Thoughts on the seniors:

I was more impressed by the juniors, but there were some great moments tonight.

  • Congrats to Ragan on her win! I do think she was overscored by a good point on beam last night, but she was consistent and confident both nights, and I have insane respect for someone who just casually continues a beam routine after their foot slips off on a standing full;
  • Jordan looked so much better these last couple of days, and it makes me so excited. Hopefully the amanar will get figured out. But really—it’s all about that wolf-kino on beam. I will be reblogging that GIF every time it crosses my dash until it stops being funny. You’ve been warned. That said, will someone break down her beam, because I want to know how on earth she got that E-score;
  • Riley probably should have gotten silver tonight. She was on both nights and hit fabulous routines, especially considering how she’s coming back from injuries. At least she has the bars gold and beam silver to console her;
  • Trinity was just awesome. I love her floor so much. She has my favorite ending of anyone out there right now. She just needs to upgrade that vault!
  • Marz was also fabulous, but her wolf turn wobble just can’t compare to Jordan’s. I don’t think she’ll be in the conversation for Worlds, unfortunately, but I hope she’s proud of her performance this weekend;
  • Morgan obviously had a rough time day one—it looked like she tweaked something on her beam dismount which led to her falling on floor and being in real pain after vault. Today, she was great. I genuinely feel like she was judged (and is often judged) with a different pen than other top gymnasts. I don’t see how Chiles outscored her on beam today by .6—that just doesn’t make sense. I’m glad she nabbed one of the automatic team spots;
  • Alyona improved on both floor and beam today, but she missed on bars, and let’s be honest—that’s what actually mattered. She’s going to need to hit every single bar routine at camp;
  • Also needing to hit at camp is Jade Carey. I think her floor is good enough on its own for Worlds, but she only took silver there.  My understanding is that the amanar is a really new skill for her, so six weeks of focused cleanup on it could go a really long way; and
  • And of course, for Ashton a lot will depend on if she can put the inbars back at camp without sacrificing form or consistency

Thoughts on Worlds?

  • Ragan is going, and she will be doing all around;
  • Riley is also going, but it’s uncertain if she’ll be doing all around or bars/beam specialist. And I don’t think her fate here is in her own hands;
  • Jordan and Trinity could both legitimately go as all arounders. If Jordan doesn’t get an all arounder spot, I don’t think she’ll go at all. Trinity could legitimately go for beam and floor, but that doesn’t fit the puzzle well;
  • Jade is an obvious vault/floor person, and her floor is good enough to get her that spot even if the amanar looks iffy. Unless they go with three all arounders, she’s a lock;
  • Alyona and Ashton could both make a go for that UB spot as well, but I’d say their stock fell today; and
  • Morgan is looking like the non-traveling alternate. Which is disappointing, and I don’t think entirely fair—I think she’s on par with Jordan and Trinity. But I have faith we’ll see more her next year.