All I ever have desired was true company.
A friend, they call it.
Yet all that exists here are hollowed husks of who once were mortals.
They do not speak. They do not think.
And worst of all… They feared me. 
I left my home because of my own fear, because I did not want to be alone.
But instead… I was just as alone as before, but this time as the feared one. Even my doll had vanished… My only company.

The world Ariamis created is beautiful. It snows, it is peaceful.
All I ever could do was to watch from my chamber how the snow adorned the distant trees.
Many times was I tempted to explore down the cliff that opened beyond the room… But I never succumbed to it. When one of the other inhabitants fell there, they were never seen again.
I will not leave. The other Dragons cannot find me here. I may be alone, but I am safe, and comfortable.
The onimous feeling climbing from it cannot mean anything good.

One day, someone came. It was a small being, like the hollowed men around the keep, but dressed in yellow, with a huge bandaged headdress. He wielded pyromancies… He just looked at me, and dropped down the abyss… Sometimes he returns, but as a scarlet spirit, roaming the courtyard. It was that which allowed me to understand that the cliff meant not a way to find demise, but a way out of this Land. The only one.
Even so, he never spoke a word. He did not want to be my friend…

The hollowed may not talk or do much, but their efforts to defend the Painted World are wonderful. Nobody else ever arrived, or at least made it to my chamber… Until that one day. 

I could hear the grunts of the Phallanx from my room. I knew they were formidable, that only a capable soldier would be able to take them out…And I had the strange feeling that whoever it was, was coming for me… Not merely for the way out of this World… But for my life. 
That was the day I held my scythe for the first time in that World. I would not be slain.

As he crossed the gate to my chamber, the first thing I saw was her, my doll… He had it… Hanging from the belt of his armor. There was no mistaking her, she was so special…

I gave him a chance, I spoke in his strange language, so that he knew I did not mean harm.

“If thou hast misstepped into this world,
plunge down from the plank, and hurry home.“

But just as I had expected, even so if I had hoped otherwise… He replied with his sword.
Surprisingly, it did not hurt as much as I thought.
But yet… 

“Why could thou not let us be?
Didst thou not see why Ariamis created this world?”

He had wasted his chance… I was going to let him go. I just wanted my doll back.
But he did not understand.

Snow was the perfect camouflage for me. It took but a small effort for me to hide from his almost-hollow sight. And he was so slow…
He tried to be smart, to predict me with my footprints.
But it was useless. I was faster, I was stronger…
I am still half Dragon.

He bled through his armor, broken by my scythe and my ice.
He fell. I took my doll.
I embraced her, just like in times of yore.
I would never be alone again. I had her…

And as he crossed the gate again, his movements guided by petty rage.
I could not help but smile.
Not only I had my dear doll back.
But a playmate. All mine.