so i’ve decided to do a bit of a “ficmas” this year. however it isn’t going to be everyday. since i’m still a college student and my finals are probably going to kill me, i will commit to a fic a week leading to christmas day. right now, that day is going to fridays, but if there is a day where i upload either earlier or later, that will count as the fic for the week!

the fics are going to all be phan related, all of them are going to be hella fluffy, all of them will probably leave you crying from cuteness. however not all of them will be christmas related, maybe only 2-3 (there are only so many christmas themed plot ideas one girl can come up with i’m sorry). i hope you still enjoy though!

the first fic will be posted tomorrow and every friday after that. i will even keep a master list in my description so you can read them at your own leisure!

get ready for a fic explosion!!

-livvie :)

At the last tatinof Dan was answering questions and one of the questions from a fan was:
“How do I stop my roommate from eating my cereal?”
And Dan lost his shit like “YOU ARE ASKING ME!?!? IVE TRIED EvvVvERtHiNG!!!!”
And everyone died with laughter