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That Would Be A Yes

Summary: Dan is doing a live show when he’s asked if he’s a good kisser, so he asks Phil, his boyfriend, who confirms it for him.
Genre: Fluff
Word Count: 350

A/N: I’m sorry for all the drabbles, I promise my next fic will be longer! xx

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ten things - a phan drabble

inspired by this post (x[Read on AO3 if you prefer.]

Ten things I know about my best friend

  1. He loves what he does and sometimes I wish I were a camera so I could capture his essence correctly when words fail me.

  2. He takes his coffee black because he likes to add his own sweetness.

  3. He covers his mouth when he laughs too hard, but it doesn’t help.

  4. He walks with a bounce in his step no matter what - whether there are leaves to crunch on the pavement or puddles to tiptoe around.

  5. He hates it when I pace around my room at night - which I only do because he’s sleeping and I’m not beside him.

  6. He doesn’t know that I’d give anything to be as brave as he is.

  7. He misses when things were simpler, but says he wouldn’t trade it.

  8. He sees sunshine behind closed curtains.

  9. He has three ways of saying my name: when chastising, when calling, and when smiling.

  10. There’s a birthmark on his cheek. I’ve only touched it once, and he leaned into it.

One thing I don’t know about my best friend

  1. When I look at him, why is he already looking at me?


Ten things I know about my best friend

  1. He loves what he does and sometimes I wish I could grab him by the shoulders, shake him, and tell him you’re so good at it.

  2. He likes drinking coffee like he likes wearing colored clothing: sparsely.

  3. When he laughs really hard, it’s like a dozen hyenas - but I never tire of it.

  4. The weight of the callous universe he fears makes his shoulders sag.

  5. He hates it when I leave cupboard doors open but doesn’t close them.

  6. He doesn’t know how proud I am of him.

  7. He doesn’t miss much in the past; as far as he’s concerned, the best time is always ‘now’.

  8. He sees himself in every subscriber we meet because that was him once.

  9. He has three ways of saying my name: yelling, sighing, and singing.

  10. There’s a crater in his cheek when he’s happy, and he doesn’t understand it when I compare him to the moon.

One thing I don’t know about my best friend

  1. Can he see the truth in my eyes when he catches me staring?

anonymous asked:

Could you write a fic about Dan sucking his thumb when, he is either stressed, tired or sad and Phil think's it's the cutest thing ever

Title: Childish

A/N: here’s an embarrassing lauren fact i sucked my thumb till i was like 14 wow

Phil doesn’t even know if Dan realises he does it, but he’ll never point it out to him, purely because if he did Dan would probably try to stop, and Phil would never want that.

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Exclusive Outtakes from Dan and Phil LICK RACE!!1! (A Phan Drabble)

a phan drabble by zeldainhiding I don’t even think I’m sorry


‘Is it that time?’
‘It is!’
‘You still haven’t told me what we’re doing yet!’
‘Well… It’s called… A Lick-off, no, wait, a Lick Race, no- no- Dan! Dan! Not that type- nO!’
‘I don’t understand how we can do this on camera Phil… Not that I’m complaining…’
‘Staaahp Dan! Hey! Ummfph-’


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I decide to write this as a bit of a ficlet/drabble, hope you enjoy!

Dan and Phil had talked about it on Skype countless times before, and now, as Dan desperately clawed at Phil’s bare back, he was more sure than ever that he wanted to have sex with Phil. He was ready, he was willing, and he was sure as hell consenting, but there was one small problem. Dan wasn’t sure he could even last.

Almost as soon as they started making out, Phil had gone for Dan’s neck, knowing that it tended to be a sensitive spot for most people. What Phil didn’t know was just how sensitive Dan’s neck would be. The moment his lips so much as brushed against the skin just under Dan’s jawline, the younger boy melted. The moan he let out was pornographic, sending blood straight to Phil’s cock as he moved his mouth further down, nipping experimentally.

Both of their shirts were shed seconds later, both desperate to feel the other’s flushed skin against their own. Phil let his lips, his teeth, his tongue explore all over Dan’s chest and shoulders, ultimately returning to leave deep purple marks all over his neck, which brings things back to now.

