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i love inej from the book six of crows ! jen you're so phamous now don't forget us little people :,)

ooh i wanna read that!

icon: selfie (look how cute you are!) | personally not a fan | really nice! | yo this is really cute | i love oml | one sec i gotta steal it real quick

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hp house aesthetic: gryffindor | ravenclaw | hufflepuff | slytherin

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comments: liza first off you’re more phamous than me and second off i could never ?? ily ??

i’m doing blogrates!

Big News

So I haven’t been riding Lok for a little because he cut his leg and needed some time off, which delayed his sale as well…. But i’ve come to the decisions that for now, LOKI IS NO LONGER FOR SALE.  I’ve taken a lot of time to think about it, and honestly he’s too special of an animal to let go just yet.  I’ll reconsider the idea 6 months from now, and potentially if i get an offer some point in the future.  But he’s not actively for sale, and i’m not planning on putting him back up for sale any time soon :) I hope this is good news for you all <3


Shay’s interview with Brad Pitt, Steve McQueen & Chiwetel Ejiofor at the PGA’s