As much as 8kg!! I gained that much weight within a span of 6 months that people couldn’t recognise me and if you compare my photos before and after the drama, they’re really different. After the drama, I had to prepare for me next album, so I was really worried about that too. I had to watch my figure before my comeback. So I controlled my diet again and started exercising.

I really worked hard. When I made my comeback with “The Red Shoes”, my diet became a hot issue right? Many people followed the so-called “IU diet”, but I certainly did not eat only one apple, two sweet potatoes and a glass of protein shake daily. A month before my comeback, I controlled my diet for high-calorie foods, shaped my body with exercise and only ate lethally like this during the 3 days before my comeback. I did control my diet a month in advance. Following Myeongyeong teacher’s rules, I worked out and only ate like this 3 days before my comeback. Anyone who eats like this daily would probably collapse. If I did this, before my comeback news you would probably hear news that I fainted. Anyone would have collapsed from such a diet daily. So please do not follow that diet. I suggest that you follow Myeongyeong teacher’s rules closely!