and covering his neck with his hands.

“If you just say the safe word, I’ll stop.” Phil teased, wiggling his fingers over Dan’s neck.

“Nohoho fricking chahahance!” Dan said as he playfully pushed Phil’s hands away to brush away the tickly feeling.

“Hey, that’s not allowed!” Phil laughed, bringing his hands down and getting his thighs. He mouthed out “You’re precious!” To Dan.

Dan blushed slightly at what Phil had just said to him, his giggles grew a lot louder as he thrashed his legs about. “NAHAHAH PHIHIHIHIL!”

“Your thighs are so soft!” Phil teased, “I just love squeezing them!” He began to rapidly squeeze Dan’s thighs.

“DOHOHOHOHON’T! STAHAHAHAHAP!” Dan screeched as he thrashed his legs about and making sure he doesn’t kick Phil.

“Don’t stop?” Phil teased, sneaking his hands under Dan’s shirt, tickling his belly with one hand and his side with the other. “Good thing I wasn’t planning to.”

“NO!” Dan squeaked at the contact before breaking into his high pitched laughter. “SHUHUHUT UHUHUHUP!”

Phil chuckled at Dan and began tickling that spot under his bellybutton while still tickling his side.

“NOHOHOT THEHEHERE PLEHEHEHEASE!” Dan screeched as his eyes screwed shut through hysterical laughter.

“You know what to do that’ll make me stop!” Phil teased, bring his other hand down to that spot.

Determined to win this, Dan took a deep breath and tried to keep it together for another minute or so.

“Don’t even try to play tough guy, Daniel.” Phil teased, leaning down and blowing a raspberry on the spot right below his innie.

“NAHAHAHA YOHOHOU ASSHOLE!” Dan screamed with laughter. “ORAHAHAHANGE!” He screeched as he grabbed the Crash Bandicoot pillow to cover his face.

Phil chuckled and squeezed that spot before checking the time he lasted. “Oh my…” Phil said before laughing. He showed Dan the time and it said 5 minutes and 12 seconds.

“ARE YOU F-“ Dan screeched and rolled onto his stomach to hide himself, playfully sticking his middle finger up.

“Well that means I win!” Phil smiled at the camera and playfully pushed Dan’s middle finger.

“Yeah well you’re a jerk.” Dan muttered into his pillow, his grumpy sore loser side taking over him.

Phil did the end screen and turned the camera off, smiling at Dan. “You know, I think it’s close enough we can call it a tie.” He waited a minute. “Actually no, I win!”

“I’m too grumpy to talk to you.” Dan mumbled, letting out a dramatic “hmph!”

“Oh, don’t be a poor sport!” Phil said, poking his side.

“I can and I will.” Dan said in a child’s voice.

“I’ll tickle you again!” Phil said, wiggling his fingers playfully.

“It won’t make me win.” Dan sighed dramatically as he shyed away from Phil’s fingers.

“Ok, look at the Dan vs Phil board you shouldn’t be that sad.” Phil chuckled.

“You’re catching up though.” Dan said as he looked away.

“Oh get over it.” Phil said with an eye roll.

I had a terrible thought

Ya know that thing Dan does where he hugs people with just his lower arm and keeps his upper arm close to him? That thing that’s been deemed as the “awkward hug”? Well, what is he does that because it tickles? Like:

The way he is holding himself in all of these, he’s kinda holding his upper arm close to his side/ribs. It might be because he is trying to protect himself. When people are scared someone or something is gonna tickle them, they cover the area. This is literally exactly what he’s doing

And not to mention, when @featheryphan met him, she said he flinched when she touched his side, he flinched

So yeah, Dan has confirmed extremely ticklish sides that he can’t even handle a hug. Heck, you can’t even touch his side without him flinching. If any of y’all are meeting him, do what you will this information

Not just another Headache

A little short oneshot of Phil coming home with a headache and what he does to resolve it. 

Word count: 1.7k

a/n: I keep seeing things how people (I as well) want a fic with phil and his headaches. So I wrote one. Super fluff, a bit of domestic arguing. Something I wish to have one day


Traveling home from an unsettling weekend was already a bust. With a throbbing in his head the train ride was at the very most least enjoyable, trying not to vomit on the people sitting next to him, the London heat beginning to swelter, making his journey home already heavy enough, and even a rude taxi driver who wanted to talk the whole way made Phil want to slam his head in the car door. By the time he made it to his building and into the lift he could see grey spots lining throughout his vision. This isn’t going to be just another headache he uttered in his head.

The keys clicked and he was welcomed by a blast of cool air, the best thing about the day so far. He expected their new home to smell of cleaning supplies and be spotless of litter, but alas, Dan’s pile of shoes were greeted by the door, garbage had yet to be taken out to the chute, and dishes were mountain high in the sink. Phil dropped his bags and let out a groan, palming the cool of the counter tops. “Dan?” He said, his voice quivering from the sudden nausea rising again.

“I’m upstairs I’ll be right down!” Followed along with the thump of his pattern trailing down the stairs. Phil looked up at him, seeing Dan with a wet curly mop on his head and the smell of their shampoo overcame him. He had just gotten out of the shower, it was 5 pm. “Hey! How was the trip?”

“It was fine, did you just shower?”

“Yeah, I’ve been busy and forgot you were coming home there for a minute.”

“Were you too busy to clean?!” Phil’s voice grew but he didn’t mean it to. His head pulsated with every word that came from his mouth. He groaned under his breath.

“What the fuck hit you on the way home?” He tried to joke, Phil didn’t take it.

“I have a headache.”

“I can tell.”

“Why is it that when I leave for half a week you can’t even manage to do half of the work around here? This is our new place it’s supposed to always be clean and nice!”

“Hey, it’s not like it’s a pigs’ pen. I’ll clean it right now.”

“That doesn’t even matter it was supposed to be done before I got home!”

“What am I to you your housewife?”

Phil leaned up against the fridge, adding cool pressure to his already pounding head. The light coming through the window was suffocating and Dan’s shrill high voice wasn’t helping. He opened the freezer to see a familiar lifesaving tool not to be found, “Where’s my cool rag?” He whined.

“Oh I used it the other day.” Dan dragged out, knowing he was upsetting him even more.

“You didn’t put it back!?” Phil was almost at a cry now with frustration. His hand shaking as he applied pressure to his forehead and pinched the bridge of his nose.

“Look I forgot, stop putting everything on me. You’ve been home for ten minutes and you’ve been yelling at me!”

“Please don’t shout.”

“You’re shouting!” He replied, failing at lowering his voice.

“Do I have to make you a list every time I leave to ensure things get done?”

“Phil will you relax?!”

“I can’t believe that I still live with a teenager who’s too stubborn to do his own cleaning!”

