Stop putting Africans with South Americans...

I swear I’ve been over this before here, but there has been a brand new wave of people showing up to my work insisting to put African Cichlids and South American Cichlids in the same tank together.

They require vastly different water chemistry.

They are completely different socially.

There is also a huge size difference when talking full growth.

But because some ignoramuses decide to do it anyway and then post video on youtube of the early stages of a long term disaster in the making…suddenly it’s alright! You can totally do it, right?

EVERY SINGLE FISH THAT COMES INTO WHERE I WORK FROM THIS SITUATION IS FUCKED UP. I have seen motos, jd’s, jaguars, fire mouths, oscars, and loaches get screwed health wise when forced to live in a tank with Africans and their high PH. I’m talking skin problems, deformities, eye issues, and shredded fins. Some of these guys get seriously fucked up by the constant harassment and picking.

I’ve seen some nervous, sickly, ugly looking Africans come in from being forced to live in lower PH environments. Little to no color, clearly didn’t grow right, etc.

Don’t do it. Just don’t do it. Pass the word along.