phan breaks my heart


“My only hope is that, at long last, you’ve found the happiness you’ve always deserved.”

My contribution to @phandomestic‘s Pbb fic unfurled, we’re just a story. I had loads of fun working with Pris and Becca, and I’m also really glad that my love for flower symbolism was finally useful. (´ω`)

Okay but

It breaks my heart to imagine Phil watching Dan’s follower count climb up, moving much faster than his. It breaks my heart to imagine Phil being crazy supportive, hugging and jumping up and down with Dan as he sees the number 6 million. It breaks my heart to imagine Phil casually checking his follower count, still seeing 3.6 million and licking his lips, returning the grin to his face. It breaks my heart to know Phil probably just put his pride to the side because he was so happy for his best friend.

And it breaks my heart to imagine Dan hugging him and saying “thank you. You’re the reason that’s there.”

this honestly breaks my heart. Just because he is a youtuber doesn’t mean he isn’t a human being. It is all well and good shipping people but some people need to remember that they are real people with real feelings. As fans we should make sure that troye feels comfortable and not awkward, who cares who he is in a relationship with? As long as he is happy people shouldn’t care who he is with, whether its Tyler or Connor or someone else. The amount of arguments I see on here between different shippers is ridiculous we have the same idols so we should be getting a long because I can guarantee troye does see it. This goes for all shippers as well whether it be phan or zalfie or jaspar. No one should be pressured into things just to make their fans happy. Who knows maybe this could lead to Troye quitting youtube and non of us want that as we all love him in our own ways. Like I said before there is nothing wrong with shipping, but there is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. If anyone has a problem with anything I’ve said message me politely, I haven’t wrote this to start arguments😚