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Lose Your Keys, Find A Man

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Prompt: For the anon who sent in “Can you do a Derek Morgan x reader where she’s being harassing by some guy who won’t take a hint and he comes to her rescue?” 

A/N: Ah! I do love and miss my beautiful Derek Morgan so much! (Do I sound like Penelope yet lol? XD) This one is for the awesome anon who requested it and all the Morgan girls out there, not enough fics for him exist and I am happy to add to the collection. Enjoy :) Also, I’m still taking requests so if you want to hit up that asks box!

Note: (Y/N/N): your nickname

Word Count: 1.7 K

Rating: PG (maybe PG-13 if you really squint)

“Just one more drink she said, it’ll be fun she said! More like she’ll become a pain in the ass who can’t stand up,” you muttered as you dragged your friend Elizabeth out of the club with the help of your other friend Molly. The three of you had met your freshman year of college at Virginia Tech. Other than having one freshman english class, the three of you had polar opposite class and career tracks. You were a corporate lawyer, Molly was on the fast track to being a neurosurgeon, and Elizabeth was an aspiring painter. The three of you became inseparable and still shared an apartment, six years later. And it was times like this where you were glad you all had that kind of history else you might have killed the two of them by now. When you went out, you usually assumed the duty of being designated driver and “mom” of the night, while your two friends chose to drink ‘til they dropped, literally. 

“Look on the bright side, you can give her hell for this and shine a bright light in her eyes in the morning,” Elizabeth mumbled, stumbling slightly due to her drunk state and Molly’s extra weight on her shoulder. 

“Yeah right,” you snorted, “We both know that I’ll be handing out ibuprofen and coffee to you both in the morning and saying, ‘poor sweet baby’”. 

“True, but hey at least I’m not as much of a pain to handle,” she replied, as you hailed a cab. 

“Don’t even go there,” you said playfully bumping her shoulder. The passing cab came to hault and with you and Elizabeth’s combined efforts you managed to settle Molly inside. You reached in your purse for your wallet to ensure you could pay the fair and made a horrible discovery. “Shit, I think I dropped my keys,” you groaned.

“Just run inside and go find ‘em. We can wait.”

“No, it’s fine. I have no idea where I dropped them and this could take awhile. You need to get her home before she gets sick in the car.”

“Ok, just be careful. See you at home,” Elizabeth said. You closed the door of the cab and watched them drive off. You quickly walked back into the bar, not wanting to be outside for two long. You weren’t paranoid, just cautious. You’d heard too many horror stories women getting kidnapped outside of bars late at night. You quickly started scanning the room for a thick wad of keys as you walked back in. Not immediately catching sight of them, you trudged over to the bar. 

“Hey, Nick. Has anyone turned in a set of keys in the last ten minutes?” you asked the bartender, who you’d gotten to know since your friends loved this bar. 

“Afraid not (Y/N). Only things back here other than little old me are the drinks and a couple of notepads,” he replied cheekily. 

“Ha, well that was worth a shot. I’m going to go look over at the booth where we were sitting but if I can’t find them and they get turned in you’ll let me know right?”

“I’ll holler if they turn up.”

“Thanks,” you replied sadly, and dragged your feet over to the booth where you’d been stationed with your friends for the past three hours. You could kick yourself right now. All you wanted was to go home, but instead you were stuck at the bar looking for keys that you weren’ t even sure were there. You looked under the booth, then crawled in and stuck your hand down in the seats hoping maybe the keys had slid down in between. 

“Hello, pretty lady. Come back for more already?” some guy slurred as he stumbled toward you. You glanced at him out of the corner of your eye and immediately recognized him as the man who’d spent the majority of the night trying to pick you up. And in turn, you’d spent most of the night trying to get away from him and his awful breath that stank of alcohol, which signalled to you that he’d had way too much to drink. 

“Just trying to find my keys,” you replied, casually and kept sliding your hand around the seats. 

“Well, maybe I could help you with that,” he muttered, in as sultry of a voice as he could muster up and slid his hand up your thigh and onto your ass. 

“What the hell are you doing?” you growled and flipped around, after ripping his hand off you.

