pg: gwen cooper

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My favorite male character: I can’t choose between Jack and Ianto. I love them equally.

My favorite female character: Gwen

My OTP: Janto (the ship of dreams)

My NOTP: Jack and Ianto with anyone but each other

My BROTP: Jack and Gwen

My other ships: Gwen/Rhys, Owen/Tosh

My least favorite character: Um…I don’t know. I like all the main characters.

My favorite season/movie: Season 4 (Miracle Day) apparently I’m the only one that liked Miracle Day but I don’t care. I thought it was interesting.

My favorite episode/book: Hm…I can’t really think of any individual episodes off the top of my head.

Character I’d like to have sex with: Jack

Welsh Accent

I’m from America so I really love the sound of anytime Gwen says something with her very strong Welsh accent, sounding particularly Welsh (like the way she says Earth or Owen). I just love the Welsh and British accent. And to my ear Gwen seems to have the thickest accent but I wouldn’t know for sure obviously. I kinda even wanna learn how to do it, lol I know that sounds weird

The things Ianto has to deal with!
  • Ianto: He's taking a long time.
  • Gwen: Oh what are you worried about? He's fine. They were fine, he and space octopus. All fine. Getting along.
  • Ianto: Tell me about it.
  • Gwen: Seriously Ianto? You're getting twitchy cause you think he might be getting off with a space octopus?
  • Ianto: Curanian, they're called Curanians...
  • Gwen: SPACE OCTOPUS. It's huge!
  • Ianto: So's his...
  • Gwen: ...don't go there...
MAN: Security passes, please.
MARTHA JONES: Here’s mine, and this is Mr. Ianto Jones. You should have him on your list.
MAN: Mr. Ianto Jones. Ah. The Ambassador for Wales?
IANTO JONES: Oh! Hello! That’s me.
MARTHA JONES: And this is his wife, Gwen.
MARTHA JONES: And their personal assistant, Mr. Harkness.
MAN: Sir and Madame, here are your passes.*Gives them their passes*
IANTO JONES: Thank you. Darling? Shall we go in?
GWEN COOPER: Darling, it would be a pleasure.
MAN: And here’s one for you. *Gives Jack his pass*
JACK HARKNESS: Yeah, whatever.
—  Torchwood: Lost Souls