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"You! Make! Me! Feel like I'm livin a-- Teen! Age! Dream! The way you turn me on! I! Can't! Sleep! Let's runaway, and don't ever look back! Don't ever look back!!" What? No I tis not azami. This is Mitsubishi, the super great and talented who is a super spook ghost! oooooooo-- ph34r my 1337 skills i am hax0r. See totally not Azami (tho I hear that guy is pretty great and i should be nicer to him)

What in the world is going on? “I turn you on? Wait I never said you were Azami…” Does that mean it’s really Azami…? Mitsu doesn’t talk like this, and he certainly doesn’t sing to him. “Are you suffering from a head injury?”

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Due to mandatory scheduled maintenance, the appropriate chamber for this next testing sequence is currently unavailable.
It has been replaced with a live-fire course designed for military androids.
The Enrichment Center apologizes for the inconvenience and wishes you the best of luck.
—  GLaDOS - Portal

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Unbind me ((Some kal coming to the rescue! Or reverse, your choice! I just like rescues))

[[You’ll know when you need this song.]]

It seemed like the whole galaxy wanted one of the three heads of Cerberus, but the Quarian Flotilla had a particular interest in avenging the Idenna, and with peace with the geth, they were more than pleased to send out their troops to take the human supremacist organization down.

Kal'Reegar, veteran marine knew when he was in a bad spot. They set up turrets on one side and flanking them with those bastards with the shields on the other side. His torn suit was drenching him in antibiotics, a feeling that he was beginning to get far too used to. If he didn’t get backup from the salarians on the other side of the base, he was well and duly fucked.

He kept his chin up, yelling at the bastards to come and get him, firing his rocket launcher at the fleshier, less shielded ones and getting ready to go down with a bang.

His heart sank when he saw the Atlas mech come through. Just to make a bad situation worse. He was too busy thinking of all the people he wished he could say he loved to notice the chaos the mech was causing.

He snapped out of it when he heard the falsetto disco song playing through the base’s speakers.


The Atlas was definitely firing on Cerberus troops. They ran in panic and fear as the rogue mech tossed around rockets and punched them to death.


The silhouette inside the cockpit didn’t look human. A bit too long and thin to fit inside comfortably, it had to be salarian. He looked a bit at the blue salarian piloting it and noticed that he was singing along.

Between the boost of morale and the destruction from the mech, they made short work of the remaining troops as the salarian task force that had been working with the quarians flooded in.

The Captain looked up at the salarian in the mech. “That was some quick thinking, Pelaen, but was the music absolutely necessary.”

The salarian in the cockpit only replied in the same falsetto “And I try! Oh my god, do I try. I try all the time. In this institution.”

Everyone present couldn’t help but facepalm.