“Hey. Phil. Calm down.” Dan grabbed a hold of his shoulders and Phil tried to fight it but melts by his touch. His nose flairs with defeat and frustration, “Why don’t you go and take your contacts out and go to bed. Have you taken anything?”

Phil let out a breath, “No. I didn’t have any.”

“Okay well let’s start there.” He turns to the cabinet with migraine medicine and pours him a glass of water. While doing so, Phil leans over the counter and grumbles something intangible into his hands. Dan closed the curtains leading light into the kitchen and swapped on a calmer light that wasn’t bright and fluorescent. Phil with sad drooping eyes takes his medicine and chugs his glass empty. He wobbles standing up and doesn’t know what to do from there, “Good. Now go upstairs and go to bed.”

“I don’t want to go to bed!” He whined.

“Why?” Dan sighed

“Because if I fall asleep now I’ll wake up at two or three and won’t be able to go to back to sleep until seven and I don’t want to waste my entire evening.”

“Well why not just try and take a little hour nap? Have you eaten anything?”

“No I’ve been on a train for two hours.” He spat back.



“You got to take care of yourself, did you eat anything before the train?”

“No because I had a headache. I didn’t want to throw it back up.”

Dan drug out a long sigh before tugging him towards the stairs, “Go up and get into bed. I’m sorry the house is a mess. I’ll clean it and be up there in a few.”

“No.” He pushed Dan away, pinching the bridge of his nose again, “I don’t need to be fucking babied I get that enough from my mother.”

Dan swallowed down the offense he took, knowing that Phil didn’t mean it. He watched Phil climb up the stairs and close the door to their bedroom. Dan did whatever in his power to clean the dishes as quietly as he could.

Phil undressed in a swift motion, and no motivation to change his shirt. He scoffed over the mess of laundry piling up on Dan’s side of the room but the spots in his vision started to blend into the tightness of his eyelids. He collapsed onto the bed and swarmed himself with sheets. Even the quiet was pounding. He tried to motion his breathing to a steady pattern but even thinking hurt too much. His fingers and toes started to crawl numb and sweat traced around his back. He didn’t want to throw off the covers as he finally felt like he was home. But he knew something was missing. He growled as his phone lit up even set to the lowest setting, his hands trembling over the keys. “I need you” he texted, throwing his phone on the other side of the bed. Nearly in tears because it hurt too much to even breath.

What felt like an eternity later he was greeted with a cold damp rag combing across his forehead and eyes, “It’s wet” he grumbled into his pillow. Feeling the bed shift in weight and the warmth of Dan laying beside him.

“I dried it out the best I could, sorry it wasn’t in the freezer.” He said in his softest tone, the tone he uses when he knows he’s lost. His innocent tone that Phil loves that springs butterflies into his chest. “Don’t think just breathe, relax. You’re home.” Dan continued nearly at a whisper. The only sounds in the room was the faint hum of the air conditioner and Phil’s heavy breathing. In a relax state his breathing pattern became tighter, nearly to a dry sob. “Shhhh. It’s okay.” Dan whispered, giving in and lightly stroking his fingers through Phil’s already messy hair.

“I’m sorry I yelled at you.” Phil whimpered, but also wanting to purr with being combed.

“It’s okay.” Dan whispered again, knowing where Phil likes it. He combed with the pad of his fingers, and ended towards Phil’s hairline with his fingernails. He did this repeatedly until Phil’s breathing had slowed, purring a thank you. Dan smiled, petting again and again, gathering the little bits of dandruff and dead skin caught between his fingernails. It wasn’t long until Dan found his own head on the pillow too, multitasking with both hands. His left up in Phil’s hair and his right lightly trailing down Phil’s arm as he watches him breathe and slowly null off to sleep. Out of habit, he began to quietly hum. Phil smiled, feeling the vibrations through the mattress and into his already beating heart.

The darkness of their room enveloped them with familiarity, as this is something that normally happens. Phil is different than Dan, when Dan gets headaches he must be left alone for three hours in the dark, not to be touched or even breathed on. But Phil fails every time, thinking he can be alone but succumbing to the touch of Dan with every crumbling breath he has. Dan loves it, knowing Phil purrs under his touch and is so loved in such a weak state. It’s an ordeal they never share, because they don’t have to. Phil rolls onto his stomach and Dan lingers his way down his back, tickling his shoulders and down his spine. He hears Phil purr again, making his train of hums break into a giggle.

Before he knows it, Phil wakes up to an even darker room, and assumes it’s 2 am like it usually is. His headache has dimmed to a minor annoyance and a hole is left to see that the other side of the bed is empty. He makes his way out of their room to hear their front door shut and Dan mumbling something to himself in the kitchen. Stammering his way down the stairs he sees pizza boxes and Cola bottles, along with a row of movies on the counter. Dan’s face lights up when he’s greeted with Phil in the room. “How you feeling?”

He makes his way closer to see that the kitchen was deeply cleaned, even the floors had been mopped. Phil scratches his head, “what time is it?”

“It’s barely 9.” Dan said grabbing plates from the cabinet.

“Is it really?”

“Yeah, you fell asleep and I came back down and finished cleaning. Ordered some pizza, edited a bit, and then here we are.” Dan’s smiling wide where his dimple is present. Phil gravitated toward him and collapsed into his arms. “I’m glad you’re feeling better.” He spoke to his ear.

Phil smiled back, melting in the warmth of Dan’s embrace, “me too.”

“Well, since it didn’t work out earlier. Welcome home. We got pizza and movies and a lazy week ahead before jetting off to California. It’s good to have you back love.” He kissed his cheek but Phil took a hold of his chin and kissed his lips. Making his headache nearly evaporate away, as Dan is the only medicine he ever needs.

Chinese Finger Traps

This is my first attempt at writing a tickle fic, I hope you enjoy! 

ft. ticklish!phil


Dan was sitting in his sofa crease, scrolling endlessly through Twitter. He’d been there for hours, and Phil was off doing whatever shenanigans he got up to in his free time. After a while, Dan heard some rustling in the distance. He ignored it for a while, but after a couple minutes his curiosity got the better of him. He got up to find the source of the noise.

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Dan’s Litte Space

Phan - [AmazingPhil x Danisnotonfire]

Summary: Dan goes into little space and Phil finds out. [WARNING: THIS IS A TICKLE FIC]

I love feedback! Critique is greatly appreciated! LITTLE!DAN FINALLY HERE! This one’s a taaaaad longer than usual. Which is awesome!!! 

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Nail Varnish Doesn’t Belong on Your Toes.

To the person that requested this, I am so so sorry for the delay, ever since I moved away from home my motivation has been incredibly low and my mental health has taken a turn for the worse and I’m in a pit of low moods. That is no excuse but I’ve only just managed to write this, it is over 1k words so I hope it makes up for the wait. <3

People had been begging Dan to do this for a while now.

