She was too quiet, or she was too loud. She took things too seriously, or not seriously at all. She was too sensitive, or too cold-hearted. She hated with every fiber of her being, or loved with every piece of her heart. There was no in-between for her. It was either all or nothing. She wanted everything but settled for nothing.

Bold what you’ve done:

Gotten a tattoo ; Had multiple piercings ; Had singular piercings ; Had your nails done ; Dyed your hair ; Cut your own hair ; Been in a jail cell ; Had a family member go to jail ; Been high ; Taken hard drugs ; Gotten sick from drinking too much ; Smoked an entire cigarette ; Smoked a cigar ; Sold drugs ; Driven a car ; Owned a car ; Splinched yourself ; Taken the Knight Bus ; Gotten lost ; Been to a country outside of the UK ; Spent more than 3 Galleons on a single meal ; Eaten a magical creature ; Drank Liquid Luck ; Given someone a love potion ; Taken a love potion ; Had an allergic reaction ; Been admitted to St. Mungo’s ; Worn glasses ; Cast a patronus ; Used non-verbal spells (outside of school) ; Had more than one wand ; Had your own wand (not a hand-me-down) ; Gotten a T on an OWL or NEWT ; Saw a merperson ; Incorrectly answered the riddle to the Ravenclaw common room ; Forgot the password to the Gryffindor common room ; Been doused in vinegar for tapping the wrong barrels to the Hufflepuff common room, Forgot the password to the Slytherin common room ; Had sex in a broom closet ; Had sex in public ; Kissed a complete stranger ; Had a threesome ; Cried in public ; Broken up with someone ; Been broken up with ; Been in love ; Tried to face the Whomping Willow ; Listened to muggle music ; Read a muggle book ; Succeeded in baking a cake ; Seen your family in the last month ; Been an aunt/uncle ; Called someone a “Mudblood” ; Been in a duel ; Been in a fist fight ; Thrown a party ; Used magic for nefarious purposes ; Seen a Thestral ; Entered the Forbidden Forest ; Played Quidditch ; Predicted the future ; Worn socks with sandals ; Flashed someone ; Attended a concert ; Splinched someone else during side-along apparition ; Gambled at Silk and Gold’s ; Won a game of Wizard’s Chess ; Melted a cauldron ; Had a spell backfire ; Attended a funeral ; Had an STD ; Been pregnant ; Gotten someone pregnant ; Had an abortion ; Used a condom ; Lived alone ; Performed or exhibited a piece of art for an audience (music, drawing, dancing, etc) ; Learned to play an instrument ; Entered the Ministry of Magic ; Been diagnosed with a mental disorder ; Danced in the rain ; Kissed someone in the rain ; Had a snowball fight ; Invented a spell ; Had a near-death experience ; Said Voldemort’s name ; Stayed awake for 48 hours ; Gone to work hungover ; Gone to class hungover ; Been in a wedding ; Been a godparent ; Bought a cursed object ; Used an Unforgivable ; Had an Unforgivable used on you ; Held a Ministry position ; Woke up in a stranger’s bed ; Woke up outside ; Had detention ; Skived a class ; Skived off work ; Lived outside of the UK for at least a year ; Been jealous of a close friend ; Drank before you were of age ; Stolen something ; Been obliviated ; Told a muggle about the Wizarding world (excluding family)

  • somewhere in neverland - all time low 
wendy run away with me / i know i sound crazy / don’t you see what you do to me? / i wanna be your lost boy / your last chance, a better reality
  • this love (will be your downfall) - ellie goulding 

who are you to make me feel so good? / who are we to tell ourselves that we’re misunderstood? / oh, who am i to say i’m always yours? / who am i to choose the boy that everyone adores?

  • dismantle. repair. - anberlin
call this a prelude to a lifetime of you / it’s not that i hang on every word / i hang myself on what you repeat / it’s not that i keep hanging on / i’m never letting go
  • heartbeat - the fray 
i know the memories are rushing into mind / i wanna kiss your scars tonight, baby / 'cause you gotta try / you gotta let me in
  • chasing cars - snow patrol
we’ll do it all / everything / on our own / we don’t need / anything / or anyone
  • who’s to say - vanessa carlton
mother don’t tell me friends are the ones that i lose / 'cause they’d bleed before you / and sometimes family are the ones you’d choose / it’s too late now / i hold on to this life i found
  • armour love - la roux

when your life is tangled / you wear your disguises / but what do you need to / when i’m standing here beside you


            P E A C E  



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          There is a light at the end of a long tunnel. A brief reprieve from the         surrounding chaos. A hazy night, before a bright red dawn. A moment when            children become soldiers, and soldiers taste the fresh earth below.

                             A Phoenix rising from the Madness.

last name EVER, first name GREATEST a pftm quidditch mix

i. i’m the leader of the gang (i am!) gary glitter ii. all i do is win dj khaled iii. spirit in the sky norman greenbaum iv. party rock anthem (dubstep) lmfao v. in the air tonight phil collins vi. seven nation army the white stripes vii. let’s go trick daddy viii. eye of the tiger survivor ix. n*ggas in paris jay-z & kanye west x. i’m shipping up to boston dropkick murphys xi. joker and the thief wolfmother xii. remember the name fort minor