I'm sorry about the Bellamy thing

It wasn’t meant to be racist, but it was, and I’m sorry for that.

The Personal Favorite White Boy thing is a trope that we established over a year ago. It has nothing to do with a character receiving “love” but a character who gets their actions whitewashed/excused by a particular fan or group of fans.

But you all are right: using it as a blanket term for characters that include ones who are not white is wrong. I’m modifying it. From now on, I’ll clarify. If I think a MOC character is getting the “personal favorite” treatment, I’ll refer to him as a “personal favorite whitewashed boy” instead.

And no, this title has nothing to do with me thinking MOC “don’t deserve love”. This is about erasure of certain actions a character committed. A person can obviously get love without their actions being erased/excused or any and all criticism being shouted down. There is a difference between the two and I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

We actually have an article about the distinction:

That being said, I hardly made that clear with my original post. I’m sorry. I fucked up.
Personal Favorite White Boys: The First Article - Fandom Following
(This article was originally posted on our parent site, The Rainbow Hub, which is undergoing a site revamp) This one’s gonna hurt… Personal Favorite White Boy (n.): A (usually white) male character who can commit acts ranging from “pretty damn douchey” to “outright atrocities”, but is constantly defended by or stanned for by a furious...

The article that started it all.

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Someone should tell the 100 fandom that Bob Morley isn't white, because they insist on whitewashing him (and Bellamy) any chance they get.

Yeah, from what I understand (remember, I stopped watching the 100 around halfway through season two) that there is some uncomfortable racial (and racist) debate going on about Bellamy’s race. When I originally posted the first PFWB article on therainbowhub, there was a 100 fan who got angry with me for mentioning Finn, not Bellamy because “just because the actor isn’t white doesn’t mean the character isn’t!”. To me, Bob Morley is mixed, so Bellamy is mixed (and to me, it’s hard to believe that among a harshly contained, racially diverse group of people that ANY of the Sky People are any one race after what? Three or four generations of being mixed together? Like, seriously, how are there any strictly black, white, Asian, Latinx, middle eastern, etc on the Ark at this point? The only way I can think of that being possible is if everyone deliberately kept to their own race which is… Uh… Nvm). But, as I said, that doesn’t stop him from being a Personal Favorite White Boy. I consider the Quileute Jacob Black from Twilight to be one as well. @theculturalvacuum wrote an article for fandom following on how Oberyn Martell might be her Personal Favorite White Boy: again, Oberyn isn’t white.

Usually Personal Favorite White Boys ARE white (and there is often an uncomfortable racial subtext to fan discussions of them as a result), but not always. All that needs to happen is that you have a male character that does douchey or downright terrible things, then have a fan “whitewash” him (in the “deny/erase/excuse away all his actions” way, not necessarily the racial way, but from what I understand, that applies to Bellamy too) and lose their shit at anyone who claims they aren’t wonderful. Or disagrees with their interpretation of the character.

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In you're podcast about The 100 you called Bellamy a "Personal Favorite White Boy" however the actor who plays Bellamy isn't white, he's Filipino. Not judging but just pointing out you shouldn't call him white because he isn't, he's mixed race.

We’ve already discussed this in our first article, but “Personal Favorite White Boy” doesn’t necessarily have to be white (sometimes, just whitewashed. By the fandom). Here’s the definition:

Personal Favorite White Boy (n.): A (usually white) male character who can commit acts ranging from “pretty damn douchey” to “outright atrocities”, but is constantly defended by or stanned for by a furious fan base who will go to any lengths to excuse their actions and vilify critics. A male fave who is portrayed as a precious cinnamon roll who are only ever victims and heroes, and anyone who says differently is evil or illiterate. Who will have their fangirls who “understand” them furiously warp their characters, outright ignore their flaws, and attack anyone who points out anything remotely negative about their faves. Any woman who rejects them is an evil bitch, as is anyone who dares to hold them accountable for their actions. Everything they do is justifiable due to past abuse, “true love”, or a protective instinct. The figure from which Draco in Leather Pants, along with other modern fandom tropes, has spawned.