As soon as the fans realised that Dan had been growing his nails whilst he and Phil were on their world tour, the expectations had risen for Dan to paint his nails, he did it a few times, but he wanted them to look perfect, as the last few attempts looked untidy and Dan personally hated that. Not because his nails were painted, it was just looking at random splodges of nail paint on his fingers. He knew he had to try and do it himself, but he needed to practice.

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Dan Is Not A Ler

A/N: Sorry it took so long for me to come out with another fic! I was locked out of my tumblr account which wasn’t fun haha. Thank you @ticklishphanart for the idea

The first time Phil tickled Dan was during their weekend together for the first time. Their reactions to each other were pretty different. Dan was a nervous wreck who got shy at any form of affection from Phil. Meanwhile, Phil was also nervous, but in a completely different way. He seemed to be nervous he was going to push Dan’s boundaries and therefore was being not very touchy.

That changed as soon as Phil touched Dan for the first time. He was trying to be sweet, but he looked at Dan confused when he wrapped his arms around Dan just to hear him squeal and feel him squirm. Phil looked at Dan. “Are you okay?”

Dan’s cheeks turned bright red. “Yeah…..”

It didn’t take long for Phil to put two and two together and after that happened, it took even shorter for him to start tickling the younger. Surprisingly, Dan didn’t tickle him back after, which Phil was very happy about.

Throughout their years together, Phil seemed to make a tickle attack on Dan at least once every month and made little pokes at least once every week. And the one thing that stayed consistent throughout all of it was Dan never getting Phil back. Dan would poke Phil sometimes, but that was pretty much to the extent of it.

As they sat on the couch, Phil had Dan in his arms and started poking at his sides.

“Hehehehehe stop.” Dan giggled, hiding in Phil’s chest as Phil ruthlessly poked and prodded at his sides.

“But you’re so cute!” Phil teased, scribbling up and down Dan’s sides gently.

“Ihihit tihihihickles!” Dan squealed in Phil’s chest, his elbows coming down and trying to block Phil.

“I’m barely touching you.” Phil chuckled, stopping to kiss the top of Dan’s head. “You’re so easy.”

Dan looked up and pouted at him. “No I’m not!”

“Yes you are!” Phil insisted. “You’re so ticklish you can’t even do anything about it when I tickle you and than you don’t do anything about it after either.” Phil laughed

“I could do something about it!”

“Doubt it.” Phil rolled his eyes fondly.

“I could!”

“Really?” Phil, feeling so confident that Dan wouldn’t be able to laid back and put his arms up. “Go on than.”

Dan started giggling like a little kid. “I never thought when I was born this is where I’d end up.” He reaches over to tickle Phil when he suddenly felt very shy

Phil smirked up at him. “Can’t do it?”

Dan blushed. “I can.” But he knew he couldn’t. All he did was poke Phil’s side a few times.

“This doesn’t count.” Phil said while flinching.

Dan took a deep breath and scribbled into Phil’s side for about half a second before stopping, to hide his face in his hands.

Phil smirked. “I knew it!” He grabbed Dan and flipped them over, pinning Dan down. Dan squealed as he Phil did this. Phil dug into Dan’s ribs, saying, “This is how you do it!”

Dan squealed in laughter, trying to twist around on top of Phil’s hand and kicking his feet out. His laughter was squeaky and panicky, knowing he was well in for it. “STAHAHAHAP!”

“No thanks.” Phil said in a teasing voice. “I’m having fun. Thank you for the offer, though.”

“PLEEEEEAHAHAHAHASE!” Dan pulled at his wrists but couldn’t move them, Phil’s hold on them was too strong.

“Please tickle you somewhere else?” Phil let go of Dan’s wrists so he could tickle both of his sides simultaneously, knowing this always got him good. “Okay!”

Dan’s whole body convulsed and he practically whipped on top of Phil’s hand on his right side-And his own arm- trying to protect his poor, extremely sensitive sides. His left hand pushing at Phil’s arm that was tickling his left side. “NAAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Phil saw Dan laying on top of his arm and got an evil idea. With his right hand, he grabbed Dan’s free arm-the one he wasn’t currently laying on-and held it across his torso, leaving Dan’s side completely vulnerable. Phil took his free hand and dig into Dan’s side, scribbling, pinching, and vibrating.

Dan’s poor legs and feet were pushing to try wiggle away from Phil with no luck. “PHIHIHIHIHIHIL PLEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEE!”

“See? There’s no way for you to be where I am, you’re too easy to get!” Phil chuckled, his heart pounding with adoration for the squealing boy, which only urged him to tickle Dan more.

“IHIHIHIHI CAHAHAHAN’T!” Dan’s huge smile and loud laughs, Phil thought he was far too cute for his own good.

Phil stopped and said, “You’re so cute.” He watched with a fond smile as Dan still giggles and tries to hide it in the cushion, along with his blush. “This is what I mean, you’re too adorable to be on my end of it.”

Dan giggled a, “Fuck you.”

Phil raised an eyebrow. “Excuse me?” Dan giggled more, knowing full well what Phil does when he sasses him while he’s being tickled. Phil turned Dan from his side onto his back and pinned Dan’s other arms across his torso, making an ex position. Phil used his nose to push Dan’s shirt up. This whole time Dan was giggling away, and once his tummy was exposed, Phil looked up at him with an evil glint. “You’re gonna get it now.”

Before Dan has time to react, Phil leaned down and blew as much as he could on Dan’s soft belly. Dan threw his head back in laughter, his squeaky, loud hyena laugh coming through. This tickled Dan so much he was paralyzed in his laughter and squeals. “AHHHHEEEEE PHIIIIIIL!”

Phil smirked and blew a few more times, throwing some nibbles in as Dan squealed in his hyena laughter. Eventually Phil let Dan up, smirking, “And that’s how you do it.”

Tickle Monster

DISCLAIMER- this is a nonsexual tickle fic featuring the romantic pairing of Dan and Phil. If that sounds repulsive to you, this fic probably isn’t for you.

Phil decides to cheer Dan up after a hard day. Lee!Dan x Ler!Phil. Fluffy af. For a request for Lee!Dan x Ler!Phil and I’m so sorry I didn’t get it out earlier.


Dan sighed briefly, closing his laptop. For some reason, he felt as if he could cry, but he didn’t understand why. It had been such a long day, and it was about two in the morning.

He didn’t want to try to sleep, so he left his room and headed to the kitchen.

To his surprise, Phil was down there already, rifling through the cabinets, presumably looking for a 2 A.M. snack.

“Hey! Dan,” Phil turned from the cabinet, dropping a bag of pretzels onto the counter.

“Phil.” Dan smiled weakly.

“What’s wrong?” Phil tipped his head to the side.

“Just a hard day.” Dan reassured him. “Nothing too serious.”

