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Fma Ships We Love with Small Manga Appearances

Here is a list with all the appearances of ships (or when one person of the ship mentions the other) that didn’t get enough pages in the Fullmetal Alchemist Manga. (I’m sorry if not everyone’s ships are here and please forgive me if I missed a page or two)

*= I think its an extra cute moment.

Havoc and Rebecca (Havolina)

Vol 20 Chap 83 pg 182,184

Gracia and Maes Hughes

Vol 4 Chap 14 pg 56, 75-77,83-84,118,126,129,130,132 Chap 16 pg 143-145*

Vol 9 Chap 36 pg 127,129*,130

Vol 12 Chap 46 pg 29, 31

Vol 27 Chap 107 pg 176

Trisha and Van Hohenhiem

Vol 2 Chap 6 pg 55

Vol 3 Chap 9 pg 26,27

Vol 5 Chap 20 pg 117, Chap 21 pg152,154-156

Vol 6 Chap 23 pg 83

Vol 10 Chap 41 pg 182,183

Vol 11 Chap 42pg 12,13,15,19,22, Chap 44 101,102*

Vol 12 Chap 46 pg 8

Vol 17 Chap 68 pg 92*-98*,99*,100*-102,104-106,108

Vol 20 Chap 82 pg 122

Vol 21 Chap 86 pg 73-76

Vol 27 Chap 108 pg 117,153,154*,155*, Side Story: Another Journey’s End pg 217-219*

King Bradley and Mrs. Bradley

Vol 8 Chap 31 pg 83-84

Vol 16 Chap 64  pg 102,103*

Vol 18 Chap 70 pg 37,39,40

Vol 20 Chap 80 pg 63, Chap 82 pg 138,139,142,147

Vol 22 Chap 85 pg 68-69

Vol 23 Chap 94 pg 102

Vol 24 Chap 98 pg 121

Vol 25 Chap 103 pg 147

Vol 26 Chap 105 pg 115*

Vol 27 Chap 108 pg 173

Ross and Brosh

Vol 3 Chap 10 pg 53-56,67,68,71,72,74,80,84,85*,86 Chap 11 pg 91,92,96*,97,101,102,104,105,107,129

Vol 4 Chap 13 pg 21-23, 27-28,34-40 Chap 14 pg 63,72 Chap 15 pg 92,95-96,109,119

Vol 9 Chap 35 pg 65,66

Vol 10 Chap 41 pg 164

Vol 11 Chap 44 pg 136

Vol 22 Chap 90 pg 108

Vol 23 Chap 94 pg 104,105

Vol 24 Chap 98 pg 123-125

Vol 25 Chap 100 pg 12, Chap 103 pg 148,149

Izumi and Sig Curtis

Vol 4 Chap 14 pg 52

Vol 5 Chap 20 pg 123,126,128-133,137,139,142, Chap 21 pg 170,171,173,176-179

Vol 6 Chap 22 pg 8,9,146,147,155,157

Vol 7 Chap 27  pg 49,76,81-83, Chap 28 pg 102

Vol 11 Chap 44 pg 117,121,123

Vol 19 Chap 75 pg 74-76,80-82, Chap 76 pg 84

Vol 24 Chap 96 pg 25,27,36,37, Chap 98 pg 133, Chap 99 pg 173,176

Vol 25 Chap 101 pg 59,60,64

Vol 26 Chap 106 pg 157

Vol 27 Chap 107 pg 18, Chap 108 pg 137

“Whoever increases in worry and sadness must recite: Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah!”

- Ibn al-Qayyim in Zaad al-Ma'aad V.4, Pg.183

“If something leaves you powerless and incapacitated, then repeat: ‘ Laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa Billaah”

 Allaah will make your matter easy.” 

- Shaykh Ibn al-Uthaymeen in Sharh Riyadh as-Saaliheen V.5 Pg.522



Jabberwock’s Dreaming; prerequisites: Harmony of Inhuman Spheres feat; character level 5th. You gain several abilities related to the mightiest of the Tane.

– Jailbreak & Retrofit Power-Armor; prerequisites: Cyberware Ninjutsu, Machinesmith Theorist, Mysteries of the Machinesmith or Post-Modern Caster feat; you may not possess paladin or antipaladin levels; you may not possess a familiar, eidolon or animal companion from any class, feat or source except for the Outboard Sentence feat. You gain greater physical and mental flexibility, and may freely take levels in the Anti-Witchcraft Armor Integrated Combat Enhancile prestige class even if you are not Lawful.

Killer with Style; prerequisites: Panache pool; ninja level 1st. You have greater flexibility when combining ki with panache.

– King of Monkeys; prerequisites: Ki pool or Dust pool; character level 5th. You may call forth near-limitless forces of your loyal simian subjects.

Last Standing in the Dust; prerequisite: Grit pool or Dust pool; non-lawful, non-good alignment, character level 5th. You can call forth the servants of the Destroyer of Gods.

Legion in Darkness. You have greater flexibility when using the shadow clone ninja trick.

Lethal Toychest; prerequisite: Haunt of the Dancing Corpseyard feat. You have great power over your undead-like constructs.

Liquescent and Bloated Immortality; prerequisites: Chaotic Evil alignment, Intelligence 13+; Antipaladin level 1st in service to Jubilex; member of House Tracinoa or the sacrifice of a number of living humanoids creatures — whose individual CRs add up to 20 — to an omox. You gain several terrible and unique abilities.

Living Rift of Flames; prerequisites: Flare of Burning Spacetime or Phantom-Fire Jutsu feat; 8th level. You can summon fire elementals with your ki or motes of time.

Lordship of Leng; prerequisites: Secret Royalty level 1st; Majesty of Dominion & Domain. The ties between your soul, your Emptied Empire and mysterious, far-off Leng have made you immortal, at the mere cost of your humanity.

Machine Telepath. You speak directly to technology.

Machinesmith Theorist; prerequisite: Cityskin Warlock level 1st. You can summon constructs otherwise exclusive to the machinesmith.

Madness Mantra. Your words can unhinge an opponent enough that that you are nigh-untouchable.

Magic of Purest Devotion [Grit]; prerequisite: Devoted Swordplay class feature and panache pool; 8th level; Magic of Utter Devotion (Grit feat). You can spend panache to accomplish miraculous deeds, emulating divine spells of ever greater level.

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The real test is this one: When you’re alone in a room, when you’re in a private place and nobody else can see you, what do you choose to do? Eat well, or eat poorly? Exercise, or watch television? Practice something, or do nothing? The best version of the truth appears to you and you alone, when nobody else can see. This is the test of discipline, and it’s what makes the difference in your life. It’s what regulates your own system and guides it. The individual alone comprehends it.


Georges St-Pierre (The Way of the Fight, Pg.183-184)

Jesus exposed the ugliness of inhumane religious laws by healing on the Sabbath. He exposed the ugliness of patriarchy by his respectful treatment of women. He exposed the ugliness of cultural taboos by touching lepers and having close fellowship with socially unacceptable ‘sinners.’ He exposed the ugliness of institutionalized racism by ministering to and praising Gentiles and Samaritans. And he exposed the ugly injustice of the Roman government and the world by entering into solidarity with a rebel race and letting us crucify him on the cross. Jesus’ whole life was the kingdom of God, and his consistent sacrificial love, in solidarity with the oppressed, consistently provided a beautiful contrast to the ugliness of the oppressive kingdom of the world and the oppressive principalities and powers that are over it.
—  Greg Boyd, The Myth of a Christian Nation, pgs. 183-4