ph14 day 4


Phanniemay 2014
Day 3 & 4
”Ghost King” and ”Transformation”

Well these may not be on the best drawings I ever made but at least I’m almost up to date!
These two  still took me an hour to make
On the things I always liked about Danny’s transformation was how his eye color changed and the foreshadowing :)
I also decided to use a different color pallette per day, I just love trying to make something while being somehow limited

Phanniemay14 Day Four - Transformation

Welcome to the fourth day of Phanniemay14!  For those of you unfamiliar with Phanniemay here are a few helpful links to get you up to speed.

Today’s theme is Transformation.  Danny not only goes through a transformation from Fenton to Phantom every time the town is in need, but he - along with many other characters - have been transformed by the events of the show.  So long as your entry includes the concept of a transformation in any way, shape, or form, it’s good!

Please do not post any wips or casual text posts in the Phanniemay tag, as it is only for completed contributions like fics, pics, etc.

The official tags are #Phanniemay and #Phanniemay14 with no spaces!!

Tomorrow’s theme will be Under-appreciated.

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