ph: mary ellen mark

“He was incredible to photograph. Bigger than life and I don’t think he minded being photographed, I think he rather enjoyed it. He was a showman. A great showman. He was the type of man and the type of character…that it was hard to miss when you pointed a camera at him. You know there’s some people that have such personality and such power, you just can’t miss. There’s always a picture of them. Of course I was terrified, because he was one of the great directors of all time. He did shout every once in a while. He never shouted at me, thank goodness! Sometimes he shouted to build up energy. Then he would apologize, always. It was so exciting when he was giving orders. Go, go, go! He would always say, but in Italian.”

Photographer Mary Ellen Mark and film director Federico Fellini on the set of Satyricon, Rome, Italy 1969