Phil was grinding down into Dan with a slow steady rhythm, continuing to litter his neck and, now, shoulders with dark hickeys. Dan was bucking up into each of Phil’s movements, feeling himself quickly losing control.

He knew that he couldn’t take any more of this without coming, and, yet, he felt himself roll his head to the side, practically begging Phi to bite and suck harder.

And, oh, did Phil oblige.

The sensation was borderline painful, and Dan loved it. His mouth was hanging open, his eyes going from wide open to squeezed shut as he moaned Phil’s name over and over. With the extra encouragement, Phil also took the liberty of grinding harder, the extra friction pushing Dan so close to edge he had to focus all of his energy on not coming.

But Phil had moved his mouth up ever so slightly, finding an unmarked space just below Dan’s earlobe. He started by nipping lightly on the shell of his ear, moving down to suck on his earlobe, teasing by gently running his lips over the warm skin. He knew Dan was right on the edge, and he relished in the whimpers and gasps as he continued to frustrate the younger boy.

With a low chuckle, Phil finally bit down into Dan’s skin, sucking a gorgeous mark into the blank space. Dan’s entire body tensed, his teeth clenching over a whorish moan as he came in his jeans.

Phil couldn’t help but giggle as he watched Dan come down from his high, causing the younger boy to blush and avert his eyes.

“Sorry, I just…my necks sorta..”

“It’s fine,” Phil smiled, gently pulling Dan’s head up to meet his gaze, “I was eighteen once too, you know.” Dan smiled shyly his blush fading from deep red to a warm pink. “I was just thinking how hard it’s going to be for you to hide those from your parents.”

Dan’s face fell as the realization hit him, “Shit!”

Phil laughed again, “Hey, theres a Boot’s down the street that probably has some makeup we can use. Once you’re all cleaned up, that is.”

Dan smiled, reaching to pull Phil into a giggly kiss before heading off to the bathroom, change of clothes in hand.


Yours by thatsmistertoyou

Beta’ed by philslesters

Paring: Phan (AmazingPhil x danisnotonfire)

Genre: ultramegafluff

Warnings: this is the fluffiest thing I’ve ever written and I’m not responsible for your dental bills

Words: 940

Summary: Drabble in which Phil is a gross-in-love cuddle monster.

A/N: When I sneeze, disgustingly cute drabbles come out. Partially inspired by a conversation with hearteyeshowell in which we contemplated this exact concept. [Read on AO3 if you prefer.]

Dan and Phil weren’t ones for pet names.

Not only were the nicknames a bit too cutesy for their taste, but the chances that one of them might use one in public were too high. They preferred to let those things go unsaid until they were in the privacy of their own home, curled up together with cameras off.

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“what did you tell them?”, dan asked as phil dropped his phone on the floor and crawled over to him. they were on dan’s bed, dan on his back with his hands behind his head and phil on his hands and knees above him.

“that we’re having internet trouble”, phil replied, his lips centimeters from dan’s neck, breath ghosting over his skin. dan sighed softly, removing one hand from behind his head to knot his fingers into phil’s hair instead.

“they buy it?”, he murmured, too focused on the feel of phil’s mouth against that spot below his jaw to actually care.

“hmm think so.” phil’s lips trailed up dan’s jaw, across his earlobe and back to his right cheekbone, and dan turned his head to meet them with his own. “but i told them you’re rocking back and forth in a corner”, phil elaborated after pulling away, looking directly into dan’s eyes with his own wide-open, blue ones.

dan blinked. sometimes it was easy to slip into a dreamy state when phil met his stare like this.

he smiled. “well, that’s not a complete lie”, he purred, curling one leg around phil’s to pull him down. phil collapsed on top of him rather inelegantly, gasping dramatically.

“care to explain?”, he asked then, eyebrows perked - before letting out a much more authentic gasp as dan thrust his hips up into his, hard, his entire face one big smirk.

“i am rocking back and forth.”

Sleepy Movie Nights (Phan OneShot)

Word Count: 1626

Type: Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers

Description: Dan and Phil need a movie night in and maybe just maybe, it’ll be different this time.

