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Do you ever get sad that if phan isn't real (and let's be real here, it's very likely that's the case) and they're in happy relationships with other women (or men) they'd probably never tell the phantom because they'd know how much hate their partners would get. Like how people hate on Cat, Louise and in the past Carrie.

Yeah I think about this a lot cause I’m sad and have no life lol. Anyway I feel like you’re right about the fact that Cat and Louise and Carrie get hate from the phandom and it really is horrible especially over something stupid that isn’t actually to do with us. The phandom is pretty big now and we should all be treating each other and friends/ family of d+p with respect.

As for phan being ‘real’ I feel like that’s something we’ll never truly know. My theory has always been that Dan and Phil are just so close as friends that they sometimes act like they’re together because they’re just so comfortable around each other, to be honest they probably have a better relationship than most couples, they realise how close and special their relationship is but never declared it officially as a ‘dating’ thing and therefore never felt the need to announce it as that.

However if they did one day decide to have a relationship with someone else I think I would be okay with that, they’d still be best friends and see each other all the time, they’re only human after all they don’t just live their lives to serve us and our needs and should have the right to pursue a relationship.

Basically I’d support them whatever, sorry for the rant haha

I love like YouTube ships because we’ve got Tronnor over here, looking super aesthetically pleasing with music and modeling and photography and pastel colors

And then we’ve got Phan with shitposting, memes, edits like this

and the shittiest and most terrifying fanfiction you will ever read.

Locked Room- Part 01

(Part 02 =>)

Valerie had no doubts when the assignment had been sent to her Open Case file, it was a deliberate insult. Give the pointless, dead-end case to the dead-end Ranger. A series of random, high-profile burglaries completed unrelated save that there was exactly zero evidence to support the victim’s claim that someone had broken in. Everyone before her had browsed the cases and decided to kick it down the line until it finally fell to someone who couldn’t.

After all, faking a robbery for the insurance money was a lot more plausible than an invisible thief.

She bore through without a single complaint, refused to give them the satisfaction. Six months, hundreds of hours, sleepless nights, and hard-toothed stubbornness, Valerie didn’t have a lead. She didn’t have a suspect.

She had a fraking arrest.

Every day the old-guard from her dad’s days would pass by her desk. Hey kid, how’re those ‘burglary’ cases going? Any luck with catch your little ghost, Rookie?

Yeah actually, she’s in interrogation cube forty-two, thank you very much.

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tyler oakley motions to dan and phil in the corner of the playlist live party, just in their own world, holding their drinks and just talking. “they’re so…perfect?” tyler muses to mamrie and hannah. “i don’t understand how they found each other and how they’re just so perfect for each other?” tyler continues. dan looks over at him and winks, smiling at mamrie and hannah as well. phil laughs at the inappropriate wink, and says something that makes dan laugh too. “see?? perfect,” tyler states matter-of-factly, satisfied with his evidence. “i guess they just got lucky,” mamrie sighs. “no, that’s more than luck,” tyler replies. “i’m starting to think you’re in love with the idea of them being in love,” hannah laughs. “maybe.”

Penis Dan, Penis Penis Penis.

Dan Howell. We all say we love him and how great he is, but we don’t talk as much about the bad stuff. I can understand why, though. If you don’t mind, I am now going to make a sadish post.
Dan was bullied. Dan had (and, I think to a small extent, still does) low self esteem. He is musically gifted, but doesn’t consider himself good. But aside from all that, he dropped out of law school. He started with intents of being a lawyer, or something professional. He fucking dropped out to do something that, at the time, could’ve been the worst idea ever. And we all say “Phil is so great and means so much to Dan!!!1!!!1!!” but he is. He is so much to Dan. During that dropout time, Dan was most likely very sad. Very, very sad. But Phil was there for him. I’m not even going to imply Phan right now, because it doesn’t matter. Whether or not they are or were dating, Phil -probably- DID save him, at least once, during that time. “But he wouldn’t have dropped out if he wasn’t with Phil” That sounds harsh, but let’s be honest. Can any of you see Dan as a lawyer? Not to say he couldn’t do lawyering, it’s just not him. Had he not been with Phil we might not have had a Daniel James Howell in the world.
And don’t forget they’re real people. Don’t shove Phan down their throats. Yea it would be fun if they were a thing, but don’t make them feel guilty for not being in love. Honestly, if I knew over a few million people wanted me to date my best friend and I didn’t like them like that I would probably feel like I’m letting them down. I DON’T CARE IF YOU SPEND ALL YOUR TIME OBBSESING OVER THEM, THEY ARE NOT CAS AND DEAN, THEY ARE REAL PEOPLE.
That is all, thanks if you actually read this all, it was longer than I intended it to be. It’s just me expressing my opinions. And remember kids, treat Phil and Dan like real people. They’ve been through a lot and you need to treat them nicely. They choose to do what they do for you, so don’t make them want to quit.

  • Me: *watches TATINOF behind the scenes*
  • Dad: Why are you already on your Phon-Dan and Phil again?? It's only 8am
  • Me: You don't understand...only they [the Phandom] do
  • Dad: What is it?
  • Me: Oh nothing really, only Dan and Phil only killing me by uploading 2 feature length videos about TATINOF. No biggy
  • Mum: Oh is that the show?
  • Me: You bet it is. Fuck my life I'm going to cry
  • Mum: Claudia language! But I'd like to see it too, maybe we can all watch it
  • Me: ?!?! You actually want to watch it? Ok sure why not ^-^
  • Dad: Rhonda please don't encourage her..
  • Me: *runs to the office*
  • Me: So Bob I need the wire that will connect my laptop to the TV ASAP
  • it's the year 2025
  • the great shipping war has been going on for 3 years
  • fangirls have terrorized the world
  • hipster blogs have completely died out
  • humor blogs refuse to take a side, and we don't bother them much
  • but the world has been split
  • the sane side of the fandom
  • and... them
  • the rebels have taken me captive, but i refuse to speak
  • it gets harder and harder every day
  • but i will stay strong...
  • rebel leader: all you have to do is say it. say it, and you won't have to take this any more.
  • me:
  • rebel leader: *hits me across the face* SAY PHAN ISN'T REAL
  • me: ...
  • me: *spits blood*
  • me: never