2015 WSL World Tour

#15 | Wiggolly Dantas

Oh, I love Wiggolly! I’m so happy he didn’t struggle in his first year in tour!

His results were enough to beat Italo Ferreira in the rookie race, but still, he has to be proud of his performances during 2015. He was very consistent, but the end of the season was rough for him. France, Portugal and Pipe were all last place results.

I cannot wait to see how he does this year. I wanna see this guy C H A R G E!

Ph: Quiksilver

top 10 favorite surfers to watch at pipeline

3 - kelly slater

this is the guy on tour i always froth to watch at pipeline. he does the impossible. did you see his wave of the winter?  probably one of the best rides ever. he’s a freaking 7x pipe master! bla bla bla 11x world champion. best athlete of time. not much left to say.

ph: quiksilver (pipe masters 2001)