Phil frowned, obviously unconvinced. “I want to cheer you up, then.” he grabbed his boyfriend’s hand, dragging him into the living room and shoving him onto the couch.

Dan rolled his eyes.

“Phil, what are you-”

“Phil? Who’s Phil?” Phil chuckled, leaning over Dan, who frowned.

“The hell? Phil?”

“I’m not Phil~” Phil giggled. “I’m the tickle monster~~”

Dan leaned back on the couch, grinning nervously. “Wh-what?”

“You heard me!! The tickle monster!” Phil wiggles his fingers in the air above Dan. “He can’t stand to see cute little Danny so sad!”

“I-I’m fine, really.” Dan shook his head, still slightly grinning at the absurdity of the situation.

“Nonsense!” Phil pounced on Dan all of a sudden, and his fingers traced the nape of his boyfriend’s neck. Dan pushed on the hands, snorting and giggling.

“Ph-phihihihihihil!” Dan squeaked as Phil’s other hand squeezed one of his hips.

“I’m not Phil, I told you.” Phil shook his head, faking disappointment. “Guess I’m going to have to make sure you remember.” the tickling stopped all of a sudden, and Phil leaned into Dan’s neck, peppering it with kisses. Dan squealed, trying to push Phil away. His cheeks were heating up.

“NAHAHAHAHAHAHA” was all he could get out.

Phil blew a few raspberries, finishing his work by nibbling on Dan’s neck gently. Dan cackled, throwing his head back as tears slipped from his eyes.

Phil paused, and Dan gasped for breath.

“Oh, God- are you okay?”

Dan smiled. “Y… yeah.”

He pulled Phil into a hug.

Phil stroked Dan’s hair, teasingly kissing his neck.

Dan giggled, pressing his own lips to Phil’s. He pulled away after a while. “Let’s go to sleep, you idiot.”

He pulled Phil onto the couch, and they fell asleep snuggled up to each other.

Sleepy Phil

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1,053

Warnings: Ticklish!Phil, cute/sleepy/adorable Phil awwww

A/N: Because I’m so original with the title on this one…..

((finally found the second prompt that goes with this story lol i couldn’t find it for some reason!!))


Phil trudged to his and Dan’s shared bedroom, yawning loudly as he went. It was about three in the morning and he had just finally finished editing the video he wanted to post tomorrow. It took much longer than he expected, considering he hadn’t anticipated how many extra things he wanted to include in the video last-minute. Still, he was pretty proud of it, even if it meant that he possibly has to rework most of it in the morning.

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Jumping On the Bandwagon Isn’t So Bad (Dan/Phil)

Summary: Dan decides to jump on the ‘boys in crop tops’ trend. (Can we petition for him to actually start wearing crop tops? I would actually kill to see that. Like I know it’s not gonna happen, but…Enjoy!)

Dan was never one to hop on bandwagons. He liked to be original with everything; his content, clothes, and overall personality conveyed this well. But there were some things he just thought, “why not?”

Especially when the internet practically begged him on bended knee, he figured it couldn’t hurt to hop on a trend here and there.

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The World Doesn’t Deserve You.

Here is one of my 3 prompts! This was super fun and cute to write so I hope you all enjoy!

“According to my phone, I’ve walked five miles!” Phil gasped as he came back into their home with bags full of food and Dan’s birthday presents, which he knew he was going to love. What he didn’t expect however, was Dan standing in the doorway with his arms folded, he did not look amused to see Phil six hours after he left the house.

“How long does it take to get a few pieces of food?! We said we were going to film a video today but instead I’ve had to film a gaming video by myself and I’ve even had the decency to edit and upload it!” Dan was going mad, not bothering to look at Phil, whose face was dropping at Dan’s every word.

“D-Dan, I…”

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Phil wanted this to be sexy. And it did start out that way. It started out as very intimate and wonderful. Phil had Dan tied up and was eating caramel off different body parts Dan had. He started with Dan’s collarbones, making Dan sigh with content. Than he went to Dan’s hips, making Dan tell Phil his lips were magic. Phil really didn’t think it through when he put some caramel on Dan’s belly

As soon as the caramel touched Dan’s belly, Dan gasped, looking up at Phil with wide eyes. “R-really here?” He asked nervously. Phil continued pouring the caramel into Dan’s tummy

“Why not here?”

Dan, too afraid and busy holding back his giggles at the caramel only touching his belly, just said, “N-no reason.”

It wasn’t until Phil ate the tiniest bit of caramel off his belly, hearing Dan in squeals, when he remembered how ticklish Dan was on his belly. Phil looked up, smirking. “Oh.” He teased. Dan shyly looked at him

“Don’t, please!” He giggled as Phil wiggled his fingers menacingly over his belly

“Why shouldn’t I?” Phil teased. “Your little belly is right here, and you’re being held down so you can’t get away! Your belly is allllll mine!”

Dan blushed, and Phil leaned down, eating more of the caramel off his belly, purposely making it tickly

“P-pleEHEHEHEASE!” Dan had the urge to push Phil’s head away from his poor belly and curl into a ball, but he couldn’t move at all

“Mm!” Phil teased as he ate more of the caramel off. “I love caramel I could almost have more!”

Dan paled as he saw Phil put more caramel on the spots he just ate it off, making his belly up for more tickles

“You’re so mean.” Dan pouted at him

“I wouldn’t be insulting in your situation.” Phil playfully threatened. He ate the honey off his belly, purposely going, “Nom nom nom!”

Dan erupted in high pitched giggles and squeals, his belly was completely vulnerable, and mouth tickles always tickled his belly good. And dang, Phil didn’t have to start making nomming noises

Phil smiled widely at him, the caramel off Dan’s belly and said, “Hm, now I wonder how this belly tastes without the caramel?”

Dan gasped. “No don’t!” His poor belly was shaking in anticipation of the impending tickles

“But I love belly pie!” Phil teased, knowing how talk like that made Dan embarrassed and blush, and it did here too. Phil leaned down, pressing his lips to Dan’s belly and blew

“EEEEEEEEE PHIHIHIHIHIL!” Dan squealed, he wanted to cover his belly, but he couldn’t. He just had to lay there and let his belly be blown on

Phil smirked at Dan’s hyena laugh, fond. Dan, still giggling, squeaked, “Please let me go?” Phil shook his head, leaning down to get his belly again

Dan threw his head back in laughter, he never could handle belly raspberries well. On a list of things that tickled him the most, belly raspberries were very close to the top

Phil kept blowing, even shaking his head while doing it and Dan squealed with laughter. Phil eventually sat up, “Okay, okay!” He chuckled, stopping. Dan looked up and him and couldn’t stop the smile that appeared on his lips

I don’t have a title for this #8

Poor Dan. Poor, ticklish Dan.

