The People I Met: Jude. One of the Amihan boys in Dahican with good surfing and skimboarding skills, a very friendly person too.

Being one of the Amihan boys they are not allowed to do drugs, smoke and drink alcoholic beverages. That’s why drinking around Amihan sa Dahican premises is strictly prohibited. And no they don’t cheat or break the rules, specially this guy.

One time some friends and I were having a drink at their store near Menzi Beach Park and we offered a glass of beer to him but he courteously declined. Borrowed my phone instead to take some photos.

“‘Pretty Girl’ is one of my favorite songs on my new EP, Citrine,” she says. “It’s an acknowledgement of all those beautiful women you come across and think to yourself, 'gosh, that girl is just so beautiful,’ but never say anything or act on it. So often I’ll think it without saying anything. With this song, I just wanted to share that appreciation.”