ph14 day 6

Super late/sketchy/lame doodles for the Favorite Headcanon prompt

I like the idea of Danny’s eyes glowing in the dark, even in human form, and obviously the glowing blush/ectofreckles

also of course bara daddy phantom too

and electric core rather than ice the end


Characters: Sam, Danny, Tucker, James

Pairing: Danny/Sam

Rating: K

Word Count: 1, 560

Genre: Family

Based on this picture a little bit

With a light sigh, Sam pulled the sticky note off the toilet seat.  The ones on the mirror she could forgive.  The notes stuck to the fridge she could look past.  She could even ignore the post-its all over the front door.  But this?  On the underside of the toilet seat?  This was officially crossing over into scarily obsessive.

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Phanniemay14 Day Six - Anniversary/Fave Headcanon

Welcome to the sixth day of Phanniemay14!  For those of you unfamiliar with Phanniemay here are a few helpful links to get you up to speed.

Today’s theme is Anniversary.  So long as your entry includes the concept of an anniversary in some way, shape, or form, it’s good!

Alternate theme: Favorite Headcanon.  If there’s a headcanon floating around the phandom that you really like, give it the attention you feel it deserves!

Please do not post any wips or casual text posts in the Phanniemay tag, as it is only for completed contributions like fics, pics, etc.

The official tags are #Phanniemay and #Phanniemay14 with no spaces!!

Tomorrow’s theme will be Secret Trio or Crossover.

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