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The 2Ps were in the middle of a meeting, until some guy comes crushing through the ceiling and lands on Viktor's lap. There's now a large hole on the ceiling. The man Viktor on the lips, ruffles Kuro's hair, calling him a 'cute little girl' and puts a 'kick me' on Al's back without him even noticing it. He then jumps out of the window, survives the fall and is never seen again.


The moment he hears, “Cute little girl,” Al burst out laughing. Starts clapping when the man jumped out the window, even yelling “PLEASE COME BACK HOLY SHIT HAHAHA”. Does not stop teasing Viktor and Kuro. “Haha was that your  boyfriend Viktor?” “Pft, hello cute little girl~” Suffice to say, his back was kicked many times, and cowlick cut off by a katana.

2pCanada/ Matt: “,,, am i still high?”’

A loud crash with the man landing on Viktor’s lap, how did the man even get inside the building? Thinking if he took some weed before the meeting started but honestly just ????. W H y?? Gotta give the human some credit for even touching Kuro. Was the second asshole to kick Al’s back.

➖2pFrance/ François: *kick Al’s back after the meeting*

Doesn’t even flinch when the man breaks through, he just sighs. Seeing the man kiss Viktor, he doesn’t wanna be the next victim and inches away. Kicks Al just to shut him up, even when the paper wasn’t there anymore.


Mom mode activated. Scared the poor human is injured but confused at what happened to Viktor and Kuro. Tried stopping many fights that happened after, and calmed down Viktor when Flavio posted a picture of Viktor getting kissed. A grey hair appeared that day.

2pChina/ Xiao: “HA CUTE LITTLE GIRL-”

Then he got beat up by Kuro.

2pRussia/ Viktor: “I am calling the police”

Puts on his detective hat, wants this man’s name, address, etc. All so the man can pay damage for the ceiling and window along with a restraining order.Almost beat up Flavio when Flavio posted the picture of him being kissed.

2pGermany/ Lutz: “RUN BUDDY RUNN”

Knows the guy is screwed when he messed with Viktor then Kuro? Was the guy who told Al that there’s a paper on his back,,, after a couple of hours. He also laughed, but mostly encouraged the guy. Went looking where Gilen went after the whole disaster, what a good bro.

2pPrussia/ Gilen: *hides under the table*

He is spooked. Too much yelling and doesn’t wanna be touch by the man. Someone save this crying baby. Regrets being dragged by Lutz to the meeting since he ain’t a country, ain’t his problem.

2pAustria/ Roland: “NO MORTALS ALLOWED”

Feels threatened jealous by the man’s entrance. Screams at him to get out- oh no he touched Kuro. Knows hell will know be released, and checks on Gilen to make sure he is safe. Lowkey kicked Al in the back at some time too.

2pItaly/ Luciano: “OH ARE YOU FUCKIN KIDDING-”

He just wants one day with no disruptions. This man is throwing knives at the human out of anger but ends up causing more damage to the walls. Calms down, and immEDIATELY ROUNDHOUSE KICK AL’S BACK. Yes, Luciano was the first asshole to kick Al’s back.

2pRomano/ Flavio: “DONT GET RUBBLE ON MY HAIR”

Concerned about his hair more than his life. Jumps like a cat when the guy crashed through, and snapchats the whole thing. When Viktor asked him to delete the picture of being kissed, Flavio posted it. That was the day Flavio almost released the PacifistRage ™.

2pJapan/ Kuro: “Get ready to die

Busy beating up Xiao when laughed by… u guessed it, Xiao. Teams up with Viktor to find hunt the guy down. Was so close to cutting off the guy’s head, disappointed he missed. When teased by Al, didn’t missed this time and cut off his cowlick.

2pSpain/ Andrés: “Flavio, there’s rubble on your hair and clothes”

There isn’t. Just wanna fuck with Flavio. God what an asshole. Wants to join the man who jumped out the window to escape the meeting, but slipped on broken glass and was sent to the building’s infirmary. How the fuck does one slip on broken glass first off.


(Hush, let me dream about this, okay?!)

Ha, para sa akin, okay lang magkaroon ng girl best friend yung boyfriend ko. If doon siya masaya, masaya din ako at yung girl best friend niya, pwede ko din maging kaibigan. Hindi magiging big deal sa akin yun. Wala nga lang akong boyfriend pft.