“Just trying to get a little play baby.”

“Well find someone who wants to play with you.”

“Aw c’mon, pretty lady. I seen the way you and your friends dance with anything that moves. I just want a little of that attention.”

“And as I have politely told you all night, I’m not interested,” you snapped, using your foot to push him back a few feet. The man glared intently at you and you instantly regretted that last move. 

“Now listen here you-”

“Hey buddy, the lady said no so why don’t you back off,” a voice said from behind the man as a hand landed on his shoulder. You flicked your eyes up to the owner of the voice and you savior. Tall, muscular, and handsome as hell. Honestly, he looked more like he belonged in a movie than here in real life rescuing you from some guy. 

“Why don’t you mind your own business buddy?” the drunk man sneered, shrugging the foreign hand off of his shoulder. Your hero (as you had labeled him in your head) stepped between you and the drunk.

“It is my business when men like you are harassing a woman. So why don’t you scram before I have the other FBI agents in the room book you for attempted assault and harassment?” he replied flashing a gun and credentials. The man took one last look at you over his shoulder before stumbling off toward the door. “Well, that takes care of that,” he muttered straightening up before turning to you and offering a hand to help you out of the booth. “You alright?” 

“Yes,” you replied, taking his hand and pulling yourself out of the booth to stand in front of him. “Thank you so much, I’ve been trying to shake that asshole all night.” 

“Sorry I didn’t notice sooner.”

“It’s ok. He wasn’t being that ballsy earlier.”

“Well, no woman deserves to be treated that way,” he said. “Didn’t I see you leaving with your friends a few minutes ago?”

“Yeah, I put them in a cab to head back to our apartment once I realized I had dropped my keys somewhere in the bar earlier,” you told him as you did another scan of the bar. “I was trying to see if maybe they had slid down into the seat when the drunk bastard started creeping on me again.” You turned your eyes back to your companion and found him kneeling on the ground, pulling your keys out from under the booth. 

“These what you’re looking for?”

“Yes, thank you so much…”

“Sorry, manners slipped my mind. Derek Morgan,” he replied, handing you your keys. 

“(Y/N) (Y/L/N), and given that you just essentially rescued me from some creep minutes ago I’m pretty sure your manners are fine,” you teased fiddling with your keys. 

“Like I said, it’s not right to treat ladies that way, especially one’s with smiles as pretty as yours,” he said, flashing a dazzling smile at you. You grinned at him and tucked your hair behind your ear. You were suddenly very aware that you were being watched. Glancing over your shoulder, you noticed a table full of people who were trying to nonchalantly watch the exchange going down between the two of you. 

“Well, I think I’m going to get going. I’ve got to drunks to take care of at home and I wouldn’t want to keep you from your friends any longer, but you might want to tell them to try being more discreet if they plan on watch people,” you chuckled. 

“I can walk you out if you want,” Derek suggested.

“You’ve been nice enough already, and the bartender is a friend so I’ll ask him to. It was nice to meet you, Derek,” you replied. 

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” he said and sauntered off back to his friends. You sighed dreamily and walked up to the bar. 

“Success,” you declared, leaning on the bar, and dangled your keys for Nick to see. 

“Awesome, now I don’t have to scour the bar for those when I close,” he replied washing glasses. 

“Nick, would you mind walking me out to my cab? It’s kind of late,” you asked, slipping said keys back in your purse where they belonged. 

“Didn’t Derek offer to walk you out?”

“How did you know that? And second question, you know him?” 

“First, I’m a bartender I hear everything. I was about to step in for you earlier, but Derek was ordering a drink and said he would handle it. Second, I don’t know him per say, but the crowd of FBI agents over there are regulars,” Nick explained as he set the glass down and picked up another. “He’s a big hit with girls, but I don’t think he’s seeing anyone.”

“I know what you’re implying, and knock it off. He’s way out of my league,” you shot back. 

“C’mon, (Y/N/N). You, my friend, are a catch and he’s a great guy who knows how to treat a woman right.”

“What do you want me to do, Nick? Walk over there and drop my number on a napkin in front of him?”

“Or you can give it to him now since he’s walking over here,” Nick mumbled, suddenly very busy cleaning that glass. 

