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SCANDAL’s TOMOMI; The Road To Being A Master of Plucking (GiGS July 2015)

With the influence of Red Hot Chilli Peppers’ Flea, TOMOMI began plucking with her fingers. In order to have her bass slightly lower, she also accompanies it with the angle on her neck, naturally matching her index and middle fingers to the strings. She mainly places emphasis on her second phalanges when picking, her ring and little fingers curving naturally.

Image & translation by fyscandalband.

Reita  - Silver Accessory No.30 (Interview Translation)

-   What is the atmosphare of the latest silver (collection)?

The things I told Yamashita (the designer of Deal Design) recently were ‚tribe’and ‚rough’ and ‚punk’. I told him that I want to use those 3. Because I thought that I would be difficult to unite all 3 in one item, I thought it would be good to create a general balance of ‚tribe’ and ‚rough’ and ‚punk’.

-   Let’s concentrate this time on the new items. First of all, what is the image of the cross necklace?

Simple, because I wanted another cross necklace. We also reduced the sharp edges to make it easy to wear (lol)

-   The heart ring?

It’s a phalange ring. It’s a delicate ring because there aren’t much kids who like chunky stuff right?  It’s for those people.

-   The coin shaped ring?

Again simply because I wanted a standard goods like that. Until now if possible I avoided standard goods, but recently I asked myself why I’m not making more standard stuff.

-   What about the pick bracelet?

As you can guess as a bassist I wanted something with a pick. I think I made it  smaller and so easy to wear and it would reduce the roughness, so I added the smashed part.

-   I see. So basically it didn’t changed that you create stuff you also want to wear right?

Right (lol). I add the new accessory to the accessory I’m wearing now.  

Of course I’m not ignoring what the fans want to wear, but I think in the end it’s the stuff I want to wear (lol). But this year also I wanted to create a lot. I handed Yamashita numerous of great illustrations, but also nicely drawed memos.

-   What are you thinking is now the charme of silver (accessory)?

Because for me it’s just normal, there is no reason to wear it. Why I’m wering it exactly right now? It’s kinda similar to the time when you’re wearing make up. Is there a switch you turn on? I think I wear it because I’m meeting important people today or when I’m myself are important.

-   The items of Snaked Lows quite increased. When you started 2008, did you thought that you will do it until now? (lol)

No I didn’t thought that (lol). When we started it, it was really with a good mood. I think it started when I went drinking with Yamashita and he said ‚why shoudn’t we do that?’ and I said ‚yeah! Why not?’. Not because of the sales, but because we wanted to back then, we did it. Yamashita also told me when we were generally hanging out that he also wasn’t worried about the money and did it because he wanted to. I have the feeling that when we’re doing something together from time to time, that we are suggesting each other. Because of that I’m aware of the 7,8 years which passed.

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