ph: the lighthouse

I hope you are doing okay in your part of the world. I hope the sunshine soothes the wounds in your heart. I hope you found a reason to dance to the rhythm inside of you. I hope the stars reminded you of the brightness in your soul. I hope you are whole and happy and know what it means to be loved.

Always, I hope that you are healing, growing, smiling, and enjoying your life. You are so beautiful in mind, in heart, in soul, and in body. If you are struggling today I hope these words would wrap around your bruised spirit and remind you that you are significant and worthy. A bad day doesn’t equal a bad tomorrow. Sleep and have faith in the possibilities of a new day.

Love, day by day you will find your way. Hang in there, and fight for all the dreams inside of you. I can’t wait to see them bloom.


With love,


Tell your story. Share your art. Give your love.

Use this time to live. We are given life to be alive in every moment. To be present and empathetic. To be loved and to love. To give and receive and then give even more.

I’ve been letting my past and my pain drag me around in an endless cycle of brokenness and as I find myself slowly but surely breaking the toxic pattern and forging a new path I keep thinking that all that matters is living a life that is sincere. An honest life being myself proudly.

I’m not going to worry about what job I’m going to have. Where I should be five years from now. Who will love me for who I am. I’m going to focus on this day. Focus on being alive and present right now. Spend my time working on the art floating around my soul. Spend my time telling my story and entrusting it to those who need some hope. I’m going to live.

I always thought to have a meaningful life I needed to be great. I needed to be recognized in some way by the people of this world. To some how have them acknowledge I matter. And I realize how much bondage I was in and I don’t want to be that person anymore.

I want to free in my body and in my life. I want to just do what I love because I can. I believe if I work hard and if I just focus on being sincere and honest the pieces will come together.

And those of you who need my pieces to find your own I welcome you to my story. I hope that as you delve into each page you will feel the warmth in my words and the encouragement in my book of life.

I created The Lighthouse because I wanted to shine a beacon of hope into the darkness we all face. I hope that when you come here the light finds you and holds you tightly. That it reminds you that you matter and that this world needs you.

Tell your story. Share your art. Give your love.

Be blessed,

—  ~~Acoustic Imagery~~