Every time you put out music it seems to be kind of centered towards young girls, a lot of empowerment, so do you ever get to hear stories from your fans about how the music affects them?

It’s been really emotional, the past nine months, getting all of these amazing comments and DMs from fans who are coming out to their parents by showing my music video, or like, learning and coming out to themselves watching the music videos. So it’s amazing because I just, y’know I just released the video because it was true to myself, I really didn’t think that it was gonna affect people. What’s the most amazing thing about this journey is that my fans have inspired me to be brave and to be myself. So they’re always like ‘Oh, you inspire me to be myself’ but I’m like: No, you inspire me to be myself! It’s teamwork baby!


I’ve always thought that the thing about Joe—especially this season—is that he’s didactic in a way. He’s not a very interesting person. He surrounds himself with interesting people. That’s what he did with Gordon and Cameron. He knew that he wasn’t the interesting one and that’s why he needed them. That’s very much what’s happening this season, but now he’s at the top of the hill so there’s lots of people to surround him.