“(Y/N),” Derek said as he walked up beside you. 

“Hi again,” you replied. 

“Stop me if I’m being too forward, but I was wondering if I could maybe take you out to get a coffee?”

“Like right now?” you asked, raising an eyebrow at him. Derek nodded. “It’s almost one o’clock in the morning.”

“Well, I am a man who believes in living in the present,” he replied chuckling, “but I do see your point.” 

“You know what, I know a great diner that makes a mean cup of coffee and a fantastic milkshake,” you mentioned adjusting the strap on your purse. 

“Well, Miss (Y/L/N), let’s go,” he said grinning as he offered you his arm. You giggled as you took it. Who knew you’d find your knight in shining armor as a result of losing your keys under a booth? 


A/N: ok so when I was writing the first part it suddenly hit me what the conversation with the team would be like after Morgan saves the reader and goes back to the table, but I couldn’t figure out how to work it into the story so I’m including it as a bonus scene. Enjoy :)

“Nice to meet you too, (Y/N),” Derek muttered and strolled back over to the table the other BAU members were perched around, still thinking about (Y/N)’s beautiful eyes and smile. 

“So, is she prettier upon closer inspection?” Rossi teased as Morgan leaned against the table. 

“What are you talking about?” Morgan asked, snapping out of his stupor. 

“Derek, c’mon you are sitting which a group of profilers. Don’t think we haven’t noticed that you’ve been staring at her since we got here,” JJ replied, waggling her eyebrows at him. That was true, the team had arrived about an hour ago to continue their night of bar hopping and that was when Derek had noticed (Y/N). She had thrown the BAU’s resident player off of his game, big time. Instead of approaching and mingling, he’d decided to take the road of observing watching the way her smile lit up her face as she laughed with her friends and swung her hips. 

“We also agreed never to profile each other and I haven’t been staring,” Derek grumbled. 

“Right, so what’s her name?” Penelope asked leaning toward him. 


“And I’m assuming you got her number, so when are you seeing her again?”

“I didn’t get her number,” he replied. A collective groan spread around the table, while Spencer smiled in the corner and extended his hand. 

“Told you, now fork it over all of you,” he said victoriously, taking a ten dollar bill from each member of the team. 


“They bet that you’d have a date and her number by the time you walked back over here, and I noted the fact that you were ‘off your game’ as you would say, so I bet them you wouldn’t and I definitely won,” Reid explained, smiling smugly. 

 “Chocolate Thunder, bet aside I expect you to march back over there and score yourself a date else I hack her phone and call her for you,” Penelope threatened, poking his chest.

“I’ll show you who’s not off his game,” Derek grumbled, downing one of the shots that had been for the table before spinning and marching toward the bar where (Y/N) was chatting up the bartender. 

“Atta boy!” Prentis shouted.

“WHOO! GO CHOCOLATE THUNDER!” Penelope cheered.

“'I’m bit! I’m gonna die! A rattler bit my butt!’

<It’s not a rattler, and he didn’t bite you,> Tobias said. <He’s just a harmless bull snake.>

‘No snake is harmless,’ Marco muttered. 'But keep your hawk eyes open in case a rattler does come for me.’

<I will protect your butt from snake bite, Marco,> Tobias said solemnly.”

- Book #14: The Unknown, pg. 51 (by K.A. Applegate)

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got some questions: what is the species of dinosaurs that survived the extinction events and became birds? how close is the relationship between Mososaurs and komodos? i heard that the both of them came from the same ancestor a terrestrial reptile, which i believe it may be wrong.

The dinosaurs that survived the K-Pg extinction were… birds!

Birds already existed before that point. The earliest bird ancestors split off from other theropod dinosaurs way back in the mid-Jurassic, at least 160 million years ago – almost 100 million years before the extinction event.

Only a small number of bird species survived through the extinction, and those were the various ancestors of all the modern bird groups.

Quick diagram, not to scale and very simplified.

As for mosasaur relationships… that’s something I’ll be dealing with in a blog post later this month.

