“Phallic decoration became prevalent among men of the Magdalenian culture in France and Spain about 12,000 years ago, according to a study in The Journal of Urology. Analysis of the mostly hand-held art excavated from sites in France, Spain, Germany and the Ukraine shows that most of it was created in Europe approximately 38,000 years ago. Pictured here are several portable phallic pieces. The top line shows totally retracted or absent foreskin on the art pieces. The second line shows a replication of piercing, scaring and tattooing.”

I Read Two Young Men Crossed Border Chasing Pokemon

Pokemon Go was invented to breach state borders. It’s a modern space game (not the first of them). We mustn’t forget that eventually borders will be obliterated.

Among predecessors of Pokemon Go I’d name creating pictures in the canvas of urban space using GPS-navigator; have you seen those? Phalli were most widespread to draw.