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Is an interesting illustration of the eleventh chapter. There appear familiar frame with picture. The same frame and appeared in “PH” at some arts. And it’s not just decoration. it’s always some kind of symbolic things. Vanitas’s frames easily viewed and it is clear what is depicted. Understand what is shown in frame in Noe is difficult. Maybe, it looks like a feather.

Also in this illustration, Noe has a stars, which are very similar to the stars that were on Teacher’s stick.

What I don’t understand is that nearly every Overwatch ship is basically a fan going, “I think X and Y are cute together!” Very few of them have an actual base for the ship.
So why the fuck do people list a - pretty viable - ship, TAG it, and then go, “Ugh WHERE did this ship come from?”
Please, fuck off.

  • Sharon(looking at Oz and Alice): They make a cute couple, huh?
  • Break: They certainly are standing next to each other.

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The thing is 5H asia tour are mostly on the weekdays, and as you know asians are workaholics and some have school and graduation to attend to. I've seen some that posted they wanted to watch but can't due to prior obligations. And another is coldplay were on asia tour at the same time as the girls, like for example coldplay has concert in the PH on april 4 then on april 5 comes 5H. Same venue. For us concert tickets are expensive and to think M&G package is not inclusive on the VIP tix.


i hate when ph//an shippers try to use them getting sick at around the same time as “proof” of anything?? they literally live together. if someone in your household gets sick you’re more likely to catch it too because you share a living space??? getting ill around the same time isn’t ~*~evidence~*~ of jackshit and even if they were in a relationship, it’s nobody’s business but theirs. somebody call in a good masseuse because yikes the shippers sure are reaching

Research a fish all you want

But there’s something about actually knowing that fish that words can’t describe.
Like, every fish really is different. For instance: a red-tailed tinfoil barb, like a betta, may be a voracious eater, but having actually met one of each and watched them, I can tell you that they’re completely different kinds of eaters.
Or, black skirt tetra- schooling and social, pretty lacey discs that swim together, right? But danio, also schooling and social, are more playful and zippy.
Fish can be described as the same. Same temp and same pH preference, same places of origin, same tank size requirements or schooling recommendations- and so on.
Reading about them all eventually becomes dull, as it seems to all very much be the same thing. But actually getting to know the fish in person makes a huge difference, and reading more about each one makes me even more fond of the unique life that every single fish lives.
I absolutely love fish.