A passage to Another World. A mirror is a device which obliterates everything including myself and others in the light of another world or a gallant apparatus which creates nothingness. My ominous recollection: one day, I was looking at a tablecloth covered in red flowers, which was spread out on the table. Then I looked up towards the ceiling. There, on the windows and even on the pillars, I would see the same red flowers. They were all over the place in the room, my body, and entire universe. I finally came to a self-obliteration and returned to be restored to the infinity of eternal time and the absoluteness of space. I was not having a vision. It was a true reality. I was astounded. Unless I got out of here, the curse of those flowers will seize my life! I ran frantically up the stairs. As I looked down, the sight of each step falling apart made me stumble. I fell all the way down the stairs and sprained my leg.Dismantling and accumulating, proliferating and separating, the sense of obliterating and the sounds from the invisible cosmos. What are all these things? —Yayoi Kusama, artist statement.

Yayoi Kusama’s Repetitive Vision (top) and Infinity Dots Mirrored Room were installed at Pittsburgh’s contemporary art museum and thought experiment laboratory Mattress Factory in 1996. They are part of the museum’s permanent collection. 


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