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24 + 1 Last Dance Omake # 2 - English Translation - SPOILERS!

The first 24 + 1 Last Dance omake was the one dealing with Little Gil, Vince, and Elliot. This is the next one. The full translation + pictures are below the Read More due to spoilers and such. Enjoy! :D

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Retrospective Episode - Side Elliot - English Translation - Part Four

Hey~! ^-^ Here is Part Four, the final part. Part One can be found here, Part Two here,  and Part Three here, and Part Four below. Enjoy~! :)

Page Fourteen:

Vincent: “…………He’s following us again.”

SFX: kon -cough-

Vincent: “Che…And it’s so obvious too.”

Gilbert: “Yeah, but…It’s kinda cute.”

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Retrospective Episode - Side Elliot - English Translation - Part One

Hey there, everyone! I ended up getting distracted by TV shows (I was so close to finishing up OITNB, that I watched that, then Defiance, and after that Hannibal). So, I started translating a bit later. But, here is part one of the translation with pictures. I decided to break up the translation into four parts, so it would be easier and quicker to not only translate and take pictures, but so that I could also spread this short story out a bit. It’s been a long time since I translated Retrace 104, and this is likely the last time I am going to be translating a PH story in G-Fantasy, so I just want this to last a bit longer…Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the translations! :) (Also, sorry for the LQ pics!)

Retrospective Episode – Side Elliot -

Page One:

Pandora Hearts

Text Box (Elliot): “My name is Elliot Nightray. The fourth son of the noble Nightray Dukedom!”

Text (Left): This is the noble path that Elliot Nightray has taken.

Text Box (Elliot): “I have three older brothers and one older sister…I also…”

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Post - Fin Episode - Side Reim - 24 + 1 Last Dance Omake # 3 - English Translation (SPOILERS!)

Sorry this took so long to get up. I got distracted by some other bits of info while translating it. Anyway, you can find the translation (plus pics) under the Read More. Enjoy! :D

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Panel One:

Break: “The Pandora Heartchu Booklet has finally ended, huh?…”

Sharon: “It’s a little sad.”

Oz: “It would be nice if we could get together and be lively like this again, wouldn’t it, Gil?”

SFX: pon -pat-

Gil: “Oz…” SFX: gusu -sob-

Alice: “Pfft, don’t cry, Gilbert.”

Gil: “I’m not cryi—…”

Panel Two:

Gil: “Waaaaaaah!”

Break: “Woah there, Alice. Did you, at the very end, call him by his name—!!?”

Sharon: “The surprise attack has left Mister Gilbert speechless!!”

Written Text (Gil): “I’m blushing so much that my left arm grew back!!”*

Oz: “That’s our Alice! Our super-duper magical little imp!!!”**

Gil: “Waaahhh!”

Alice: ?


* What Gil is implying is that, since he is blushing so much, his left arm grew back so he could cover his blush properly.

** Before anyone tries to accuse me of twisting translations due to biases or anything of the like (since, sadly, that happened to me earlier in the week), the Japanese Oz uses here is 小悪魔(こあくま), which means “rogue, imp, devil, etc.” but seems to carry a positive nuance in most cases (like “sweet little devil” or something like that). I went with “imp” because I thought it fit in with the magical image better than “devil” did. And I didn’t go the “pixie” route because the modern day interpretation of “pixie” isn’t quite the same as the old, traditional interpretation of those mythological creatures.

Special Edition Volume 21 Omake: Me, the Baskerville and My Master, the B-Rabbit - English Translation

Sorry it took so long to get these translations up. Anyway, here is the translation of the Break and Gil omake, in which they discuss Oz. Scans can be found here (credit to Eck for the scans and merlinii for the link to the scans).

Here is the translation!

Panel One:

SFX: kappo kappo -trot, trot-

Break: “There’s something I’m wondering about, Gilbert. Despite having the Baskerville’s regeneration powers, you still have a scar from the wound you got from Oz ten years ago, right?”

Gil: “……I do. The wounds I got from Cheshire Cat and Zwei’s strings have all healed nicely without scarring……”

Panel Two:

Gil: “It was probably the effect of B-Rabbit’s power.”

Written Text (Break): “At that time Oz and Alice hadn’t yet contracted…But there might have been some small traces of it’s powers left inside him.”

Written Text (Plush Rabbit Oz): \Oh?//  \I was probably destroyed.//

Gil: “I think…that is the most likely possibility.”

Panel Three:

Break: “It’s a blessing, you know. If Oz, who now nearly has all of B-Rabbit’s powers back, were to strike you, the blow would likely turn you into a pile of dust.”

