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Sappy rambling time, brace yourselves.

This tour has been the best tour to date and I’m so glad I was along for a good part of it. Over the course of these five shows I realized how lucky I am to have this band in my life and to have made the friends that I’ve made through them. I haven’t just made friends, I’ve found a family. It’s almost bizarre to think that I have all these people in my life who have my best interests at heart, but also share my love for this band. I finally have people in my life that understand me. Ghost has sparked a sense of adventure in me, they’ve sparked a love for travel and a desire to seek out new experiences. For someone who grew up being told that the world is a bad place, this is a beautiful revelation.

Over the course of 11 shows spanning a year and 2 months, two continents and three different countries, I’ve found my identity. I have never felt this fulfilled in my life, and I have no doubt that future tours will exceed my expectations and continue to amaze me. This new lineup is more than I personally could ever ask for, I love them with every fiber of my being. I never intended to get attached because permanence isn’t guaranteed, but of course it happened anyway. With every show my love for these guys grew more and more, and finally getting to meet them at my fourth show with this lineup was the final nail in the coffin. I drank with them, smoked with them, laughed with them, fell in love with them.

And of course, my respect and admiration for Papa goes without saying. He was so kind and appreciative at every show and I couldn’t believe he was actually thanking me for my support. I can’t thank this dude enough for what he’s done for me and the experiences I’ve had because of him. I can’t even put into words how much I adore him, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to properly thank him.

This has been the most unreal time of my life. Water - thank you for the weed and thank you for walking us back to our car to make sure we got our drunk asses back safely. (Well, my drunk ass, anyway.) Aether - thank you for the drinks and conversation, you were the last person I thought I’d hit it off with and I’m so glad I did. You’re wonderful. And Papa - thank you for everything. ❤️

I know I’ve been on a “Where’s Gendry” hype but all other shit aside, the question should be where is Ghost? Seriously it’s been two episodes into the season and we haven’t seen him. We didn’t see him much of season six either. Writers, please don’t kill off another direwolf with all the shit that will go down don’t do that to us


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The current line-up was just a few people who were very lovable. Long tour, thanks for your hard work … I do not know what will happen next season, but I am happy if I can see it again in this lineup.

I love ‘chris catalyst’ so I thought that I would like to draw once, but it is very difficult. It is satisfying if you draw once.
I also like “eureka machines” very much.
I love omega and alpha the most, so this song was awful sadly, but maybe it was good to have a new encounter. I feel like I’ve had more fun thanks to ghost … !!