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  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Beetlejuice was a fucked up movie. I mean it's about two people drowning to death. Not only that but it's a PG film that features a gross perverted ghost who doesn't give a shit about anyone AND NEARLY KILLS A GUY??? THERE WAS A WHORE HOUSE HOLY FUCK!!??! THEN to top it all off they have one of their leads, a sixteen year old girl, nearly marry a middle-aged dead guy. Did this movie even exist??? I loved every minute of it, give me a sequel
My Problem With Age Of Ultron


First, I want to say that I liked the movie in general and I think it’s mostly a worthy follow up to the original Avengers, and the Marvel Universe.

That said, I have one major problem with the film. And I have to qualify this by saying I’m a very body-positive individual, I think our bodies are nothing to be ashamed of showing, but I feel the close up shot of the hulk penis was unnecessary and gratuitous, and in poor taste.

Anyone who has seen the film will of course know that after a certain fight scene, we see the Hulk nude and that’s fine, and realistic beyond the usual stretchy shorts they give him, but the ten second long extreme close up of just the penis was out of place and added nothing to the movie, and frankly I feel in a PG rated film it was a bit inappropriate.

Again, I don’t think genitals are shameful or evil or any of that stuff, but to show a full unbroken graphic close up of the colossal digital green penis subtly throbbing with gamma radiation just wasn’t a good idea, nor was the “Hallelujah” chorus on the soundtrack during its reveal. That just made it too tawdry, too sleazy for a scene that would otherwise have been very sympathetic to Banner.

Also I personally think Banner would have been circumcised.

anonymous asked:

I don't want to start drama. God knows we all have enough of that. But I want, as a gay man, to ask you why you think it would be okay for Matt and Harry to not want to film a PG rated (its freeform)intimate m|m scene when, as actors, it is their job and countless other actors even younger than them have done it.Some people seem to think this would be a good argument. I personally could not fathom it. Should they be playing Malec then? What do you think?

I didn’t mean to say it’d be okay. What I mean is - if their limits were the reason this scene doesn’t exist, people should at least respect it; even if they’re actors and this is their job. But that probably isn’t even the case. Either the scene was cut a little or the writers haven’t even written it. We all know how Matt and Harry are dedicated to Malec and I’m pretty sure they’d go further than we saw. Would they go all the way? I still don’t know. Does it make them any less worthy to portray Malec? No, I personally don’t think so.

Let’s hope there will be another chance to see proper, healthy, intimate m|m scene in Shadowhunters because it’s very much deserved.

Imagine a Deadpool movie where:

•Deadpool knows he’s in a movie.
•The quest is to keep the film PG.
•The F-Bomb can only be dropped once.
•No gruesome violence

So here we have Deadpool beating up bad guys pretty mildly (well I say “mildly” very loosely) and saving in his F-Bomb so he can use it in the prefect moment. There’s lots of funny family friendly curse words (gosh darn it, fiddlesticks, etc.) and Deadpool is building to his big finish…

Some random character drops the F-Bomb and steals deadpools thunder and renders his conscious effort to be family friendly, pointless.

Deadpool flies off the handle and murders everyone around him, letting loose with the cursing and the whole climax of the film is censored with the occasional free word or visual.

Hold on, do you mean the first one we went to see in theaters, or the first PG-13 film we sat down and watched at home?  

Cause the first one—or should I say four—we watched as soon as we got back from Gravity Falls.  And it was an endless marathon…courtesy of Mabel…of nothing but the Twilight saga.

That meant eight hoursand fifteen minutes straight—I counted!—of nothing but random sparkles, awkward love triangles, and acting that would make Toby Determined’s Broadway efforts look legendary. This was it!  My first PG-13 experience, wasted on a girl who couldn’t decide if she wanted to marry a giant dog or a humanized bat!  Like—just—what the heck?!

Oh, oh, man.  And you wanna hear the best part?  First PG-13 movie in theaters?  Just take a guess, man, go ahead.

If you guessed Breaking Dawn Part 2, you are 100% right, and I am 100% done.

The only upside to any of this is that Mabel really seemed to enjoy herself. I, uh, I honestly don’t know how…(especially when comparing it to the real supernatural creatures we faced over the summer) but I mean, y’know, after all we’d been through, it was nice to see her happy.  And yeah, I’ll admit, I’ve tried not to complain too much in front of her, just to give her something to be all excited about.

But between you and me, I never want to see anything sparkle again.  Ever.

Seriously, I’m starting to get nauseous at the sight of glitter glue, is—is this normal?



“ In what we call family-rated films (G, PG and PG-13), for every one female speaking character, there are about three male speaking characters. And get this: The crowd scenes in these movies—live-action and animated—are made up of only 17 percent female characters. Seventeen percent? How does that even happen? The only reason I can think of is that Hollywood writers believe women don’t like to gather. “