It was days like this when Dan hated but loved that he was so ticklish and Phil was enough of a tickle monster to take advantage of the younger boy. Dan actually liked being tickled because it told him Phil was very fond of him, but wow did Phil’s teasing make him feel shy and bashful. And while he liked it, he still got nervous and panicked whenever Phil threatened to tickle him.

They were laying in bed, Dan was laying on top of Phil and he leaned up from his chest to kiss him. While he thought about this, he wondered what Phil would do if HE tickled PHIL. He never actually has, at least not in the same way Phil tickles him, and he wondered…..

Dan crept his fingers under Phil’s arms, giggling when he heard Phil giggle a little.

“Whahat are you dohoing?” Phil giggled, pressing his arms down and Dan smiled at him.

“I don’t know.” Dan couldn’t say the word tickle when tickling was happening, and he definitely couldn’t say ticklish.

“Are yohou tihickling me?” Phil asked and through his giggles, still managed to give Dan a look. Dan blushed madly, shrugging. But what he didn’t expect was to feel Phil’s fingers dig into his sides.

“Hehey!” Dan giggled as Phil’s fingers gently scribbled over his sides, making him fall into Phil’s arms and hide his blushing face in Phil’s chest while he giggled.

“Did you really expect me not to tickle you back?” Phil chuckled as the word made Dan fully hide into his chest, so he fully dig into Dan’s sensitive sides.

“Thahat’s nohot fahahair!” Dan squealed, “AH PHIHIHIL DOHOHOHON’T!”

Phil kept his strong hold on Dan so he could wiggle away and had no choice but to take the tickles and laugh in his chest. “Why isn’t fair? Because you’re far more ticklish than me?” Phil smirked darkly and flipped them over so he was hovering over Dan menacingly. “Or because I’m stronger and you’re easy to pin down?”

Dan’s eyes widened as Phil took both of his wrists and pinned him down. “Wahait! Wahahait!”

“Look!” Phil chuckled. “You’re already giggling and I haven’t even touched you yet!”

Being pinned down made Dan feel very vulnerable under his arms and especially on his belly. Before he even had time to react to what Phil said, Phil’s fingers were inside his neck.

“AHAHAHAHAAAAA!” Dan laughed loudly, trying to bring his shoulders up to protect his neck, his body trying to twist away from Phil’s fingers. Phil smirked down at him as he ruthlessly tickled Dan’s neck.

“I have to say Dan, I’ve never met someone THIS ticklish until I met you!” Phil teased. “And you’re very easy to tickle so it’s great!”

“STAHAHAHAHAAAAAP!” Dan felt tingles all over his neck from Phil’s fingers and he desperately pulled at his wrists. Phil laughed at his poor attempt at escaping.

“Too ticklish to get away?” Phil teased in a baby voice, practically cooing. Phil awe’s when he saw Dan’s cheeks turn red. “Look at you!”

Dan squeaked and kicked at his feet when Phil went under Dan’s arms. “Plehehease Phihihil!”

“I don’t know why I should since you thought tickling me was a good idea.” Phil spidered under Dan’s arms. “And I can’t help myself! Look at how cute you are!”

“IHIHIHI’M NOHOHOT CUHUHUTE!” Dan realized his wrists weren’t coming out of Phil’s grip so he threw his head back laughing, kicking his feet to try and wiggle. Phil smirked down at him. “You know, you’re tummy is really soft.”

Dan looked at Phil, eyes wide as he felt his shirt slowly being lifted up. He went into a full panic, knowing full well Phil was going to be merciless with his tummy.

“Nonononono Phil please!” Dan desperately squirmed in Phil’s hold, knowing he wasn’t going to get away.

Phil poured down at him. “I just want to feel how soft it is.” Phil touched Dan’s belly, but let his fingers go deep in Dan’s squishy flesh, making poor Dan convulse and squeal out helplessly. Phil chuckled. “Really? A little tummy touch is enough to tickle you?”

Dan blushed bashfully and squealed loudly and very high pitched when Phil started wiggling his fingers in his belly.

“STAAAAAAAP!” Dan’s whole upper body twisted to the left as his tummy shook around, Dan trying to do anything to escape Phil and his stupid fingers.

Phil chuckled and leaned down, “But your belly is so soft!” Phil cooed at Dan’s adorable tummy and buried his face as deep as he could on Dan’s cute, slightly pudgy tummy.

Dan wiggles around as much as he could-which wasn’t much-and his precious, high pitched hyena laugh could be heard. “PHIIIIIIIIIIIWL PLEEEEEEEHEHEHEHASE!”

Phil looked up and felt his heart full with endearment when he heard Dan’s laugh and saw Dan with a ridiculously cute, huge smile on his face with his deep dimples. Phil couldn’t help but lean down and blow on Dan’s belly as much as he could.

Dan went into full on panic the second he felt Phil’s lips touch his belly. “NONONONONO-“ As he tried to save his tummy but before he even had a chance to Phil was blowing the huge raspberry on Dan’s belly. Dan’s laugh when Phil blew on his belly was a special kind of laugh that could only be heard when Phil blew on his belly. It was an adorable mix of his hyena laugh, squeals, and squeaks. “OHOHOHOHOHO NOHOHOHOHO!”

“Oh yes!” Phil teased, blowing again. Dan was in such a ticklish state he couldn’t form sentences, just lay there and laugh. He was even paralyzed by Phil’s strong lips and blows to his exposed tummy. Phil continued on with the raspberries a few more times before sitting up and fondly smiling at the cute younger boy.

“I love you.” Phil kissed Dan’s giggly lips and than right on Dan’s dimple. Even though Phil wasn’t holding Dan anymore, Dan just lay there, still giggling until he leaned up and playfully hit Phil multiple times

“Edgy” Dan

As Phil watched Dan’s meme video to make sure there were no editing mistakes, Phil rolled his eyes as Dan said, “I’m not soft or wholesome.” Just like most of their fans, Phil didn’t believe Dan in the slightest, and Phil actually knew it wasn’t true.

So later in the day, they were taking down Christmas decorations, Phil teased him about it.

“So you’re “edgy” Dan now, huh?” Phil asked with a chuckle as he tossed the Christmas lights aside.

Dan scoffed. “I always was.”

Phil raised an eyebrow. “So you don’t like cuddling either, hm? I guess we’ll never cuddle again.”

Dan’s jaw dropped a little before he picked it right back up. “Fine by me.”

Phil nodded. “And I guess if I compliment you, you won’t blush and hide your face anymore?”

Dan paused. He actually didn’t know if he could do that.

Phil continued with a smirk. “And nicknames like when I call you my baby bear must make you sick, right?”

Dan eventually looked at Phil and continued his persona. “Yes and yes.” Dan tried to walk away like a badass, but Phil watched him fondly. Dan had no idea how ridiculous he looked, but it was adorable.

