pfunky griddle

Nashville Foods #1: The Pfunky Griddle

So I’ve started to branch out in the Nashville area (despite living here for 20 years) and actually go to restaurants that I never got the chance to go before. So here we go:

The Pfunky Griddle! 

So, I’ve never made a pancake before, and this restaurant was a good starting place. I’m hesitant to call it a restaurant, as YOU are the one actually doing all the cooking, but who doesn’t like making pancakes? I have no idea why it took me 20 years to finally move myself to experience this place, and it is worth it. Not to mention its all you can eat, so the amount of food is no problem. The picture above is my first pancake ever. It turned out pretty badly, but rest assured it was delicious.

The only negative thing I can say is that my entire outfit smelled of butter. Which in hindsight isn’t really a negative thing at all for me.

If you find yourself in the Nashville or surrounding areas and you like breakfast, try to get to The Pfunky Griddle. It is delicious and very GF friendly. There’s one in Nashville and Murfreesboro. I just got done eating there for the first time this morning and the pancakes were so good! I wish I knew their batter recipe- they tasted just like normal pancakes. I’ll definitely be coming back for more in the future!