ph: alan clarke


Penda’s Fen (Alan Clarke, 1974)

“The public have lost the imaginary strength they had. Their sight and will to see what’s really going on has been steadily weakened by the entertainment barons for gain or the Yes Men for cravenness.

We’re not people anymore with eyes to see, we’re blind gaping holes at the end of a production line stuffing with trash.

We’re not even citizens, we’re dog-serfs on some mad Great Wall of China project. Our task masters are no Hitler, Stalin or Mao, but our own management class.

Our pink fat faces even begin to look alike.

There’s one hope for man only: when the great concrete mega-city chokes the globe from pole to pole, it shall already have bedded in some hidden crack the sacred seed of its own disintegration and collapse. Disobedience, chaos: out of those alone can some new experiment in human living be born.”