I want to scar you.
I want my existence to be something you never forget.
I don’t to want to be the girl who changes your world or who teaches you what life’s about.
Let me tell you this.
I want our time spent together to be burned into your brain like a tattoo on healed skin.
I want you to never forget me.
I want to be the girl who you try to give one last thought about on your wedding day.
I want my name to be like a whisper on your ears every time hear it.
I want you to love me, but not all at once.
I want to be the girl who you loved calmly
and then slowly creeped into a storm shattering windows and breaking doors.
I want this to be memorable ,
you’ll even miss the way I drink martinis.
I want to scar you.
I don’t want it to fade.
I want to grow in you.
I want your veins full of my desperate love ,
your eyes speckled with my laughter, and your fingertips matching mine.
I want to show no sympathy ,
for you will end this.
I want you to remember that night we smoked on your balcony
and you kissed me so hard that stars stopped exploding.
I want to scar you.
I want this to be your favorite.
I want the nostalgia of us to overtake you at night while shes sleeping with her arms around your chest and you’re in your mind fucking me senseless.
—  prettygirlshaveissuestoo

The way Owen looks at Christina will be the death of me like seriously. I didn’t know you could look at someone and have the rest of your life in your eyes. That’s exactly how he looks at her. It’s Fucking crazy. There’s literally everything in his eyes when he looks at her or is thinking about her or when someone says her name. She is his entire life and I want that so bad. Brb crying.

Your Worth

Know you’re worth something. Anything. You are never worth nothing. Never. Not even at your lowest point in life. Not even on the corner begging for spare change. Not even in the closet drowning in beer and lust of some frat boys house. Not even on the bathroom floor with razor cuts down your arm and 3 bottles of morphine popped open. You are wonderful. You are lovely. You mean everything. You are something. You are the air engaging in a chemical process inside your lungs. You are the dust ,glitter , and rain of someone else’s life. You are one of the stars children that it shines bright so you may find your way back home. You are the darkness of comfort when your loved one is sad and feeling useless. You are everything. You are everything. You are everything.