“Woah-AHH!” Dan screamed when he lost his balance and fell. He wrists ended up above his head and somehow tangled in the Christmas lights. Phil laughed hysterically while Dan struggled to free his wrists but just made it tougher around his tiny wrists.

“Phil, help!” Dan whined. “I’m stuck!”

“And cool people totally lose their balance out of nowhere, have little wrists that are easy to trap, and then whine for help.” Phil laughed, walking to Dan.

“Shut up.” Dan rolled his eyes.

Phil paused and got a wonderful idea. A really wonderful idea. Instead of freeing Dan’s wrists, Phil sat on his waist. “And I forgot, you must absolutely hate when I do this.” Phil said, fluttering his fingers all around Dan’s middle.

Dan gasped and stuttered Out, “N-no, d-don’t!”

“Oh please, I know you love when I tickle you!” Phil teased, not wasting anymore time and digging into his armpits.

“Nohohohohoho, plehehehehease!” Dan giggled, really wishing he could collapse he arms and crush Phil’s fingers. Phil saw the blush covering Dan’s cheeks from what he said.

“Oh yeah, and edgy people aren’t ticklish, Dan.” Phil teased, pinching his underarms.

“Ihihihihihi ahahahahaham!” Dan yelped, “Plehehease!”

“Maybe, if you admit you are soft and cute.” Phil teased, fingers going into Dan’s neck.

Dan’s shoulders immediately jumped up to try and protect his neck. “IHIHIHIHIHI’M NOHOHOHOT!”

“You are!” Phil teased, moving down to poke Dan’s sides.

“No-AH!-Ihi’m e-edg-EEHEHEHE!” Dan squirmed under Phil to escape his fingers, desperately wanting to prove himself.

“Like I said, edgy people don’t enjoy being tickled, and they’re not ticklish at all!” Phil teased, scribbling his fingers over Dan’s sides.

“PHIHIHIHIL I CAHAHAHAHAHAN’T!” Dan’s laugh squeaked as he desperately tried to pull him arms down and block Phil’s fingers.

“Yeah, you can’t deny you are soft and precious!” Phil teased, wiggling all his fingers into his belly.

“AHAHAHAHAHA PHIHIHIHIL!” Dan screamed with laughter, Phil knew how ticklish his belly was.

Phil smiled fondly at him and lifted up his shirt, his skittered his fingers around Dan’s belly. “Edgy people also don’t have soft bellies.” He teased, adoring Dan’s shy giggles at that and deep blush on his cheeks.

“I-I-“ Dan tried to talk, but he was too bashful by that comment to speak. He tried to hide his face shyly in his arm while he blushed madly, his shy giggles still bouncing out.

Phil leaned down and started nibbling playfully on Dan’s belly, Dan gasping and squeaking, “Phi-phihihihil!”

“I know,” Phil stopped to stare at Dan fondly. “You love it when I do this, and you love when I do this even more!” Phil teased before putting his lips on Dan’s belly and blew.

“AHHHHHH!” Dan squealed, the sensation on his exposed belly was too much. “PHIHIHIHIL NOHOHOHOHO!”

“Phil yes!” Phil teased and blew another raspberry on his tummy.

Dan cried in squeals, his belly shaking from how much it tickled. Phil took that as a sign to stop and he sat up, smiling fondly. He helped Dan get his wrists untangled and Dan threw himself into Phil’s arms.

“Okay, maybe I’m a little soft.” Dan admitted shyly into Phil’s chest.

“A lot.” Phil chuckled and kissed Dan’s forehead.

Little Red Riding Hood- Version 2

A/N: Here’s version 2! I hope you all enjoy!

The other day, Dan has been wearing a red sweatshirt. The thing about Dan in red, it’s something about the color that makes him look even prettier than usual. Phil had always thought, and apparently so did Twitter. All he saw were comments noting how soft Dan looked. It made Phil smile

But he thought one comment was particularly interesting

The comment said Dan was like Little Red Riding Hood. Phil couldn’t help but think for a moment. Does that make me the wolf? He got an evil idea from that thought

An evil, evil idea

He walked up to Dan on the couch, and showed him the tweet. “So you’re Little Red Riding Hood now huh?”

Dan had a slight blush on his cheeks. He played with the bottom of his red sweatshirt. Phil sat down with him. “So does that make me the wolf?”

Dan shrugged. “In that universe, probably.”

Phil smirked. “So why don’t we make it in this universe?” He brought his hands up and wiggled them at Dan

Dan’s eyes widened, he got up from the couch and tried to run but Phil grabbed Dan as fast as he got up and tackled him gently to the floor

“What are you going to do to me?” Dan whimpered, but a small part of him was excited

Phil crawled over Dan, playfully growling at him. “I’m a wolf, that means I eat you up, just like the wolf in the story wanted to.” Phil grabbed Dan’s wrists and pinned them above his head with one hand

Dan stared up at Phil and tried to pull at his wrists, but it was pointless. Phil teased, in a deep, growly voice, “Where should I start?”

“By letting me go?” Dan asked hopefully

Phil raised an eyebrow. “Alright mister, I guess I’ll start with your neck.”

“PHIL NO-AHHHHHHH!” Dan screamed when Phil leaned down, nibbling on his neck. Dan’s neck was so incredibly ticklish, Dan squealed before Phil even touch him there

“Geez, Dan, I forgot how ticklish your neck was.” Phil teased, nibbling on Dan’s neck like it was his job

“GO SOMEWHERE ELSE PLEHEHEHEASE!” Dan squealed, quite literally begging

“Why? Your neck is so yummy!” Phil growled, blowing a raspberry on Dan’s neck


Phil could feel Dan pulling at his wrists but he was barely moving Phil’s hand, he had a very strong grip on Dan. He could also feel Dan’s shoulders trying to go up in an attempt to protect his neck

Phil leaned after a minute, satisfied with Dan’s reaction when he got his poor neck, and wasted no time bringing both his hands down to dig into both of Dan’s sides at the same time

While Dan’s arms shot down to try and block Phil’s hands, Phil definitely noticed how Dan wasn’t actually pushing him away

Phil knew Dan liked when he tickled him. Dan never pushed him away, only tried to wiggle away as a natural instinct but he knew Dan would be sad if he stopped. And Dan always blushed if Phil threatened to tickle him and was practically glowing after Phil tickled him. Dan would never admit it though; he was too busy pretending to be edgy, and edgy people did not like being tickled

“STAHAHAHAP!” Dan had a ridiculously cute big smile on his face while he laughed loudly. Phil tried to smile at it and keep his big bad wolf persona, but he did end up smiling a bit

“So I ate your neck, what should I have for dessert?” Phil fake pondered, still in his wolf voice as he pushed Dan’s red sweatshirt up. Phil took Dan’s wrists and pinned him back down. “I really have no idea.”

Dan whimpered when Phil started slowly leaning down to his belly. “No no no…..”

