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romanian [dōr] 

n: great longing for something you love, for memories, for moments you can’t retrieve;

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We were so diffrent yet so similar
Everything I hated about myself I fucking loved about you
Sorry I brought you into my life, a life of sadness
Thanks for letting me be a part of yours, so full of happiness
Sorry for leaving this world
I just didn’t belong
Sorry for not saying a word
But how could I have stayed when I deserved death and you gave me life with every move you made ?


As all of you know Dan and Phil are my life and 99.9% of my life online is about them and yati yati yata. However I’m really excited to see what Caspar is gonna do with the Brits. Obviously I wish it was Dan and Phil, I would die for an extra bit of footage of them being a married couple and dancing to Ed sheeran or just being them really but that doesn’t mean I’m goona go hate on Caspar like a lot of phans have been doing. If you are one of those people hating on Caspar and saying things like “You’ll never gonna be as good as them !!” Please stop. It’s fine if you’re not gonna watch because Dan and Phil aren’t presenting but please don’t hate on Caspar, he’s a really nice guy and kind of amazing(phil) at what he does . Sorry for the long post ✌✌(and the pun)

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Caspar: You run into an ex and now she has more hair than when you dated her-
Dan: Wait what even is this question?? You run into an ex and now he has more hair than when I dated him???

Dan changed the pronouns brb screaming