Day Three (One exception au): “Everything is the same except we had the Library AND the Campfire ;)”

Word Count:1,820

Rating:SH for Should’ve Happened! A.K.A PG!

Author’s Note: My exception is PAPPY JOE! You’ll see why. ;)

“You couldn’t watch him because you were afraid something would happen to him because you like him. You make fun of him because you like him. And you’ve never told me that either. Well, you’re right. I love him like a brother.” Riley looked off into the distance as her heart collapsed. “That’s how I love him.”

Before Maya could say anything, Riley ran off. In that moment, it was clear that her little Ray of Sunshine was lying. She kicked the ground hard. The words she spoke were true but not all at the same time! Yes, she liked Lucas and yes, she thought Riley liked him as a brother, BUT Riley also had never really spent time with a boy that wasn’t a brother, a dad, an uncle or a Farkle, so who was she to say they were like siblings? On the other hand, they acted very much a like and he did call her a blonde beauty and really showed some passion when it came to the art program being cut. BUT he was passionate about all of his friends. BUT he did have a fiery side that really got her going. BUT he didn’t like that side of himself and was striving to change, to be more like Riley… BUT- 

She jumped up and started kicking the nearest thing to her which was a tree stump. WHY WAS THIS ALL SO CONFUSING!  Why couldn’t she just speak what she was feeling?! Why couldn’t someone just tell her what to do!

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“We may be simple people. But we don’t use biology to invent monsters. And we don’t enslave other species. And we don’t unleash a plague of parasites on the galaxy, endangering every other free species, and then go swaggering around like the lords of the universe. No, we’re too simple for all that. We’re too stupid to lie and manipulate. We’re too stupid to be ruthless. We’re too stupid to know how to build powerful weapons designed to annihilate our enemies. Until you came, Andalite, we were too stupid to know how to kill.”

- Dak Hamee, The Hork-Bajir Chronicles, pg. 172 (by K.A. Applegate)

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What is more likely to have survived the KT event in Antarctica: a non-avian dinosaur or an enantiornithe?

I don’t think we currently have any evidence of enantiornitheans in Antarctica. Although they are known from pretty much the entire rest of the world, so they probably were present there and we just haven’t found any fossils yet.

As for which could have made it through the extinction event? Enantiornitheans would probably be the better option, being birdy enough to potentially survive in the same way that a few of their avian relatives did. (Assuming avian-birds survived for reasons other than just pure luck, of course.)

But since the Cretaceous Antarctic (and southeast Australian) fauna was already well-adapted to surviving long periods of dark and cold during the polar winters, it would be the most likely place for non-avian dinosaurs to persist into the Cenozoic. This is actually a real hypothesis proposed at least as far back as 1993.

So, basically, if we’re already speculating… why not both?

“I always knew he’d been a hero in the war. That he had medals and all. And I’d wondered why he didn’t put them up in a display case, show them off for all the world to see.

But I was a little wiser, now.

Medals aren’t so simple for the people who earn them. Every time Grandpa G had looked at those medals he’d thought about the things that had happened, the things he’d seen others do, the things he’d done himself.

I know he was proud of being brave, proud of doing his best for his country. But I also know why the medals were in a pouch, in a footlocker, in an attic, kept far out of sight.

Someday maybe there’ll be medals for those who fought the war against the Yeerks.

I’ll need to buy a footlocker.”

- Jake, Book #31: The Conspiracy, pg. 138 (by K.A. Applegate)

Fanfiction Masterpost

Okay, I think I got this all up to date. If I’m missing anything let me know. The links to all these fics can be found on the Fanfiction tab of my blog, but since mobile can be a butt and you can’t see the tabs, I decided to put together the master post. :D

I’ve also been meaning to rewrite some of the earlier fics but that’s a project for another time.

