“Không phải phụ nữ nào cũng đều tham tiền, nhưng trước khi chúng ta không biết làm sao cân đo tình yêu chân thật, một người đàn ông tốn bao nhiêu tiền để làm cho cô vui lòng thì có thể phản ánh được giá trị của cô trong lòng anh ta.”

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Hello :) I hope you can help me solve my uncertainty about the Echo/Noise/Zwei/Duldum/Duldee story.When Vincent first met the calm girl who wasn't able to recall her name, was she Echo or Noise? I always though she was Echo, because, three days later, we get to see this creepy girl calling herself Duldum, saying that her contractor is called Echo. So I thought the personality named Noise was Echo, because she was so calm in that moment, in contrast of when she claimed, just a bit before, to be+

Hello! :)

Noise = The girl that Vincent first met. She is the original owner of the body. She can’t remember her name, so Vincent gives her the name “Noise.”

Duldee = The Chain that Noise contracted with. The contract didn’t work out quite right. Noise couldn’t control Duldee all that well, so she was locked up as a heretic for a long time. 

Duldum = The doll that exists inside Noise and which Duldee creates. This doll is meant to protect Noise from Duldee’s manipulation. Duldum is what Duldee calls this doll. Each doll has a slightly different personality.

Echo = That same doll, but this is the name that Noise has for this doll. When Noise is talking about Echo, she means Duldum. The existence of Duldum/Echo is meant to be fairly short lived. They hold onto bits and pieces of Noise’s memory and are usually discarded by Duldee after a short period of time. Then a new Duldum/Echo is created. The Duldum/Echo that Vincent first met was different from the Echo we know (the that meets Oz and hates Vincent and etc.).

That Echo existed for 16 years. She is the longest “living” Echo and she is the Echo that has had the most interactions with humans. Due to those interactions, Echo starts to become more and more like a human, with thoughts, feelings, emotions all her own and a sense of self. She likely also started to develop her own soul. By the end of the series she is no longer “Duldum” or “Echo,” she is herself - Echo.

Zwei = This is the name that the Baskervilles used to refer to Noise and Echo. It is the name to refer to their dual existence. Zwei means “two” in German and is a way of recognizing both Echo and Noise at the same time.

I hope that cleared everything up for you (I saw and read your second Ask as well, but I figured I’d reply to this one). Also, don’t worry about your English - it is very good! ^-^)b

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Just this week, God gave LB a gift which it truly needed - a new ice cream parlor. Due to the academic calendar shift, we now take classes under the wrath of the sun! I don’t usually complain because I actually love Mr. Sun but the heat becomes unbearable each day.

Lucky of us because we now have a place to make us feel better - Fiorgelato! When I went to class earlier this morning, I saw their newly opened store and I immediately texted my friends that we need to try it out.

And so we did! Six of them paired up and ordered One For All: 10 Flavors per pair which costs P150. Each cone contains ten scoops of ice cream! Perfect for couples or just for people who love ice cream that much. :)


Giant Belgian - P75

Special Sundae - P75

Here’s what I ordered: One For All: 5 Flavors for P85. You have the choice to get your desired flavors or let them randomly select for you. I had cheese, choco nut fudge, strawberry, mango graham, and mint! Mint was the best (as always). :D

Here’s the menu! They also serve a lot of other stuff (including pizza, pasta, calzone, etc.) but because of the heat, ice cream is the only thing we care about right now!

I’d say it’s a good place to try! The products are totally affordable and worth it. The store is pretty small tho so be ready to just bring your ice cream out. It’s also really hyped right now so expect a lot of people. The store is located along Grove, near Hen Lin and KFC. Tell me when you try it! :)