ph jokes

Our story begins not long ago…

There was a badass young woman savvy to the seas and head of a band of pirates.
Her name was Tetra. She was pretty, cool and brave.
Tetra and her totally radical pirates set out to explore the vast and unfamiliar seas.

One day on a stop at a boring old island, Tetra met a young boy with an awesome fashion sense.
After a series of strange events, the two began traveling together…

They found old ruins, and light enveloped Tetra.

At once she was whitewashed transformed into a beautiful princess.
Her lineage traced back to an ancient, ruined kingdom.
She was Princess Zelda of the Kingdom of Hyrule.

Just then, a huge, uncool king appeared!
He carried Princess Zelda away…
The evil king sought the awesomeness passed down to Hyrulian princesses.
He schemed to take the swag and use it himself.
The boy chased after him, determined to save the princess…

The boy crossed seas and climbed mountains. The journey was intense.
He slayed evil monsters and used their power to become a true hero.
After long and hard adventuring, he defeated the king.
And radical Princess Zelda was rescued at last.

Later, the two set out with the brave pirate crew in search of new lands…
Yes, they set sail together!
An awesome pirate ending!

pokemon fandom has trained me to spit out 485839484 possible alternate hidge pair names but its pointless bc the best one will always be mechietechie