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German vocabulary list Chemistry | Chemie
  • die Chemie: chemistry
  • die Base: base
  • die Säure: acid
  • das Isotop: isotope
  • das Mol: mole
  • die Oxidation: oxidation
  • das Elektron: electron
  • das Proton: proton
  • das Neutron: neutron
  • das Aluminium: aluminum
  • der Kohlenstoff: carbon
  • das Kupfer: copper
  • das Gold: gold
  • das Helium: helium
  • das Eisen: iron
  • das Blei: lead
  • der Sauerstoff: oxygen
  • das Radium: radium
  • flüssig: liquid
  • fest: solid
  • das Atom: atom
  • die Bindung: bond
  • die Materie: matter
  • die Reaktion: reaction
  • der pH-Wert: pH-value

anonymous asked:

lmfao you obviously don't know what your talking about. citrus and vinegars are acidic.

for most vinegars, that is true! however, apple cider vinegar and most citruses are alkalizing, meaning that the initial pH value (which is fairly acidic) turns more basic in certain environments (one of which being ur body). that being said, too much acidity will destroy your skin just as badly as too much alkaline

red-queen-em-for-a-dream  asked:

What kind of lab do you work in? I'm an assistant in one of our engineering labs at university, so I was curious💙

It’s the lab of a company (that belongs to Dow) which produces additives to prepare viscous solutions for the pharma, food and construction industries.

I work in the quality control lab which means I check out process samples and samples of finished products. It’s mostly about analysing moisture content, NaCl content, viscosity, pH value and granulation/particle size.

I worked in the local pilot plant before where such additves are produced instead of checked.

Hardenshipping Merpeople AU Fic -PREVIEW-

Well, since I’m assuming likes and reblogs count (as well as the one lovely message I received regarding my post yesterday, thank you!! <3), I’m also going to assume that people want to read whatever unedited junk came floating out of my brain for this AU so far. I’m intending to flesh it out more and continue it for several chapters, if inspiration holds, so we’ll see where this goes. (For anyone unfamiliar with my merpeople AU-verse, see this collection of dumb doodles.)

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Summary of B.A.P
  • Yongguk: I'm a huge adorable dork but literally if i do not add a "ch" in front of the word "yeah" i cannot survive.
  • Himchan: *looks at younger members* I raised my children so well. I'm amazing.
  • Daehyun: I need to scream in every song and be an ass to everyone because there's a chicken nugget up my butt.
  • Youngjae: lol elements, ph value but wait come back. stop. all my hard work unappreciated...
  • Jongup: what is kpop where am i
  • Zelo: hold on im not done being cute yet. hodl on. HOLD