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🍓 Usagi in red and white 🍓

Hello everyone!! Did you guys missed me and my posts? prolly not. lol. But guess what, i’m baaaack. 😄 I was kind of inactive due to my art block and some personal issues but I’ll make it up to you, guys. I promise! And thank y'all for sticking with me. To those who kept on reblogging and liking my posts while I was away, thank you 😭✨❤️

This edit was inspired by kuchi_machi on instagram. I researched a lot before starting this ootd series and @sailorcivilian ’s blog helped me a lot. LoooVEeE the sailormoon aesthetic so I tried it out. I hope you guys liked it. I’ll be posting more soon. ☺️💖


ig: elaychi

(please don’t delete the caption. Thank you! 💖 )


This is What I Wore #13:  {All White}

Some communication arts students wanted to collab with us, Interior Design students, for their thesis and wanted to use our chairs for an exhibit. It’s my last term so I’m grabbing every opportunity I get to do school related things. This is what I wore to the photoshoot. Of course I had too look fancy shmancy & formal enough for people to take me seriously and to look decent in photos but I will forever be a skirt + sneakers kind of girl! 

P.S. this is my 13th outfit post, wore on the friday the 13th, good thing it didn’t have any effect on me. I was still spotless when I got home (you know, white gets easily dirty and I’m very clumsy!).

👚:Lace Longsleeves (Ukay Ukay, P35)

👖: White Skirt (Ukay Ukay, P35)

👟 : Adidas All White Sneaker (from Japan, but on sale!! Bought at the Adidas Outlet Store)