A/N: I started writing this as something else but it didn’t work so I cut that part out. I also am warning you, this might make you sleepy.


Dan had been editing for hours, trying to get the video done and up as it had been a while since he had last posted on his own channel. He’d just tweeted out the link and reblogged it on tumblr, finishing up for the day. Dan got out of bed, back aching from lying on it for far too long. Dan yawned squinting his eyes shut, pushing his hands above his head, stretching out his tight joints. He heard his door open, making him open his eyes to see Phil stood in his cookie monster pjs with his grey playlist live shirt on, getting comfortable for a night in. Phil smiled as he saw his best friend being all cute and tired. Dan smiled back, looking at his handsome housemate’s eyes, glad to see him in pjs rather than jeans, possibly wanting to go grab something for dinner.

“I was wondering if you wanted to have a movie night.” Phil asked leaning against the now open door frame. Dan had to admit that Phil looked very attractive leaning on the door like that, but Dan knew that it’d never happen, nothing was going to change between them, much to Dan’s discontent. Dan beamed at Phil however, liking the prospect of cuddles for a few hours. Because in all honesty, these nights were more about cuddling then the movies, to both of them.

“Sure yeah let me get into my pjs, I’ll be right out.” Dan said turning around to get a pair of long pj bottoms and a black t-shirt that was used for lounging. Phil stood for a moment longer, watching as Dan went to his drawer to get some pjs. Phil would never admit to his slight, okay huge, crush on his best friend. He’d also never admit to hoping that tonight it would be different. Phil quickly darted away from the door frame before Dan could see him creepily watching him and his actions.

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I got prompted to write a Mute!Dan high school AU fic, and I said I wasn’t going to write a proper one because there’s a few good one’s already. I did, however, write this daft little drabble that doesn’t make a lot of sense but I thought I should post it anyway. Thank you for the prompt <3

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Hey so I have this thing where I think every cute thing Dan and Phil do needs at least one drabble, so here is a small one in honour of the very blue YouTubeRewind video hehe oops. 

Warnings for: extreme fluff.

(also small summary: basically phil is up for a surprise when dan wants to practice their role in the youtube video)

Watch the 2014 YouTubeRewind video! 


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PHAN: Injuries #1

A/N: Basically I saw a text post which said this: maybe the little bruises and cuts that show up on your body seemingly out of nowhere are actually little injuries that happened to your soulmate and you get the same marks on your skin as them and I I started writing. It’s a small drabble thing but I may write small other parts too in the future but I feel like if I continued with this right now it would end up shitty but I really really actually like this and I hope you do too :3

Phil rolled onto his side, fluttering his eyes open as he slowly awoke from his deep slumber. The ebony haired male immediately groaned as the early morning sunlight shone through the thin curtains which hung at the windows, rolling away from the light and smiling as his eyes adjusted slightly to the scene in front of him.

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Guess the Kink

Dan and Phil never acted like a normal couple. They never really held hands or kissed in public or cuddled all that much. It just wasn’t them. But they had their own way of being together like Dan calling him Philly whenever he was feeling needy. Or Phil giving Dan the Japan Cat to make him feel better after an existential crisis. They sometimes acted more like best friends than the stereotypical couple aesthetic. But Dan preferred that, he liked that, that was what he always wanted in a relationship. Just really close best friends. With sex. So much sex.

So much…vanilla sex. And honestly, Dan didn’t mind but he knew Phil had to be hiding some secret kink. He just had to figure out what. Phil already knew his. It was riding Phil like a drunk white girl rides a mechanical bull, sloppily and somehow satisfying. But Phil’s kink? That was still a mystery.

He walked into the living room with a bowl full of popcorn to find Phil still debating on what to watch for date night. “Okay. Scream marathon or American Horror Story? Or Kill Bill? Or Buffy? Oh or maybe-”

“Scream marathon.” Dan interrupted as he took up all the space on the couch and shoveled popcorn into his mouth. “Cause you’re a screamer.”

