About My Setting

2. Lionridge, New York

The main setting and  fictional hometown of the characters in the book, Lionridge is a small, affluent town in New York, bordering on both the Hudson River and Long Island Sound. Populated by blue blood and old money, the median household income of Lionridge is the sixth highest in New York, making it an inordinately wealthy place.

Founded in the 1700s, Lionridge was originally inhabited by Dutch immigrants. It saw it’s first economic boom with the railroad, and another after the Civil War. It was during the 20th century that Lionridge blossomed into what it is today; the breeding ground for the aristocracy, jet set and upper crowd. A lavish, opulent town Lionridge is a clever facade for those on the outside - it lures people in, ensnares them and sometimes distracts them with spider web sticky secrets, lies, and scandals.

The home not only to Debery, Drake, Grayson, Ida, Carter and Nate, Lionridge is the host to a slew of restoration-era mansions, a country club, and a harbor, as well as one too many secrets to tell.

Keep one eye open, because Lionridge will always be there to stab you in the back.

“Lionridge, though, is immaculately kept hedges. Its wrought iron gates and rose gardens, running past tall, sprawling mansions and towards a glittering town over a bridge. Its grainy photographs of his childhood, rushing to greet him.”

-Quote from my book

“The static on the radio in Drake’s car is crunching, grating as the car glides by the red ‘Welcome to Lionridge’ sign and down the street. Crisp, white sunlight falls against the windows of the shops, slants so that the shadows of trees crowd the street and the black metal lampposts gleam. Women in heels click down the sidewalk, darting in and out of the bakery with neat paper bags in their hands. Men in suits sit under the green and white striped awning of a restaurant, flashing black cards to waiters and sipping from shining glasses of wine despite it being ten in the morning. The bell tower knolls gently in the distance, its rich ring a gentle fissure in the muffled quiet of the bright morning.”

-Quote from my book


Everyone look at Michael Martinez’ post. He’s a Filipino figure skater and the people speculate that Phichit is loosely based on him. I’m not sure if Michael really was the inspiration of Phichit is true or not, but seeing this gives me life.