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DnP Collab With Louise: Highlights
  • “Phil saying “will I need to put your socks on for you after?” to Louise because she didn’t want to bend down, like he was joking but we all know he would actually do it,, so fond
  • Dan saying “alright babe,” and Phil whipping around to look at Dan and then staring back into the camera like nothing happened !!
  • Dan’s really encouraging “good guess Phil!”
  • A  R U D E  A R E A 
  • “can they not just then swim for the rest of their life like a tiny whale?” Phil’s mind is so underappreciated ffs
  • bonus points for “so that’s technically a really long nose!”
  • Dan’s fricken smile before he starts laughing at “mucus plug”
  • Dan just being really immature and saying colostrum means butt
  • Dan’s lil trumpet noise holy heck
  • “boob nectar”
  • Phil: “how does your boob know?”
  • Dan sneakily working in Dua Lipa i see u
  • Phil: “I could be your doula!”
  • Louise talking about how Dan is calmer than Phil
  • Phil sarcastically roasting himself right after n his voice gets rlly deep
  • Dan resting his elbow on the top of the couch
  • Dan getting episiotomy wrong like copacetic part 2
  • Louise: you’d be great dads!” Phil (immediately and very seriously) “Thank you”
  • Dan’s air quotes when Louise tells Phil his name is on her baby name list
Summary of all the things that happened recently
  • Dan finally spoke about that week in March
  • Their collab with Louise is finally out
  • Dan and Phil are going to launch their own board game
  • There will be a danisnotonfire video by next week (hopefully)
  • The gaming channel collab with Hazel Hayes and TomSka will be out tomorrow
  • Next week is going to be spooky week
  • There will be a halloween baking this year as well!