This is What I Wore #30 {When it rains but you still gotta look cute}

Weather is number one on the list of the factors that affect what I’m wearing for the day. An example was today - I looked out at it was a bright sunny day so I decided to wear something light, fresh and somehow old school. I chose a cute ringer top, mom jeans again (it’s a different one, okay) and denim platform to match with my pants. I tied my top with a knot because I felt that I’ve been tucking in shirts all the time and I wanted something different - just adding more details to my outfit, I guess.

But then, after class it started to rain. What a way to ruin the outfit. Luckily, my friend Gelo, who lives nearby, accidentaly traded my black plain umbrella to his cute japanese-y transparent umbrella and well - it completed my look and served as my protection while taking these photos!

TOP: OLD NAVY Ringer Tee (Ukay Ukay, P20)
BOTTOM: Mom Jeans (Online Find/Secondhand, P150)
SHOES: Denim Platforms (Ukay Ukay, P100)


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The end of episode 6! Let me know what are your thoughts on the current events ;) dedicated to @every-day-is-star-wars-day

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