Galaxy Style New 3DS XL coming this week ⊟ 

This announcement came from nowhere, but Nintendo of America will release this “Galaxy Style” New 3DS XL model this week for $199.99. There’s a minute-long video with Reggie presenting the hardware, but here’s the best part of it:

And sure, the design looks like one of those rando space decals you can get for $20 bucks, but if you slap stickers on it of like a Fiji water bottle or the statue of David, you can totally tell your friends its a vaporwave edition of the 3DS.


I’m going to post this even though the videos aren’t great because I think it’s important. I’ve seen a lot of wank about this moment.

This is just Jared and Jensen having some fun by messing with a cardboard cutout that was left on the stage and Jared demonstrating some excellent kicking techniques. Look at that form and his little spin. Can we all please just enjoy that?