Divided Sky (m)

“‘I’m Seokjin, it’s nice to meet you.’

You reach for another magazine next to the towering filing cabinet to block his smug expression, ‘Alright, like I’d want to remember that, you soc.’

‘If it’s that hard to recall you can always call me ‘babe,’ just saying.’”

Synopsis: An unfamiliar face strides into your shop and with a single flash of his pearly whites, you know you are in trouble. Who would have known that this charming stranger is one of the socs?

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Pairing: Soc!Seokjin x Reader ft. Greaser!Taehyung (Outsiders!AU)

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word Count: 7098

Warnings: smut smut; oral & car sex on the hood tho

A/N: and it finally happened. i’m really iffy ‘bout this, hmmm. this is a touch of fluff, sprinkle of smut, and a large dose of sass // hugehugehuge thanks to seokstop, @yoongimnida

i also have another outsiders!AU here w greaser!kook :’)

Another day, another run through of the same routine.

You wake to the slam of a stack of run down magazines on the counter of the cashier, head shooting up from the shock. Letting out a yawn and rubbing your eyes, you are not yet fully awake to comprehend your uncle’s straining voice and, what appears to be, harsh words toward you. He rushes to another customer and your vision begins to clear by the second. People scurry in and out of the garages while non-workers stand on the side, watching their vehicle be attended to by your uncle and his crew. Like always, the shop is packed and hectic, every being occupied with tedious deeds. The atmosphere never seems to rest in the shop and neither can you. Despite all this, it is just another day to you.

There is no problem with daylight burning away as you spend most of your life breaking sweats at your uncle’s auto-repair shop, and it isn’t an issue when problematic customers are dwelling in the sea of their own anger, lashing out on other workers over petty scenes. However, there is a problem with a couple of your customers-or to be exact, a couple of groups that go by Greasers and Socs-and their rowdy behavior plus the childish feud between the them is irksome. Especially when there is a Greaser and Soc within proximity of the building.

You are not one to bother in their immature tactics that cause them to clash against one another; in fact, you never bat an eye their way unless it is work related. Growing up under your uncle’s wing, he taught you how to be independent and strong, to not care about those who don’t genuinely care about you, and to never be quick to trust another since every being has two faces. The Greasers and Socs, two separate batches that each appear to have members with two faces-a perfect fitting of what your uncle told you to take precaution about. Of course a handful of them have tried to toy with you, attempting to nudge you to join their “gang,” but you would always respond with the same statement: “I have standards.”

Perhaps it is your method of curving past them or shutting them out that drives their vexation to the edge, but nonetheless they cease to leave you alone. After all, your uncle’s repair shop isn’t known for being the best in town for no reason.

Considering the days and weeks you work from dawn to dusk you would expect yourself to recognize every citizen in this titillating town, even if they only dropped by once or twice, but that isn’t the case this time when a man dressed in a pastel pink polo strides into one of the garages, sunglasses hanging from the high button, khakis delicate by the thread, and a sly grin sketching.

He raises his hand in the air as if a lost child. “Is anybody here?”

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The first Hogwarts founders gifset of many to follow ;)

Johnny as Salazar Slytherin

Misha as Helga Hufflepuff

Harry Potter

filmed by Selma Pfr

I don’t know about you but to me, studying in silence feels kind of uncomfortable and awkward sometimes - I’m one of those people who prefer to study with music or really any noise in the background, even if it’s just the tv. So in this post, I’m gonna show you my favourite playlists/ mixtapes to listen to while I’m studying! It’s not a lot but I will be adding new ones to the list! Also, feel free to message me your favourite ones and I’ll add them

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Mission Specialist James H. Newman conducts an in-space evaluation of the Portable Foot Restraint (PFR) which will be used operationally on the first Hubble Space Telescope (HST) servicing mission and future Shuttle missions. He is positioned on the edge of Discovery’s payload bay. Behind him the starboard Orbital Maneuvering System (OMS) pod can be seen with the soft glow of an Earth limb.