phagabeefy replied to your post “[[MOR] apparently the reason i’m still so sick is because walgreens…”

I’d be talking to their manager and raising hell. Seriously, that’s not okay, if it were me, I’d get the person who messed that up fired.

I don’t know man, people make mistakes…like, one time, back when i worked at a grocery store, I accidentally charged some one for $98 worth of provolone cheese. They didn’t even buy any cheese. They came back in a fucking rage and I felt awful, so… I don’t want to be the person that makes some one feel awful for accidentally ringing up $98 worth of provolone cheese, ja feel?

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The blurred lines one? If so, I feel you. This social justice stuff is ridiculous sometimes. I think the song is catchy. And I know just about everyone likes things that “bad”. Heck my favorite album is about a family going to Wisconsin and dying. Lol.

Yes! The way I hear the lyrics, they’re saying..ya know, DO YOUR THAAAANG. It’s not treating woman badly..“this man is not your maker”

There have been worst songs, which i can’t think of now.

What cd is that? I feel like i’ve heard about it

phagabeefy replied to your post “i’m wearing my sva hoodie and this british kid just got in the…”

That’s cute. Become their friend!

Haha, he was on my team when we kicked ass in Family Feud, and I hadn’t seen him again since. Never see the kid around. Guess I wasn’t meant to be friends with people with neat accents.

…Wait that’s not true, I have a friend from Mexico and sometimes she slips into this Spanish accent and it’s really cute.

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I’ve done that. In the walmart parking lot I once coughed so hard I both puked and peed. Many many people saw.

I was embarrassed..i know nobody could tell but i was with my 2 younger cousins. Hannah has cf and she just looked at me all sad. She said “i hate when people stare at you for coughing. i hate it so much”

It breaks my heart that she has had to watch me and chris her whole life and she knows how it feels.