Phil tossed a dvd at him over his shoulder and missed. He hit his cereal bowl from that morning and Dan watched as old milk spilled all over the place. Phil did that little scream he always did at the slightest disturbance in his force. “Dammit Phil.”

“Sorry!” Phil said making no attempt to get up and clean it.

So Dan with a roll of his eyes got up and grabbed some paper towels from the kitchen and tossed them lazily over the mess. That should soak it up. And he saw Phil still unsure of Scream or Buffy. Nerd.

Dan walked over and pushed Phil’s hands out the way and sat on his lap, chest to chest. He grinned. “So what’s your kink?”

Phil snorted. “I don’t have one.”

“Everyone has one. You just don’t know what it is yet. Or you do know and you’re not telling. And if that’s so you’re an asshole.”

Phil rolled his eyes and leaned back on his hands. Dan stayed put and fiddled with the edge of Phil’s shirt before squinting up at Phil. “I’m gonna guess it. Whatever gives you an instant hard on must be your kink. Spanking?”

“Uhm my dick says no.” Phil laughed. Dan absently tapped on Phil’s chest as he rambled off kinks.

“Do you secretly want to bottom?”



“Ew, no.”


“I wouldn’t be opposed to that but nah.”

“Sexual peeing?”

Phil made a grossed out face, he looked almost as grossed out as that last time he ate cheese. “What even is that?”

“You don’t want to know.” Dan got a shudder down his back just thinking about it.

“Why do you even know that?” Phil’s voice asked getting that high pitch.

“Long story. Don’t ask. There’s a cannibal kink, too. I really hope it’s not that one.”

Phil pressed a hand to Dan’s forehead. “What are you sick? Mad? I honestly don’t want to know what you’ve been looking up on tumblr.”

Dan threw his head back and laughed before swatting his hand off. “It was a YouTube video thank you very much of the top ten weirdest kinks. I had to know!”

“Why is that even a thing?”

“Some people are freaky.” Dan shrugged. “Moving on. Threesome?”

“You’re all I need.”

“Don’t get sappy, you fucker. We don’t do that shit. Oh I know what it is.” Dan said with a shit eating grin. “How could I not have seen it earlier?”


“Oh. It’s nothing.” Dan smirked before leaning up against Phil and whispering into his ear. “Just that I love you, Daddy.”

Phil bit back a moan and Dan jumped up triumphantly. “Yes. Fuck yes! I own you. Oh I knew you were a kinky one.”

Phil was blushing red from his spot on the floor. “Shut up! I’ll throw another movie at you.”

“Go ahead…daddy.”

Phil bit hard on his lip. “Stop that!”

“What you gonna do about it? Gonna fuck me, daddy?”

Phil scrambled up and ran after Dan through their apartment until finally he football tackled him in the hallway and knocking the wind out of both of them. Dan rolled into his back laughing as Phil lied next to him, his face still in the floor.

“I am.” Phil mumbled.

“You’re what?” Dan asked looking lovingly at the clumsy idiot next to him.

“Gonna fuck you.” Phil said as he turned his head just enough to be able to look at him with a smug yet somehow still dorky grin. “After the movie though. I decided I do want to watch scream.

Dan rolled his eyes. "Okay, daddy.”

A/N: Hey babes! Just a short little prompt that I promised I’d do for owllover625 if they gave me a week.
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flat rules pt. i

summary: “i can’t believe we only decided to make some flat rules in 2015, and that we’re making it in new york while we are right beside each other”

w/c: 454 oh wow such drabble much ficlet

warnings: swearing, mentions of sex stuff but nothing graphic

a/n: lol this was fun. italics for phil, dan’s normal type. bold type for rules. some of these don’t only apply to them in flat but also to them outside of their apartment lol i’m sorry

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The Alphabet

Summary: Dan and Phil discuss baby names :3

A/N: I wrote this for sarah bc she wanted it okay it’s really just a short fluffy drabble but enjoy

Dan tapped at his phone irritably, chewing down on the sandwich and frowning at the screen. Not only was he starving, but he was also exhausted, and sat in a back corridor in the BBC eating lunch wasn’t exactly his idea of a perfect meal right now.

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