Instagram permite incrustar fotos y vídeos en páginas webs

MADRID, 11 (Portaltic/EP)

La aplicación/red social de fotografía, Instagram, añade la posibilidad de incrustar fotos y vídeos en la web a través de un código en cualquier blog o página. Los usuarios registrados en esta aplicación podrán encontrar el botón…

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LDAP + Windows LDAP Authentication + NAS mounted drives.

This is an attempt to be the missing manual for the topic of how to admin/lock down Windows boxes using LDAP vs AD for authentication.

My situation is this: I’m part of the hackerspace/makerspace All Hands Active. We’ve got a nice selection of about 8 public machines. When we last installed Windows 7 and the associated software the membership voted to let everyone have admin rights. They promised they would maintain the machines and keep them up to date. Fast forward 2 years… you wouldn’t want to touch these machines with a 10 ft pole. So buggy, so out of date and so painfully slow from all the installed crap and malware. I set out to fix this by wiping the machines, upgrading to windows 10, locking them down and using per user authentication. This is how we went about it.

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