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24 + 1 Last Dance Omake # 2 - English Translation - SPOILERS!

The first 24 + 1 Last Dance omake was the one dealing with Little Gil, Vince, and Elliot. This is the next one. The full translation + pictures are below the Read More due to spoilers and such. Enjoy! :D

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Retrospective Episode - Side Elliot - English Translation - Part Four

Hey~! ^-^ Here is Part Four, the final part. Part One can be found here, Part Two here,  and Part Three here, and Part Four below. Enjoy~! :)

Page Fourteen:

Vincent: “…………He’s following us again.”

SFX: kon -cough-

Vincent: “Che…And it’s so obvious too.”

Gilbert: “Yeah, but…It’s kinda cute.”

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Panel One:

SFX: puuuuu -blowing up your cheeks and whining like a child-

Gil: “I’m not satisfied!”

Alice & Oz: ? “With what?”

Panel Two:

Gil: After everything! Up until the end! The Stupid Rabbit didn’t call me by my name, did she!”

Written Text (Gil): “It’s not like I wanted you to call me by my name, though!”

Gil: “Even though I called her by her name, saying “Alice” numerous times!!”

Panel Three:

Oz: “Jeez, Gil, what are you talking about?”

Alice: “Yeah. I called you by your name.”

Gil: “When! Where!!?”

Panel Four:

Oz & Alice: “In this scene in the last chapter.” 

(The two together)

Flashback (Oz & Alice): ‘See you, Gilbert!’

Gil: “WHAAAAT!!?”

Panel Five:

Gil: “That’s different! The parting of Oz (and the Stupid Rabbit) was so sad that I didn’t hear it well!! Once more…[Say it] once more, Stupid Rabbit!!”

Written Text (Gil): “Waaaah!”

SFX: ponpon -pat, pat-

Written Text (Oz): “Oh — there, there.”

Alice: “Well! More importantly than that, I’m hungry Seaweed Head!”