Phil playfully growled while he leaned down, making Dan squeak before Phil’s lips got anywhere near his tummy. When Phil got to Dan’s belly, he blew as much as could, shaking his head while he did

“EEEEEEEEEEE!” Dan squealed, throwing his head back laughing. Dan was paralyzed in his laughter and squeals, his poor, helpless belly shaking from Phil’s lips

Phil playfully growled while blew raspberry after raspberry, nibbling and munching on Dan’s belly. Anyone who didn’t know any better would’ve thought Phil was getting paid a million pounds to do this. Phil stayed in his Big Bad Wolf persona the whole time, which made Dan blush wildly

Phil, while he was getting Dan’s tummy, took a couple nips at Dan’s tiny love handles and waist, making Dan squeak every time he did

“Ple-EE- hease Phil, ihit tihi-IHICKLES!”

“Who’s Phil?” Phil asked, growling. “I’m the Big Bad Wolf.”

Hearing Phil call himself the Big Bad Wolf made Dan blush like he never has before. Dan smiled shyly at Phil after he said, right before Phil blew another raspberry on his little love handle


“Stop what?” Phil was damn committed to his act. “I’m just eating.”

The next thing Phil did almost killed Dan from embarrassment. Phil was munching on Dan’s belly, he was making eating noises while he did. While Dan laughed helplessly, there was also a whole lot of shyness in it

Phil also nibbled up Dan’s sides, which got Dan going real good. He was squeaking and hyena laughing at the same time somehow, and Phil noted it in his head so he could do it again and hear that laugh again

Phil loved hearing Dam squeal and do his hyena laugh, but he decided he should stop. He got up, but immediately went back down, pretending he was Phil again. “Oh my, Dan are you okay?” He asked in a fake panicky voice, rubbing his arm

Dan just lay there for a second, still giggling and let Phil rub his arm to calm him down. As soon as he caught his breath, he covered his tummy and gently kicked Phil about five times

Happy Birthday to @featheryphan! Thank you for being such a good friend and I hope you enjoy your fic!


Dan knew this was a bad idea right from the get go. But he couldn’t help it, he just really wanted to be tickled. He had no idea where this random mood came from, but it was here now and he needed tickles

Dan laid on the couch, hoping Phil was going to come back from the kitchen shortly. He knew he was far too shy to ever ask Phil to tickle him, but maybe Phil would do it on his own if Dan tried to lure him into it

But that was a dumb idea. He couldn’t lure Phil into tickling him, heck, he could barely lure Phil into cuddling him. Dan wished he could just ask, but he couldn’t. Man, he felt needy and awkward. Maybe Phil didn’t like him at all. Maybe…..

This was where his spiral of thoughts went negative. Another thing he hated about himself. Any little negative thought turned into a sea of them

Phil came back into the room and saw Dan hugging his knees with his head resting on them. Phil sighed, knowing what that look meant. He sat next to Dan and asked, “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Dan shrugged before looking up at Phil

“Come on, I can’t help if I don’t know.” Phil hugged Dan from behind, noticing how Dan tensed when he touched his sides. Phil smirked a little bit, remembering how adorably ticklish Dan was. “If you don’t cheer up, I’m gonna have to get you.” Phil teased

Dan gasped a little, happy. But he didn’t let Phil see it, he just shrugged again

“Okay, you’re just asking for it.” Phil teased, Dan trying not to giggle at that comment since he actually was, and started giggling squeakily as Phil scribbled into his sides

“Nohohohoho Phihihihil!” Dan fell back into Phil’s chest and giggled while Phil tickled his sides

“But look at how much happier you are!” Phil laughed and continued on for only a second just to stop. Dan, sad that lasted about 10 seconds, tried to fake happiness. He didn’t want Phil to just tickle him quickly, he wanted Phil to do what he does sometimes, where he gets pinned down and tickled. But he guess that 10 seconds works

Not for Phil though. Phil noticed Dan was sad immediately. “Are you okay? Really, I want to help.” Phil was beginning to get really worried

“It’s just…..” Dan took a deep breath, unable to believe he was actually going to tell him. “When you tickle me, it makes me happy.”

Phil frowned a little. “Than why are you still sad?” Dan gave him a minute to figure it out. When Phil did, you could practically see him turn evil, sending chills down Dan’s spine

“Dan Howell, you like being tickled?” Dan’s cheeks turned red at that, and Phil felt his heart burst at how cute Dan was. “I hope you know what this means.”

Dan gasped and got up, running away. Phil laughed and stood to chase him. “I’m gonna get you!” He teased. He definitely noticed how Dan let himself be caught. Phil scooped him up, carrying him over his shoulder and tossed him on their bed. Dan looked shyly up at Phil, who literally looked as evil as a tickle monster

Phil took Dan’s wrists, pinning them above his head. “Dan, you have no idea what you just got yourself into.” Phil teased in an evil voice, making Dan blush more

Phil brought his fingers down to Dan’s neck and scribbled in. “AH AHAHAHAHA PHIL!” Dan immediately fell into hysterics, his shoulders scrunching up in a futile attempt to protect himself

“What Dan?” Phil asked, “You like this, so don’t pretend you want my fingers to stop.”

Dan blushed while he laughed. Dang, Phil was being merciless. But wow, did Dan love it

Phil eventually went to Dan’s ribs, tickling the space between each bone. “Phihihihihil stahahap!” Dan laughed

“You don’t really want me to. And besides,” Phil stopped for a moment to look Dan in the eyes. “If you pretend you don’t like it one more time, I will torture that cute tummy of yours.”

Dan paled a bit. He did like being tickled, but his tummy was his weak spot. Phil, having been his boyfriend for almost 10 years, knew this. Dan half wanted to see what Phil would do to his belly besides just scribble into it like he usually would, but he was half afraid to find out

But Dan couldn’t think, Phil was squeezing the pressure point on his ribs and Dan was screaming with laughter


“Not here? Why not?” Phil teased. “This is a great spot!”

Dan pulled at his wrists, he wanted to curl into a ball but he couldn’t with Phil sitting on his waist. Phil smiled down at him, giving him a tiny break to breathe before going right under Dan’s arms

Dan, who couldn’t protect himself at all because he was pinned with his hands above his head, laughed louder than he normally would have. Probably because he couldn’t protect himself

“Phihihihil Ihihihihihi-stahahap!” Dan gasped, realizing what he just said

“I warned you what I would do if you pretend you don’t like it.” Phil said deeply. “You know what happens now.”

Dan paled as Phil lifted his shirt up. “Well well well, now what do we have here?” Phil teased

Dan looked up at Phil like a scared kitten, his tummy quivering just from Phil looking at it. Phil lifted his hand up and made tickly motions at Dan’s belly. “You have an awfully cute belly, Dan.” He teased, slowly bringing his hands down

Dan was watching Phil’s fingers, refusing to remove his look from them

“It’s nice and squishy, it literally looks like apple pie, and wow do I love that it’s your tickle spot.” Phil’s hand got closer. “It’s almost as cute you are.”