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  • Prophecy - Magnus contemplates the meaning of the prophecy in relation to his destiny with Cleo. (Rated: K)

Post Frozen Tides:

  • Back in Auranos - Once Cleo and Magnus arrive in Auranos, they decide to make up for lost time.(Rated: R)
  • Moving In - Part 1, Part 2 - Magnus and Cleo move in together and explore items from Cleo’s past. (Rated: K, PG-13)
  • Jealous - Magnus gets jealous when someone shows interest in Cleo (Rated PG)


  • All Hearts Day - Part 1 (by me), Part 2 (written by @fallingkingdomsfics) - An FK-inspired Valentine’s Day fic (both sections rated R)

Growing Family Series (collection of post-series one shots…in chronological order)

  • Naming - Magnus and Cleo discuss what they should name their first child. (Rating: K)
  • A Young Family - Lucia visits Auranos and finds Magnus enjoying an afternoon with his growing family. (Rated: K)
  • Grumpy - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 - Cleo’s day trip with Ty goes awry when Magnus can’t join them…(Rated: K)
  • Welcome Home - Cleo and her children are excited to welcome home Magnus, returning after months away overseas. (Rated: K)
  • The Beach - Magnus spends a day at the beach with his daughter. (Rated: K)
  • Visitors - Nic and Ashur stop by the palace to visit the newest addition to the Damora-Bellos family. (Rated: K)
  • Surprises - Everything seems perfect for the Damora-Bellos family, but life has one more surprise waiting for them. (Rated PG)


  • Mix Up (Magneo) - Cleo gets an opening to speak to a stranger at her local coffee shop. (Rated: K)

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  • A Perfect Cliche - Magnus takes Cleo on a vacation to ask a very important question… (Rated: PG-13/R)

I redid the avians from this post.

They are from an oceanic planet, where endothermic, feathered flyers are one of the most successful land-based lifeforms. Since land is limited to a scattering of small islands, the feathered flyers can travel the distances between dry land more easily than flightless or exothermic creatures.

The evolutionary ancestors of the sapient genus of avians are tree climbing critters with grasping hands on both their fore and back limbs. In the sapients, the hindlimbs are specialized to a point where they are used almost entirely for grasping, tool manipulation, and launching into flight. The dramatic speciation of the sapient avians was caused by hundreds of thousands of years of separation by ocean, and fostered by a lack of traumatic events like Earth’s ice age or K-Pg asteroid impact to wipe any of them out. Besides the five major species, there are many subspecies that can successfully breed with one or more of the major species.

The avians are a technologically advanced genus. After the industrial revolution, aggressive colonization by the skimmer species, and the globalization of information, the avian genus achieved interstellar flight. The first aliens they made contact with were the ferrets, then later humans (after the ferrets found us.)

Note: Despite the fact I drew all of them naked, avians have very strict decency standards (well, the skimmers do, but they have forced their cultural standards upon the others) and they wear quite a lot of clothing; usually covering as much as they can without restricting flight. They are like little space Victorians.

Pint Sized Chapter 2: Childified

Chapters: 2/6

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

Rating: R … .FOR REALLY CUTE  (It’s PG/K+ guys don’t worry)

Relationships: Adrien Agreste/Marinette Dupain-Cheng, Chat Noir/Ladybug

Summary: “Hi, Mama. I can explain.“

**Also available** on AO3 | FFnet

Cover by @edendaphne

The look on Sabine’s face when Marinette and Adrien stumbled into the bakery was priceless. It was clear for a moment that her mother didn’t recognize her and she gave the two of them and their bare feet a disapproving frown. Then the penny dropped and her jaw hit the floor and she clutched the counter for support.

Marinette waved weakly. "Hi, Mama. I can explain.”

“Tom. TOM!” Sabine called. Something clattered in the kitchen and Tom appeared a moment later, alert for whatever had distressed his wife. His eyes fell on the two children and he stared blankly.

Marinette smiled sheepishly. Adrien shuffled his feet, eyes downcast.

“Honey,” Tom said after a moment. “Someone shrunk the kids.”

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“<No!> I yelled. <Rachel. No.>

Rachel turned to look at me. Hesitated. Then dropped Taylor like a crumpled candy wrapper. The sub-visser fell to the floor and scrambled for the door.

<You know she should die, Tobias,> Rachel said.

<She will,> I said. <This is the Yeerk who lost a prisoner. Leave her to Visser Three.>

<What she did to you…>

<Rachel. Be Rachel, not her.>”

- Book #33: The Illusion, pg. 150 (by K.A. Applegate)