pg: jack harkness

I have such mixed feelings about “Something Borrowed”

Because there are all the usual frustrations: Gwen looking at Jack like she’s in love with him, Gwen kissing Jack, Jack being kind of absent and dismissive… all those things and definitely more if I think about it.

But there’s also things about it that I genuinely LOVE.

Ianto buying the dress? Love.

Jack and Ianto talking about measuring? Love.

Tosh and Owen dancing together, even if we didn’t see it? Love.

The entire team being supportive of Gwen and letting her have her wedding? Love.

Ianto and Owen’s exchange in the car with Jack? Love.

Gwen marrying Rhys? Love.

Rhys in general? Love.

Jack and Ianto dancing together? LoveLoveLove.

Characters named Jack have no chill

Handsome Jack? Sociopathic dictator.

Jack Harkness? Screwed everyone ever.

Jack Sparrow? HA where to I start with this one

Jack Dawson? Reckless as FUCK

Jack Merridew? Set an island on fire.

Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk? Stole shit from a fuckin GIANT

name ONE character named Jack who has any chill