The blood of Gaza is not cheap. The history of Gaza will not go unseen. The beauty of Gaza will be revived. The story of Gaza is still alive. From the river to the sea Phalesteen will be free. There is a reason this is all happening during Ramadan. Our country is calling for prayers. Allah swt is testing us, and now is the time to respond. We can do this! If only we held our hands up in Dua as long as we used them to hold our phones. Shaytaan is chained up in the month of Ramadan so our neglect is coming from our flaws as an Ummah. We are one, so let us stand stronger than ever. Know that Allah swt does not give a soldier a battle he cannot fight. Remember Palestine in your Ramadan duas. We deserve it.
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Not the best performance but I decided to post it anyways. Here is my poem for phalesteen named Al-Bahr.

I’m late but Eid Mubarak fam! I am dedicating this Eid to Phalesteen :) Thank you @thebowspring for the lovely shirt and as for my skirt I got a lot of questions from where I got it. I actually made this skirt! (With a lot of help from my beloved sewing teacher.) My fashion designing career is finally starting (I think?) Haha anyways Eid Mubarak again.

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