Gil: “Don’t say something so terrifying!”

Panel Four:

Gil’s Thoughts: ’……But, it’s true. The only scar that’s been left on this body of mine is Oz’s…’

Panel Five:

No text.

Panel Six: 

Break: “You were imagining something disgusting just now, weren’t you Gilbert!”

Gil: “Huh!?”

Break: “Ohh! You pervert!”

Gil: “WHAT!!”

SFX: tote tote -trot, trot-

Oz: “Huh, what’s this, Gilbert’s a pervert?”

Written Text (Oz): “Pervert~!”

Gil: “Not, you too, Oz!?”

Special Edition Volume 21 - The Love of an Idiot Haired Duke Omake - English Translation Part 4

Hey everyone! Now that I am back at work, I have hardly any free time on my hands, so I am going to split up the translation of the Rufus and Sheryl omake in the special edition of volume 21 of PH. There will be four parts, so one page a day. That way I know I will definitely have the time to get the translation done and I can get a little practice in each day.

Here is the final page of the omake translated! I’m not 

Part One can be found here. Part Two, here. Part Three, here.

And here is a link to the RAWs used below. Credit for the scans go to Eck. I hope you all enjoy! 

Page Four:

Panel One:

Rufus: “Without a doubt, Sheryl is getting married!!”

SFX: kuoooooooo -whoooooooosh-

Rufus: “So what!?”

Panel Two:

Rufus: “Yes! If she is getting married, then the only thing to talk about is how they should be separated!!”

Panel Three:

Rufus: “Or rather, let’s celebrate this ceremony with all our hearts! It was, after all, due to this huge achievement that I had the chance to become aware of my feelings for Sheryl!

SFX: uhahahaha -uwahahaha-

Rufus: “To Sheryl’s fiancee:”

Panel Four:

Rufus: “When the ceremony ends, I have some unfinished business with you!!!”

Handwritten Text (Rufus): “I’ve come a long way for Sheryl and myself!!”

Text: Stubbornly optimistic.

SFX: do—n -doom-

Callum: “What your saying is filled with so much earnest, if you say that to her, be careful.”

Pandora Hearts' Special Edition Volume 19 - Pandora Hearchu Omake - English Translation

Scans were provided by thegoldenabyss.


Special Edition Volume 19 Spin-Off Pandora Hearchu!!!

Page One:

Panel One:

Text Inside Box: One day my Master became tiny.”

SFX: *chokon* -Small and Cute-

Panel Two:

Written Text (Sharon): SFX: *hawawawawa……* -Oh my goodness…….- [Note: This SFX is some kind of exclamation, very feminine, that I can’t find the English of/definition of, but I think it might mean something like this.]

Written Text (Alice): SFX: *guu* -stomach growling-

Panel Three:

Gil and Sharon: “CuUuUutE!!!!”

Written Text (Gil): “Waaaaaa!”

Written Text (Sharon): “Kyaaa! Kyaaa! Kyaaa!”

Small Sized Oz: ?

Break: “Gilbert. That’s creepy.”

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vannkiara-blog  asked:

Hi, I'm following you since long. I have a question, do you know if there is a list of Pandora Hearts' omakes? Like, vol 1 to vol 18? I saw some of them but they're not in order, one day I see the translation of de omake vol.17 and the oder day the translation of omake vol. 16 And I think that per vol. there are more than one omake, right? Best whishes from Lima ;D

There are a lot of PH omake. Off-hand I am not certain if there is a master list or anything, but if you check out the PH LJ Community, note: you usually have to be a member of the community to see posts that contain RAWs or translated material, you should be able to find something. Also, if any of my followers happen to know where you can find a master list of the omake for PH or something of that nature, feel free to respond to this post! 

English Translation for the vol.16 jacket omake...thing part 1

= 3 = *screw you Mochijun’s handwriting* too tired to cope with trying to figure what it all says - (The one thing I pray for is that she gets better writing)

I just know that this is about Glen’s eyelashes being fogotten on vol.14 omake. He draws them on -so cute-

Page 1


sfx *dontsu - bam* (showing him the book)

Jack: I know it’s too late but what is the meaning of this in Pandora Hearts volume 14 your eyelashes were completely forgotten!!!

Glen/Oswald: !?

Page 2

Glen/Oswald: ……? Is there a problem?

Jack: Idiot (there is more here obviously)

-just started doing this but now I have to go.. may do the rest later… also better quality image for page 2 would be nice but I can’t find one ; 3 ; -