I want to scar you.
I want my existence to be something you never forget.
I don’t to want to be the girl who changes your world or who teaches you what life’s about.
Let me tell you this.
I want our time spent together to be burned into your brain like a tattoo on healed skin.
I want you to never forget me.
I want to be the girl who you try to give one last thought about on your wedding day.
I want my name to be like a whisper on your ears every time hear it.
I want you to love me, but not all at once.
I want to be the girl who you loved calmly
and then slowly creeped into a storm shattering windows and breaking doors.
I want this to be memorable ,
you’ll even miss the way I drink martinis.
I want to scar you.
I don’t want it to fade.
I want to grow in you.
I want your veins full of my desperate love ,
your eyes speckled with my laughter, and your fingertips matching mine.
I want to show no sympathy ,
for you will end this.
I want you to remember that night we smoked on your balcony
and you kissed me so hard that stars stopped exploding.
I want to scar you.
I want this to be your favorite.
I want the nostalgia of us to overtake you at night while shes sleeping with her arms around your chest and you’re in your mind fucking me senseless.
—  prettygirlshaveissuestoo

If a photographer falls in love with you he’ll take pictures of you sleeping.
Pictures of you falling in love with him.
Pictures of you breaking his heart.
And pictures of you dancing with trees after you make love.

If a writer falls in love with you she’ll never whisper her darkest secrets to you.
She’ll write about that day you met in the library
How you were looking over her shoulder while she scanned the shelves for Emily Dickinson.
She’ll get upset when you cloud her mind
And happy when you rub her neck,
slid you hands between her thighs,
steal her lips,
mute her mind.

If a painter falls in love with you , you’ll never have clean walls again
Your heart will be splattered with blues for her sorrows of loving a man who will never understand her
Reds for the pain you’ll cause her when you rip down her sculptures because they block the bedroom hallway
And lavender because she’s the sweetest fruit you’ll ever taste without it having to bite into it.

If a sculptor falls in love with you you’ll never have to teach him how to break you
He’ll chisel parts of you away little by little until you’re perfect
He’ll never use glue
If he makes a mistake he’ll just change his mind,
start anew with a newer girl who doesn’t have as many cracks as you

—  Why Id never date an artist