7 Random things about sigils

Just some things I wanted to write down having to do with sigils. I thought some of this information might be useful, and I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into a post on its own, so please enjoy,and stay beautiful my friends. <3

1) Sigils that are flashing much like a strobe light, become some form of brain stimulant that eases all who see it into a more gnostic like state, attracting their attention to it giving the sigil energy, and allowing it to manifest.

2) You don’t need to do any sigil method in order to make a sigil, all you need is something unique that you can associate your intent with. This will become your sigil.

3) Sigils are one of the lowest forms of programmed energy constructs, but are still incredibly useful.

4) The more an individual sigil  is used for its purpose, the stronger that individual sigil is at performing its purpose, and it may eventually get to a state where it does not need to be charged anymore, because of the great amount of energy that the sigil contains.

5) Sigils can be made for specific entities, and can be used to call them to you.

6) You can use more than one sigil at the same time and combined their energies by simply drawing a the same circle around them, and then charging, and activating them.

7) Because sigils are programmed energy from your intent a practitioner can always set up triggers on their sigils. These triggers can be words, or actions that begin the activation of that sigil’s manifestation. In order to put a trigger on a sigil all you have to do is write it into its intent, so that the energy will know when to manifest. This can be good for sigils that you want to use in a specific way, or at a specific time.



He tagged us all for 6 random facts

1) I have brown eyes but my children have blue eyes, I think i must have done it wrong.

2) I was drug through a giant ant hill while playing tug o war as a child and was completely covered in ants from head to toe. I had to take all my clothes off at school. It was traumatic.

3) I feel guilty for not really liking New York City

4) I saw video of my doppelgänger

5) I was hit by a car once

6) I lived as a blonde until my mid thirties


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