Dan blushed, his tummy shaking and he was giggling already, Phil wasn’t even touching him

“So let’s see, a cute tummy on a cute boy,” Phil paused his fingers. “What will I ever do?”

“Phihihil,” Dan squeaked, blushing madly

Phil fake pondered for a moment. “I guess I have to do this!” Phil brought his hand down and shook into Dan’s tummy

Dan squealed loudly. “AHHHHH PHIHIHIHIL!”



Phil couldn’t help the fond smile that covered his face, Dan was just too cute. Phil vibrated his hand mercilessly around Dan’s belly

Dan had thrown his head back in laughter, he pulled at his wrists, trying to wiggle away, but it was impossible, Phil just had too strong a grip on him

Phil kept tickling Dan on his belly, silently fonding over Dan’s smile, Dan’s laugh, Dan’s dimples, everything. Phil slowly stopped, another evil idea coming in his mind. “You know what I’m in the mood for?” He asked

Dan, still giggling, asked what

Phil smirked. “Apple pie just sounds really good right now.”

Dan had an innocently confused look, until it clicked into his mind. Phil said earlier Dan’s belly looked like apple pie, now he’s saying he’s “in the mood” for apple pie…..

“Phil wait!” Dan pleaded but Phil ignored him, leaning down and blowing as much as he could on Dan’s belly

That’s how Phil knew how much this tickled. Dan wasn’t wiggling around or trying to escape, he was paralyzed by his squeals and hyena laugh. Phil smirked and blew many more times, using all the air in his lungs every time to make sure Dan’s belly was properly gotten, and also because it was far too easy with Dan not moving, just squealing and laughing his adorable hyena laugh. Phil paused a few times to tease Dan by saying he was tasty, or this was the best apple pie he’s ever eaten, meanwhile Dan’s vocabulary became only ha ha’s, ahhhhh’s, and ee’s

Phil finally leaned up, satisfied with himself. Dan panted for a breath and curled into a ball when Phil let him up. Phil chuckled, rubbing his back and kissing the top of his head

When Dan finally caught his breath, he shyly looked up at Phil, blushing and smiling bashfully

Phil smirked. “I should do that more often.”

Dan’s Birthday

A/N: I know, my titles are so original. Sorry I’m late! I’ve been busy

During Dan’s Birthday, Phil was doing everything he could to make it special for him. It was a little hard since they had shows on Dan’s Birthday, but Phil still tried. He had everyone sing Happy Birthday to him, he gave him a ton of gifts, he even got him a ton of cupcakes delivered to them backstage for after the show.

Dan was laying in Phil’s lap, his head on the edge of his lap and his tummy on his thighs. He smiled up at Phil and whispered, “Thank you.” As he sighed at Phil’s fingers in his curls.

“Your welcome.” Phil whispered back. They were still in the clothes they performed in. Phil put his hand on Dan’s tummy, and smiled to himself when he felt Dan flinch.Dan looked up, eyes widening, hoping Phil didn’t notice, but already knew he definitely did.

Phil smirked down at him. “Aw, I should give a birthday tickles!” Phil said and gently scribbled into Dan’s sides.

Dan, who was slightly scared but also happy, he didn’t hate being tickled, not that he’d ever admit it, was already squealing with giggles. His arms were trying to press onto Phil’s fingers to stop him from tickling, not that he actually wanted him to, and he grabbed Phil’s wrists, but didn’t push him away. “Nohohoho Phihihil!”

“Why not? You deserve all the love in the world, which includes tickles, and it’s your birthday! Which means this has to happen!” Phil chuckled, knowing Dan wasn’t going to push him away, but pinned his hands above his head with one hand to make it more fun than it already will be.

Dan would also never admit it, but he loved when Phil not only tickled him, but pinned him down so the instinct to protect yourself couldn’t happen. Dan let out a tiny gasp when Phil started slowly pushing his shirt up, smirking widely.

“N-no!” He was already giggling. His tummy was very sensitive, and Phil absolutely knew this. Dan hoped Phil would be nice.

“No what? No this?” Phil asked and vibrated his hand right into Dan’s soft belly.

Dan squealed and enveloped into laughter. “YEEEES EEHEHEHEHEHE!”

“Yes this? If that’s what you want!” Phil smirked at his joke, vibrating faster. This always got Dan good.

Dan kicked at his feet but knew he wasn’t getting away, but was rather happy he couldn’t. “PHIHIHIHIHIL!”

“Oh, I forgot! It’s your birthday!” Phil chuckled, of course he didn’t forget, it was just a good segway into what he was about to do. He started singing. “Happy Birthday to you!”

Dan gave him a very confused look when he started singing. But after Phil sang the line, he leaned down to blow a giant raspberry on Dan’s belly.

Dan fell quickly into hysterics. “AHHHHAHAHAHA!”

“Happy Birthday to you!”

Dan tried to move his belly before Phil could blow again, but Phil saw and held his waist down, blowing again. “PHI-EEEAHHH!”

“Happy birthday dear tickle pie!”

Dan blushed deeply. Whenever Phil tickled him, he had a habit of calling Dan “tickle pie” because Dan was very ticklish and also “cute as pie” to quote Phil himself. Dan was sent right back into his squealy laughs when he felt Phil’s lips on his belly blowing again.

“Happy Birthday to you!”

Phil leaned down and blew the biggest one on Dan’s poor, ticklish tummy. Dan screeched in laughs, desperately pulling at his hands to push Phil’s head away, but to no success. Phil leaned up, smirking, and going right into the killzone, attacking Dan’s neck.

Dan scrunched up adorably, no longer laughing, just squealing.

Phil kept tickling there until he pulled away, smiling. Dan took a couple seconds to catch his breath, blocking his still exposed belly and keeping his shoulders scrunched to protect his neck.

Phil pulled Dan up and into his chest. “It’s okay, I’m done.” He kissed Dan’s curls. Dan giggled into Phil’s chest, thanking him again

Embrace the Curls

Here is one of the prompts! I hope you enjoy <3

Dan Howell was usually known for his iconic fringe, along with his boyfriend Phil Lester. His hair had altered a lot since he started YouTube, and it was now getting to the stage where he was fed up of his emo hair, he needed a change.

He looked up on Pinterest some ideas to inspire Dan to get a new style, but none of them took his interest, he knew he was going to change it somehow, but he didn’t know how.

A thought suddenly sparked Dan’s mind, no… he couldn’t he swore down on the internet that he would never do it, but at this rate, he may not have any other choice, plus it would save him a trip to the hairdressers and time to style it every day.

Screw it, he was going to embrace his curls.

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