"Phallic decoration became prevalent among men of the Magdalenian culture in France and Spain about 12,000 years ago, according to a study in The Journal of Urology. Analysis of the mostly hand-held art excavated from sites in France, Spain, Germany and the Ukraine shows that most of it was created in Europe approximately 38,000 years ago. Pictured here are several portable phallic pieces. The top line shows totally retracted or absent foreskin on the art pieces. The second line shows a replication of piercing, scaring and tattooing."


Akira Kurosawa, Sanshiro Sugata (1943)

devil-dont-cry asked:

-Scribbles on his thigh in marker a phallis and the words- "MINE"

Credo stirred from a nap and blinked as he watched Dante doodle on him. The other was creative when bored, he’ll give him that. “Why are you writing on my thigh? and that better wash out.” This is why he shouldn’t ever sleep on the couch when Dante was around.

me writing an essay about bakhtin & lacan



centripetal forces

i hate you jacques lacan (this is also in my essay)

when your best friend falls asleep right when your favorite movie gets intense, you know it’s time to add more phalluses (phalli?) to the beautiful canvas that is his face.